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  1. Yes its "normal" and we should raise a Support-Ticket at Intel. A Colleague told me that Intel has its own development for linux driver.
  2. Start from scratch. Zero VMs or Docker, No Storage and disconnect all Network-Cables just a Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard and check the C-State. Then look if you can disable something like bluetooth and wifi or led stuff.
  3. Yeah i got the same problem and probably the system uses more Watt than needed with that card even if its not used.
  4. Yes its an I225V Vendor ID: GenuineIntel BIOS Vendor ID: Intel(R) Corporation Model name: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-12100 BIOS Model name: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-12100 To Be Filled By O.E.M. CPU @ 4.0GHz BIOS CPU family: 206 CPU family: 6 Model: 151 Thread(s) per core: 2 Core(s) per socket: 4 Socket(s): 1 Stepping: 5 CPU(s) scaling MHz: 15% CPU max MHz: 5500.0000 CPU min MHz: 800.0000 BogoMIPS: 6604.80
  5. My System whit an 12th Gen Intel CPU uses less than 10 Watts while no Storage is attached and my crapy Intel NIC isn't in use. I think even the newer generations can use less Watt, maybe not extreme as some models whit 3 to 5 Watts but that is out of my scope.
  6. Yeah pretty annoying.... i am also affected that my System can't reach any higher C-States just because of the Network-Chip from Intel
  7. WD Red SN700 - have two of them as an cache Raid
  8. Try to Update your Unraid to 6.12.8 "Problems due to Realtek network cards Upgraded kernel fixes the deadlock issue with jumbo frames and the in-tree Realtek 8125 driver. However, we still recommend following the advice above regarding jumbo frames. If you continue to have network stability issues and Tools > System Devices shows that you have a Realtek ethernet controller, grab the part number shown and search Community Apps to see if there is a Realtek vendor-supplied driver plugin for that device. For more information" And if i am not wrong in the "Appstore" there are some Realtek-Drivers You don't need to you can check if the CPU enters higher C-States with Powertop after unplugging those cards (care about your Data bevor doing that)
  9. Well i have two of them too and if i am not wrong there is nothing which we can compare in terms of endurance. My System used 9 Watts without Harddisk / NVME if it goes to C8/C10 if the Networkcable is unplugged. Now with 2 RED NVMEs, 3 Red Harddisks and the Networkcable pluged in it uses around 23 Watts and wont entering any Higher C-States then C2. So i am assuming that those NVMEs won't use 9 Watts
  10. Probably the same issue like my Motherboard that the Intel Network-Card prevent any higher C-States. I opend a bug Request at https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=218499
  11. I got a response from Asus for the Intel i226-v 2.5gbe Networkchip. They could reach deeper C-States like C10 so they assume that the driver inside Linux (Unraid) could be the issue. Does some one know how to proceed?
  12. i am so soory i read the description but forgot about the restart part and couldn't delete my post fast enough due to internet issues on the go and reread the description and saw that information.
  13. Maybe in your BIOS configuration there are some option not enabled. If i activate Auto Powercontrol the system gets unstable - If the Networkcable is pluged in i can reach C2/C3 - whitout Networkcable i can reach C8 whit Monitor + Keyboard but it looks like even my USB- Network card does the same and prevent any higher c-states
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