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  1. That may have been the problem. I changed the version to decimals instead of underscores. Looks like it's working now. Thanks!
  2. It's added Hi, I thought this package was working but after a reboot it was not reinstalling the package. I checked /boot/config/plugins/NerdPack/packages/6.5 and the package file is not there. NerdPack.cfg has a line ksh93-2012_08_01="yes" and the plugin page switch is "on" but the status is uninstalled and not downloaded. If I try to re-download and install using the plugin page, it says: Downloading ksh93-2012_08_01-x86_64-2.txz package... ksh93-2012_08_01-x86_64-2.txz package download sucessful! Installing ksh93-2012.08.01 package... But there is no package file and it is not installed. I can install it manually for now, but I'd appreciate it if you could take a look. Thanks EDIT: I just noticed that the download filename in the output above has underscores in the version date "2012_08_01" and the install package has dots "2012.08.01". Could that have something to do with it?
  3. Could you add Korn Shell? https://packages.slackware.com/?r=slackware64-current&p=ksh93-2012_08_01-x86_64-2.txz Thanks!
  4. I keep a spare drive the same size as the parity drive that has been fully tested and precleared. It has saved me time recovering from a drive fail on three occasions, including a time where another drive failed within a week of the first drive failure. Considering that it takes several days to do the testing, I might have lost data from the second drive failure if I had ordered the drive when the first failure occurred. So far I've always used the spare within a year to replace an older or failed drive.
  5. 1266 pending failed sectors. Based on that, I'd say take it out of the array. You can try running several preclears on it to see if the pending failed sectors are corrected, but I wouldn't trust the drive anymore.
  6. It looks like the disk management page only knows how to check a ReiserFS partition. It knows nothing about XFS.
  7. I'd err on the side of caution. I wouldn't use it for anything I cared about. I've had three failures of this model drive in the last two months with drives aged about two years.
  8. Brand: Seagate Model: ST3000DM001-1CH166 Approximate age at failure: 2 years Drive in warranty: 2x Yes, 1x No I've had three failures of this model drive in the last 6 weeks. One drive was out of warranty and exhibited some bad sectors but still works otherwise. The other two became inaccessible and unable to generate smart reports. Those two were still under warranty and showed no sign of issues before failure. All of them were around two years old. Fortunately, I had enough time between failures to allow unRAID to rebuild each disk onto a new drive. I'm really glad I keep a precleared cold spare at all times. These failures worry me because I still have several more of these drives and the age of the drives at failure seem to be consistent with Backblaze reports.
  9. I'm currently running 6b14, here's the steps i took on my system... 1. in dir boot/unmenu/packages I deleted the file bwm-ng-0.6-x86_64-4cf.txz [if i remember right it was zero bytes] 2. I then dowloaded and copied the .conf file from other post and overwrote existing 3. I then telnet in and restarted unmenu killall awk /boot/unmenu/uu 4. installed through unmenu package manager dont know if all the steps were needed but it worked for me. wirenut is correct. I mistyped the packages directory. Post corrected.
  10. The repository has changed the filename. I've attached a new version. Copy it to your /boot/unmenu/packages directory. I've also added "AUTO_UPDATE=NO" to prevent unmenu's update from overwriting it until Joe updates it. I'm not running the 64 bit unraid so I am unable to test it. You can verify the links and MD5 here: http://www.slackers.it/repository/bwm-ng/ (edited to correct location of packages directory) bwm-ng-unmenu-package-x86_64.conf
  11. still hoping for a response... am I in the wrong area?? Try checking your unmenu_local.conf file for the following line: MyHost = <some value> Set it to the proper value. If the server IP address if use: MyHost = You may need to restart unmenu for this to work.
  12. I had the same issue. Invoke the preclear_disk.sh script using "nice": nice -n 19 preclear_disk.sh /dev/sdb I now have another machine that I use for preclearing.
  13. Note: I don't really know much about RFS or XFS. Could this be an effect of copying the entire drive at once? Maybe the journal is smaller because of that? Try doing the copy from XFS to a formatted RFS and measure.
  14. Thanks Joe - unfortunately this didn't seem to work. As a test I modified the standard User Scripts plugin as you suggested #ADD_ON_MENU User Scripts #ADD_ON_URL user_scripts #ADD_ON_REFRESH=10 #ADD_ON_VERSION....... Restarted unMENU but the page never auto-refreshed. Tried this in Chrome & Firefox same results. Main auto-refreshes fine in both browsers. I'll continue to investigate. cheers paul Try adding: #ADD_ON_HTTP_HEADER=YES
  15. You can play around with the numbers at the beginning of the user script file names to move them to the top of the page.