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  1. I quite fancy upgrading my server from a tower to a rack mount hot swappable beast but finding a good enclosure in the UK seems quite difficult. https://www.bargainhardware.co.uk/superm-cse-848x-x10qbi-24-lff-hs-configure-to-order?c_b=44953 I found the above site but I'd want to swap out the M/B. Not sure if thats a stupid idea?
  2. Hi, it's just happened again. Same drive but I'd changed the power and data cables. I have space enough that I could shrink that drive from the array, worth a shot? ridcully-diagnostics-20220810-1908.zip
  3. Thanks Jorge. I've re-seated the cables and it's rebuilding the drive now.
  4. Hi, I've had a drive disabled, I can see it is showing 2048 errors in the main screen. This happened about 6 months ago (I believe it was the same drive) but the diagnostics didn't indicate a drive issue. I re-seated the cables and brought the drive back into the array and it has been fine since. Can someone please take a look and let me know what the diagnostics indicate might be the problem? Thank you. ridcully-diagnostics-20220731-1035.zip
  5. Is the correct method from here now to do a rebuild of the drive back onto itself? Last time this happened to me (years ago) I'm sure I just re-enabled the drive but this doesn't seem to be an option.
  6. Thank you. Running the "Check Filesystem Status" function and following the steps to get it back online.
  7. Hi, I've had a disk 5 generate errors and go into emulated mode. I just removed an older disk a few weeks ago which was generating errors and spread the data across the existing drives. Is this drive looking like a dud now? Not a great time to be buying drives! ridcully-diagnostics-20210625-0913.zip
  8. I think an old port fwd rule I had in exposed it. I was using a weak password on the deluge front end too. I’ve since removed the forwarding rule and changed to a more complex password too.
  9. Just to update, I think this has originated from a malicious Deluge plugin. -rw-rw-rw- 1 nobody users 22041 Dec 27 17:45 booster-0.2-py2.7.egg
  10. Ok, thanks. I’d only restarted a day or two ago when the .1 came out.
  11. Hmm. So without something dodgy installed I should have been safe? That’s a worry then.
  12. That's the full list. 1&2 - Letsencrypt 3 - Sabnzbd 4 - Deluge 5 - Another torrent docker I dont use anymore 6 - Wireguard I've since deleted the torrent entries. Does leaving a FWD entry to a port that isnt in use on the internal side create a security risk?
  13. Is that what that forwarding rule does? I've always had a blindspot for network configuration... I set that 80 > 85 port forward up as letsencrypt runs on port 85 (and 448)
  14. These are the port forwarding rules I have. The miner was running under the user "nobody" which I use for applications.
  15. Hi, I noticed CPU activity at 100% this morning and "xmrig" was running. A quick search and there are a couple of other threads of this happening to others who have opened some of their ports. I've had reverse proxy set up for a good while but I don't think I have any ports open directly to the server. I've attached my diagnosis file if anyone can see anything suspicious that would be much appreciated. ridcully-diagnostics-20210312-0812.zip
  16. Last check completed on Fri 07 Aug 2020 08:24:00 AM BST (today), finding 0 errors. Duration: 1 day, 10 hours, 53 minutes, 4 seconds. Average speed: 111.5 MB/sec Looks like parity wasn't valid. That's a slight worry, not sure how that happened. Better than a hardware problem though...
  17. Yes, I've changed that setting now, thanks. Not sure why I had it like that in the first place. 25% through, no errors found on this new run...
  18. Hi, My server had a problem booting up last week (the CPU fan wasn't spinning). I had a second machine being used as a PC so swapped all the drives into that and it booted up fine into unraid and everything seemed good. A parity check has now completed and its come back with over 700k errors. This was a scheduled check with had "Write corrections to parity disk" set to "yes". I'm now thinking that was a mistake... I've kicked off a second check (which won't write corrections). Attached are the diagnostics. Advice appreciated... ridcully-diagnostics-20200806-0802.zip
  19. I don't have the experience to help you (I went the easy path and got a nvidia shield so no 4k transcoding needed), but if you want someone to spend their own time to actually help you, I'd edit that response and take out all the whining.
  20. Happy birthday Unraid. I just checked and it's been 10 years since I built my server. It's only just had its guts replaced this year. I love how solid Unraid is now.
  21. Thanks for the comments. I upgraded to a Ryzen 2600 at the weekend with a MSI x470 board. After an initial hiccup (I forgot to check about integrated graphics and couldn't boot it without a GPU - £5 later from a friendly local repair shop I was in business with a "WinFast PX7600GS") it all went smoothly. Unraid keying off drive serial numbers works like magic, swap out MOBO, CPU, RAM add a GPU and it boots straight up and in with the same config as before. I've then been on eBay and flashed a H310 Dell SAS card to IT mode last night to replace my cheap (and slow) SATA card. Once the cables arrive that is the next upgrade.
  22. Thanks, it's certainly not obvious it doesn't come with caddies, the pic has them in! They've confirmed they aren't included. Currently doing some rough estimates... Around £450 for a SUPERMICRO 6027R-E1R12L 2U 12 BAY SERVER M/B - X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD Xeon E5-2660 2.2 GHz 8-Core (and could add a second for about £50 from ebay) 48GB DDR3 includes 12 caddies sourced from ebay 11098 Passmark with one CPU Arounf £390 for a Ryzen upgrade to current tower M/B - ASUS AMD AM4 Ryzen PRIME X370 Pro Ryzen 5 2600, 6 Core, 12 Thread, 3.4GHz 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair DDR4 13529 Passmark So... Ryzen is cheaper, has better single thread performance and is lower power (65w cpu versus 95w). SM has boats more (slower) RAM and space for a (cheap) second CPU. Ryzen will be quieter and the AM4 socket means I could swap in an upgrade in a few years if I wanted too. As this is going in a cupboard so the noise isn't really an issue... its a close call.