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  1. My thanks to you both RockDawg and Squid.
  2. Having followed the Guide on Reddit, I am having a similar issue with permissions for the Flash as RockDawg. Can I ask for any help on the simplest way/commands to change the permissions to be executable. Ie. is there an example of how to use chmod for a non Linux guy. Thanks!
  3. Hello Unraid Community. Some time ago I experienced errors in an array that I have since moved to a newer array. This included two disk failures. One Disk I still have and would like to attempt recovery of any files on it. It is in the formerly used ReiserFS format and when mounted shows the original file structure, but each of the folders is empty of files. Is there a recovery plugin for Unraid or desktop software someone can recommend that can read a mounted ReiserFS format drive and provide file recovery. Alternatively, at the time of the fail
  4. Thank you John. A well detailed and easy solution. I was not successful with the New Permissions tool (it continued to be loading), but Telnet and MC did the trick beautifully. Thank you again.
  5. I have found that the sub-folders to the Cache folder have permissions that are preventing me from viewing their properties or deleting them. Is there any advice on the process on how to delete these folders? -Alex
  6. Hello everyone. I apologise in advance for what may be a simplistic question having just set up LanCache. I was hoping to ask for a recommendation based on users' experiences. I have been looking at LanCache as my solution to move Steam files off a spinner HDD and upgrade to a smaller SSD. I thought this was the solution, but being a single user in the household I realise that it may be excessive. Is LanCache suitable or would using the built in mover functionality in Steam better serve the purpose. The aim is to off-load as much as possible and reinstall if required.
  7. Hello all. I currently have an Asrock N3700-ITX board inside of a 4 bay U-NAS case. It feels like a bottle neck for my NAS which performs backups. I assume that the prior builder of this rig was concerned about cpu cooler clearance and low power and chose such an All-In-One mobo. I am looking to upgrade to a similar board (AIO) and would ask the community if there are any recommendations or deals out there currently in the same mini itx form factor with 4 or more SATA ports. By similar with an on-board low power CPU. I also note most of these b
  8. Unfortunately, I tried and let it run whilst at work and overnight - many hours with the dialog box still in place. In fact I had a window open when I saw your suggestion and tried to reload - no good.
  9. I am currently setting up a new and upgraded install for an existing array that I has served me well for some time. Initially I was able to use the Fix Common Problems. Now every time it begins to Scan it either hangs or stops on the pop up menu. The only action I can think of prior to this was moving various common folders off of Disk 1 to the Cache Drive (SSD), i.e. appdata, isos etc. I see other posts on various forums reporting it hanging, but have had no success from suggestions. Uninstalling and reinstalling has not been successful. I would be very
  10. I have progressed and everything appears up and running. I have attached the physical drive as a .vmdk that is being picked up by the preclear script. However, it appears that like when dealing with external HDDs the script struggles to run smartctrl with an exit status '4'. Essentially, it says that the SMART status is unavailable and that the drive lacks SMART support. Would this be considered a limitation of attempting to do a preclear in a VM environment or is there a -d [option] that could be added ie. 'preclear_disk.sh -A -d [option] /dev/sdx' that may resolve this is
  11. BobPhoenix - Some fabulous suggestions. I was about to post that I found 'Advanced' options under the Network settings to change the Bridged Adaptor to Intel 1000 T Server. I now have access to the IP address. I am currently upgrading via the flash folder to rc15a, installing preclear script and unmenu. I will report with my progress, but my many thanks. -Alex
  12. I apologise in advance toward my ignorance when it comes to VMs and the like. I am attempting to cobble together any knowledge that I can to get this concept up and running. I am hoping to put together a simple means of being able to preclear drives in a Windows 8 machine running a VM Unraid. The issues I have had so far include: 1. How to find the IP address of the Unraid VM when running to access the flash. There does not appear to be an address when I try ifconfig eth0. I have set up the Virtual Machine as: Windows XP Network with a Bridged Connection – Broadcom Gigabit.
  13. I am struggling on how to edit the appropriate config file for an istat package setup through unmenu so that an alias is displayed for /boot and /mnt/disk1 etc. An example of what i am trying to accomplish would be to change /boot to appear as 'Flash'. I have it setup to auto install on reboot. Any help on the correct line of script would be greatly appreciated. Regards, -Alex
  14. Wow, it is always a pleasure having such knowledgeable individuals willing to provide such answers. Thank you. I feel I have learnt a trick or two this afternoon. WeeboTech - As an interim measure how would I establish such an alias to the same IP, so that both are accessible. I am at a loss as to what the process may be called to do a search. Any insight to point me in the right direction?
  15. Thanks Kizer! I will give that a go. I wish I could bring myself to just do that. Unfortunately everything has been set up as such: 20+ backups, syncs with schedules, mapped network drives and just general settings. The loss is greater than the gain.