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  1. Built in 2008 😀 still doing its job.
  2. Tried that - no joy If my current usb is booting why would I need to change BIOS?
  3. Version: 6.8.3 Hi I am still unable to create a backup / replacement USB. I have two keys so I am working with the Pro.2 key I have tried Transend 2gb which is the same as my existing usb Sandisk 32gb N1260 2 X Kingston 16gb DTSE9 as recommended on this forum - Just purchased I have used my windows 10 PC and Laptop with the USB creator tool on all USB's with no joy. What I cannot understand is why the Transend won't work as its exactly the same usb as the one I’m using currently. I have also tried manually creating the usb's - same results. There is four usb ports on my Motherboard _ P6N Diamond series MS-7320 (V1.X) Mainboard all slots work with the current usb. I've tried different options to make the usb bootable - No joy. When I boot with the newly created usb's all I get is a flashing curser, is this something to do with windows 10? I'm at my wits end to be honest! The reason for doing this is recently my current usb is occasionally failing to load Here is my original post on this matter - Any further help or suggestions would be appreciated - thank you
  4. I tried removing the - and it made no difference I’m puzzled tbh If I set up the usb a new flash drive and tried to boot from that would that have a bad impact on my current set up or damage my current drives in any way?
  5. No. My flash drive will not boot. Seems to work fine in pc and laptop c Can I use pro2.key on my current server? Or is the second key for another build.
  6. No Joy Copied config folder and put pro2.key in config folder - Flashing curser at boot Used creater tool on 2nd usb with backup from pro1.key usb and pasted pro2.key in config folder on 2nd usb - flashing curser at boot again. Am I missing something, I have checked that pro2.key is bonded to usb EDIT Ran make bootable in admin mode as suggested in another post- checked uefi is uefi- Both usb sticks are same brand Trancend 2gb Ran chk disc No errors found Thank you
  7. Hi Back in 2015 I purchased two keys and I am currently using one and have never needed to use the second usb. I had a bit of a scare a few days back as my server was only intermittently reading the usb stick. (Cannot find device bond 0) error. After a little playing around the usb stick is now currently working, although it could fail anytime. Is there a simple way to copy my current configuration to my second usb which I have never used or updated from when it was purchased? I have taken regular backups of my usb in the server using the tool provided by Unraid. Basically, what I want to be able to do is connect my second USB to my windows pc and copy my configuration from the usb in the unraid server to the usb stick in my pc that has the second license key. Then if one fails I can just plug in the second usb and carry on using the server whilst I replace the failed one. Thank you in advance Paul
  8. Version: 6.7.2 Hi I'm curious about this element of the parity check and cannot see any obvious answers in the manual or here. Parity = 4tb Array 18 HDD Max HDD size excluding parity = 2TB Elapsed time: 21 hours, 49 minutes Current position: 3.45 TB (68.9 %) Estimated speed: 56.2 MB/sec Estimated finish: 7 hours, 41 minutes Sync errors corrected:0 All my hdd's except the parity spun down 15 hours into the parity check, the only hdd running is the parity. What is being checked? Thank you
  9. Thank you Static DHCP set on router rather than unraid box. Windows 10 could not see server on network, ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew seemed to solve that part, not sure why. Just need to sort out NIC now I think its failing
  10. Unraid 6.7.2 Hi I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. When I boot up and all my sata cards have loaded up I get a screen with the loading bzroot etc. on that screen is 5 options to load unraid and a mem check option. The sceen says tab to select options. Then there is a 4 second countdown before unraid loads up. How am I supposed to select one of the options with my keyboard when its not active until unraid has finished loading? Am i missing something obvious here? I have had some issues the past few days and it would have been usefull if I could have loaded the gui with networking. thanks in advance
  11. Okay guys I have connected my network cable to my second port eth1 and the router has assigned and address of which is good news. It looks like the other port eth0 is not working? I changed them over when I first had this issue but i did not reboot? Am I a donut? So I am going to reinstate the folders I renamed at tee-tee jorge suggestion. If this pans out okay may I take this opportunity to thank you both for your help. If one ethernet port goes down is the otherone likley too? Update When I reinstalled the two files I could not see my server on, removed them and rebooted and all is fine again? Router assigned As I'm just a home user the server is only switched on for TV, Movies and backups from home-pc etc. it's a pain if I cant have a fixed IP address
  12. Thank you Please see atached.
  13. Is there anyone who can look at my diagnostics please?
  14. There you go diagnostics attached If it is the NIC i may just buy a card to replace the onboard nic
  15. -bash: diagnostic: command line not found. after i spent 10 minutes lookup up what CLI is. Okay it's diagnostics thank you bastl