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  1. Yes, im using the my server Beta plugin. will try and disable the plugin see then reboot. EDIT: Removed the from the plugins folder and reboot and im back in is it something down on the Unraid side of things if i wasn't the only one?
  2. All of a sudden today i lost access to the GUI, i don't know if it was or last night but today everything stopped working, dockers etc. i have tried a reboot of Unraid and its maid no difference to the GUI interface but it has bought the Dockers back online again. I have tried to the server GUI through boot and this is off line also. I still have access to SSH and have attached the logs for assistance i have waited hrs for the GUI to come back up after the restart and no luck I have not deleted any f
  3. Is there a way to update the plugin offline? I currently don't have Internet at home apart from my phone and laptop. Can I download the updated files from somewhere and overwrite the existing as I'm currently trying to preclear 2 x 10TB drives but they get stuck at the 25% of zeroing and says its finished.
  4. OK.. After 28 days running with no problems and a parity check completed i enabled backup and restore again and its hung. Nothing on the console screen cant access the shares cant shut it down, have to reset it, power button wont safely shut it down Can login to the console screen, after typing root it just sits there i had fix common problems enabled so the logs are attached. looks like ill be keeping backup & restore disabled FCPsyslog_tail.txt
  5. Well its been 18 days with out a lockup. I have had CA backup disabled for the whole time. Its due to do a monthly parity check tonight so after that is completed i will enable CA backup again and see what happens Running 6.3.3
  6. I just typed up a post and clicked somewhere and it was gone, Anyway i have had 2 lockups in 3 days. CA backup was enabled and finished about 4am. Yesterday i thought i had another one (during a parity check) but left it and went out, came home and it was all back to normal. Today i had another one, left it for a few hrs but was still locked up, CA backup finished about 4am. The latest files are attached, the FCP log shows "shutting down for system halt" at about 1240pm which i think was about the time i tried to push the power button
  7. So i decided to upgrade to 6.3.3 2 days ago which is why i haven't posted anything back. So far so good, the last 2 nights i haven't had any hangs/lockups. I did note in 6.3.3 that reiserfsprogs has been downgraded, not sure if this is the cause of no lockup or not or even if it makes any difference. @mgladwinhave you upgraded to 6.3.3 yet?
  8. Ok, So the time is now nearly 8.15 am and my backup is still going (started at 3am) i think it was doing this yesterday as well as its also slowing down my parity check (i think). No dockers were started yesterday due to the backup running (i think), parity check was running at about 4MB /s and everything else was unresponsive after about 2 min of trying to do something. So if the backups are still going the server acts like it is hung. Also yesterday afternoon i tried deleting old backups over the keep threshold and it took over an hr and the server was not responsive for a shor
  9. I have just added this and will see what it does, its due to kick off in about 1 1/2 hrs. Me, im off to bed now 1.20am here.
  10. I still have mine set up to run tomorrow morning so I expect to see a freeze tomorrow or the next day then I shell disable it again and see what happens.
  11. So, this morning at about 12.20 i re-enabled CA backup & Restore to backup my appdata and dockers and enabled fix common problems, and i wake up to a hung server. it had been running about 9 days before i had to restart it due to the log filling up and getting blasted with emails every 10min telling me it was filling up, after that restart it was up about 1 days 15hrs before i re-enabled CA backup & Restore. is this the problem? does anyone else have this running? The backup time is 3am, im not sure if this is default or i set it. i have
  12. Well its been 4 days 17 hrs on 6.3.2 with no issues, fix common problems is still running in troubleshooting mode. nothing on the system has changed from when it was hanging so im a little stumped
  13. So im just on 6 days back on 6.3.0 with no issues, i have just re-downloaded 6.3.2 and about to restart for it to take effect, lets see how long it goes before it freaks.