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  1. JorgeB's post in Drive 3 Error duruing parity check was marked as the answer   
    Yep, and the test failed, so it should be replaced.
  2. JorgeB's post in Unable to add new HDD to Array (licence error?) was marked as the answer   
    It must be cleared, not precleared, if you're still rebuilding parity might just do another new config and add the new disk now, this way it will only need formatting.
  3. JorgeB's post in Switching Cache from No to Only was marked as the answer   
    You can set the share use cache setting to "prefer", then run the mover, files can't be in use or they won't be moved.
  4. JorgeB's post in Changing a name for a share data drive? was marked as the answer   
    Do you mean it's unassigned? If yes the right place to ask would be in the existing UD plugin support thread, but you just need to click on it.
  5. JorgeB's post in Replace partity disk, in Dual Parity disk setup was marked as the answer   
    Yes, just assign a new parity disk and start the array.
  6. JorgeB's post in 6.9.2 Kernel Panic was marked as the answer   
    If you're using macvlan for that update to v6.10 and change to ipvlan.
  7. JorgeB's post in "Unmountable disk present" -- SOLVED was marked as the answer   
    Cache filesystem is corrupt, best bet it to re-format, if there's any important data there you can try these recovery options.
  8. JorgeB's post in (Solved) UDMA CRC Errors from only 1 disk from LSI Broadcom SAS 9300-8i was marked as the answer   
    If it's happening with multiple disks, and since and understand the cables were replaced number one suspect would be the backplane, after that the controller itself, not the firmware, AFAIK that firmware has no known issues, and it's same I'm using, though if it it was the controller I would expect errors in all disks.
  9. JorgeB's post in v6.9.2: Cache Pool - Unmountable BTRFS File System was marked as the answer   
    Try the 2nd option, btrfs restore.
  10. JorgeB's post in v6.9.2: Sudden read errors on all 4 array disks and btrfs IO errors on cache was marked as the answer   
    Problem with the onboard controller, quite common with some Ryzen boards, usually under load, look for a BIOS update and if that doesn't help use an add-on controller, or a different board.
  11. JorgeB's post in (SOLVED) blk_update_request: I/O error - Can't read/write to multiple disks was marked as the answer   
    There are read errors with multiple disks, first thing to do is to update the LSI firmware, all p20 releases except latest one ( have known issues.
  12. JorgeB's post in Docker Service failed to start was marked as the answer   
    Reboot, if it still doesn't start after that post the diagnostics.
  13. JorgeB's post in XFS not listed as a filesystem type available for cache was marked as the answer   
    Set pool slots to one and XFS will be available.
  14. JorgeB's post in [SOLVED] Drive in array disabled, bunch of sector errors during write was marked as the answer   
    Enable system notifications so you're notified immediately when there's a problem.
    Problem itself looks more like a power/connection issue, replace/swap cables to rule that out and as long as the emulated disk is mounting you can rebuild on top.
  15. JorgeB's post in Upgrade from 6.10 RC2 to 6.10 RC4 cache pool unmountable was marked as the answer   
    Problem is caused by only having one array disk with btrfs, this makes parity appear to have a valid btrfs filesystem and generates an error during device scan:
    Mar 22 10:59:47 RizzoUnraid emhttpd: /mnt/cache_ssd ERROR: cannot scan /dev/sdl1: Input/output error  
    Though strange that it doesn't happen with rc2, in any case best way forward to avoid this now and in the future is to either have more btrfs arrays disks on convert disk10 to xfs like the rest.
  16. JorgeB's post in my appdata, system and domains are on de wrong cache was marked as the answer   
    Sorry missed your first reply, damn forum bug, to separate the devices you can do this:
    -stop the array
    -disable VM/Docker services
    -unassign the devices from both the docker_pool and the vm_pool
    -start array
    -stop array
    -assign both devices to the docker_pool (there can't be an "all data will be deleted" warning in front of any of the pool devices)
    -you can re-enable VM/Docer services
    -start array
    -stop array
    -unassign the device you want to remove from docker_pool
    -start array, wait for the btrfs balance to finish, once that's done
    -stop the array
    -assign the removed device to vm_pool
    -start array
    -vm_pool will be unmountable, format to start using it
  17. JorgeB's post in Slow parity check speed and some hardware issues. was marked as the answer   
    Check/replace cables on disks 1 and 2 and post new diags.
  18. JorgeB's post in Cam I shrink an Array with no Parity? was marked as the answer   
    You can preserve all, then just un-assign disks 6 and 7, less work and also less chance of making a mistake.
    You can assign them as parity immediatly, but you can also start the array without them first if you want, either way all data on the remaining data disks will still be there.
  19. JorgeB's post in Sata Addon card issues or HDDs with problems? was marked as the answer   
    Disk dropped offline, could be a connection/power problem, could also be a bad controller, replace/swap cables on that disks and if problems persist it's likely the controller.
  20. JorgeB's post in Sync errors was marked as the answer   
    Run a correcting check then a non correcting one to make result is 0.
  21. JorgeB's post in Bad fsid on block ... was marked as the answer   
    Cache filesystem is corrupt, there are some recovery options here.
  22. JorgeB's post in persistant disable disk was marked as the answer   
    Just replace or swap with another and see if the problem goes away/follows the cable.
  23. JorgeB's post in with 6.10.0-rc3 the Docker Folder App does not work correctly was marked as the answer   
    Please use the existing plugin support thread:
  24. JorgeB's post in Slow Disk Speed - 60 Hours Parity Check was marked as the answer   
    Change the onboard controller from IDE to AHCI/RAID.
  25. JorgeB's post in Unable to write to cache drives was marked as the answer   
    Mar 6 12:44:08 Bamboo kernel: BTRFS info (device sde1): bdev /dev/sde1 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 510952, gen 0 Mar 6 12:44:08 Bamboo kernel: BTRFS info (device nvme0n1p1): bdev /dev/nvme0n1p1 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 3707, gen 0  
    Lots of data corruption being detected on both pools, start by running memtest.
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