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  1. The Passmark memtest detected ECC error's. I'm trying to figure out which module is defect..
  2. Okay. The log of unRAID is reporting Chan#1_DIMM#0. I'm guessing this is DIMM A2? So the first DIMM position (A) on the motherboard then the second slot of DIMM A thus DIMM A2? I'm guessing there is also a channel 0. So channel 0 --> slot 1, channel 1 --> slot 2.
  3. Appreciate your guidance. I've checked the event log via IPMI and there are no events. The latest event was on 2019-5-2. I have put Passmark memtest on usb stick and it is now running.
  4. So this is ecc error? Googling Passmark memtest.
  5. Investigating! I have found the memtest86 what you see in the options during booting of unRAID. It's running at the moment. I'll keep you informed.
  6. Thank you for the reply. The weirdest part is I don't see errors in my bios log files. Any idea how to diagnostic this further?
  7. I see this in the syslog: Are this memory error's? I've checked my bios but I can't find anything related to this..
  8. Hi, I have found machine check events on my server. Fix common problems has warned me for three times now so I guess it's time to find out what the problem is. Can someone help to solve the issue? I have my thoughts what the issue is. I have attached my diagnostic file to this post. rackserver-diagnostics-20190518-0936.zip
  9. Good suggestion. I overlooked that option when I was configuring my 10 gigabit card.
  10. No problems last night! It runs smoothly..
  11. I just noticed today during booting of unRAID server I see loading the "haveged daemon" when I google I came to the following site: http://www.issihosts.com/haveged/ What is the purpose for this daemon? Were is it used for in unRAID?
  12. So cache drive is recovered thanks to the post that I linked above. I'm only not sure why my server was hanging.. Something to investigate further. If you have any idea then please leave a comment behind.
  13. Found this excellent post. I'm trying to recover the cache drive! https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-543490
  14. Interesting.. I found this in the syslog:
  15. Hi, After an forced shutdown my cache drive isn't mountable. Is it possible to repair the file system? Till now I'm not sure why my server was hanging. I will attach the diagnostic file. Please some help. rackserver-diagnostics-20190425-0624.zip
  16. I have a issue with "br0". Everytime when I restart my unRAID Server and want to start the docker containers I'll get an error. I checked the log file but I can't find anything. Also I checked the container and if I check "Network Type" I can't choice "custom br0" it's gone. The solution to make it working again is going to the setting page the the Docker tab and disable and enable Docker. Now everything is returned to the normal situation. If I check the Docker container "Network type" is now "custom br0". I think I reported this before. So I think it's a bug whats exists for a longer time period.
  17. I also want to give some positive feedback of the new icons and dashboard. I really like it, and to me it looks far more professional. In my opinion Limetech's choice is the right way!
  18. Thanks for this guide there was some information that I didn't know for example if you have a terminal window open what causes a unclean shutdown.
  19. Found this thread afer a search: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/60493-can-btrfs-fix-bitrot/ Clarifies everything!!!
  20. Should I format the data drive with the XFS filesystem or is better to use the BTRFS filesystem? Does BTRFS protect you against bitrot? update: I see that XFS is still the default setting.
  21. upgraded two systems successfully while drinking a glass of water... Thank you! [offtopic] I like to see some enhancements to unRAID that we can host unRAID safely from a data center. [/offtopic]
  22. Upgraded without a issue. I'm still very satisfied with the new look of unRAID! In my opinion it looks more professional. [offtopic] Are there plans to integrate a firewall into unRAID? I like to host a unRAID server in a Data center. [/offtopic]
  23. Thanks for reply! It was keeping my HDD 10 for days awake. It was searching in same directories over and over again. I delete these directories and now the issue is gone. It was almost if it was in a loop.
  24. I have issue when checking "Open Files" I see the utility "find" busy. It's keep my drive awake. When I kill the process it's returning. Any idea? When I start the unRAID server"Find" is immediately active. So only the array is up and no Docker or VM's.