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  1. dertbv

    RocketRAID 2320

    I have the two modules created just can not figure out how to get them to run/install. I have them on the usb stick and was trying to use insmod and modprobe but i am not having any luck... thoughts
  2. dertbv

    RocketRAID 2320

    I actually have the 2320 and the 2314 cards it would be fantastic if I could get this to work. if there is not support for them in the kernel already, would it be possible to add the driver after loading the software. I love my 2314 card as it will handle 8 sata drives on the express buss. If i could get this to work i could have a total of 16 drives 12 sata and 4 pata. thanks
  3. I am very interested in setting up a UnRaid server. I have tested a few of the mother boards that i have lying around and they seem to work ok. However I have this card and was wondering how hard it would be to get it working. I have tried and it does not seem to recognized. thanks