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  1. Upgraded from 6.8.2. ~24 hours uptime with no issues 👍
  2. Problem free upgrade from 6.8.1, current uptime ~7days
  3. Thanks so much for the fix guys. This was driving my update OCD mad 😡😃
  4. Do you see a possible issue? I can't test it right now but it should fix your problem
  5. @sniper Have you checked the permissions for your data folder? From my post above:
  6. @thomast_88 It was only after 10mins (probably more) of looking through the logs/dockerfile etc. that I realised I'd overlooked the colon...... the colon that is in the two places you've pointed out I should read things more carefully I guess but if it saves the next guy/girl the time I'd make more of a deal of it When I first mounted my drive I was trying to browse with MC over SSH - it hung - so I connected to a small subfolder and listing was instant. Connection here is good (100/100). Again, I'm probably too impatient
  7. Happy to help When /mnt/disks/rclone_volume was created it was owned by root with 755 permissions. Quick chown/chmod fixed it but I was getting permission errors before that. It might also be worth highlighting the ":" at the end of the value in the RCLONE_REMOTE_MOUNT key. ie. KEY: RCLONE_REMOTE_MOUNT VALUE: GDrive: <<<< This colon is important For testing it's wise to point at a smaller subfolder ie. GDrive:rclone (I'm impatient )
  8. Having a play around with this and I think there's a typo in your template -submitted an issue on github
  9. I can't test it right now but if this works then I guess Steps 2 and 3 should be in the "Go" file to ensure it works across reboots
  10. Hi guys, I've been trying to get Retroshare running in a docker container. There's an old Dockerfile here that I can't seem to run https://hub.docker.com/r/csanders/retroshare/ (https://github.com/chris-sanders/docker-retroshare) I've had a go at trying to run it in hurricane's desktop docker. It works but I can't figure out how to export the config and keys to make it persistent between reboots https://hub.docker.com/r/adamrbell/desktop-docker-retroshare/ Any help gratefully received Thanks!
  11. Have a look here: https://fah-web.stanford.edu/projects/FAHClient/wiki/ClientDifferencesV6ToV7 and https://fah-web.stanford.edu/projects/FAHClient/wiki/ClientUserGuide It gives a list of options that can be added to the config.xml to set it up as you would like. I will add that link to the OP The docs are missing a closing / on the <smp> tag but this works for me (on an octacore Avoton) <!-- CPU Use --> <power v='medium'/> <!-- Folding Slots --> <smp v="true"/> <cpus v="4"/> Thanks again Capt
  12. Thanks for this, after your updates its working great now. I'm having trouble finding config settings to limit the number of CPU cores used. My server is pretty compact and I'd rather not have it running at full chat 24/7. Any tips?
  13. Is there any update on this? I was running a couple of Arch VMs until a corrupted USB drive caused kernel panics and I decided to jump from Beta5 to 10a. Thanks to DockerManager (gfjardim you rock!) and the little Docker knowledge I picked up from the forums I've switched to Docker. However, the server isn't stable anymore. I had a feeling that Plex and Sick both rebuilding their libraries could be hogging CPU cycles and crashing unraid. So I let Plex run, then once it had finished launched the Sick docker. I left it running overnight but this morning the server was unresponsive. As an experiment I've launched the Sick docker with -c 512 and -m 2048m. Will this limit CPU usage to "half of 1 cpu" or "half of all cpus"?
  14. I'm just happy to have the image but............. If a smaller image could be made available, I'm comfortable with adding a data.img to extend the storage. Thanks again
  15. I spent an hour or two googling this the other night. During Docker's development there have been various methods/hacks to access a running container but as I understand it they no longer work. I did find a method which required modifying the docker file but I can't find the post right now....something along the lines of enabling a lxc switch (iirc). Given Docker is still missing a few usability and security features I'd be more inclined to explore KVM VMs until Docker is ready....
  16. Thanks Ironic! Your work is very much appreciated. I was really excited to try Docker but I don't think its ready for unRAID yet (to be discussed elsewhere). For now your Arch VMs are so fast, lightweight and easy to use that I'm going to stick with Arch for my application needs. This new VirtFS feature sounds great. Actually looking forward to migrating my XEN VMs to KVM #geek
  17. Was that aimed at me? I wanted to try Ionix's BUUX script If it was aimed at JonP then I *guess* its because most of the containers in hub.docker.com use ubuntu as a base. If I've understood Docker correctly, if you download a container built on another flavour of linux ie. Arch or Cent, the container will fetch all the necessary files to make it run (which could end up being a full OS image). Having been introduced to Arch via Ironic's ArchVM image I prefer the rolling release model over LTS ubuntu but I'm happy to run ubuntu for the sake of compatibility and efficiency. *please correct the above if any/all of it is nonsense*
  18. Thanks for the guide Jon. I've been using an ubuntu 14.04 VM with Docker as a playground and before this thread I thought I understood Docker/containers.................but now you've dropped base images, apt-get -q, butterFS ...........and native disk access /deletes fstab and storms out
  19. I've done some reading and completed the Docker interactive tutorial so I *think* I understand Docker......probably.....hmmmm we'll see Just so we're clear, once Docker support is added we can run the Dockerized apps directly in unRAID? No need for a virtual host OS? And since the kernel is the only thing (on the host system) seen by the apps, as long as unRAID stays fairly up to date with linux kernel builds we should be okay grabbing the latest and greatest from the docker hub? Does having an older kernel than the system the app was built on even matter?
  20. I've had IGMP enabled for a couple of weeks now and Plex is always available via DLNA.
  21. Enabling IGMP Snooping on my router seems to have helped the issue. More testing to verify but I can see the DLNA server on my phone for the first time now. I was having the same issue and IGMP seems to have done the trick. Anyone any idea why Plex on unraid would work fine but in a VM has dodgy DLNA?
  22. Watching with interest. I have one of these boards ready to test......