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  1. So I'm having the same problem as a few others where the mount points are dropping to "0" space available. I didn't have this problem until it update to 6.9.x. My log has this over and over. Apr 12 05:00:00 KRAKEN kernel: NFS: server error: fileid changed Apr 12 05:00:00 KRAKEN kernel: fsid 0:56: expected fileid 0x901000000000016, got 0x3000000528fe15
  2. I could use some help. I noticed i wasn't able to get into the GUI so I restarted the docker and I'm getting this error: 2020-03-31 02:04:11,055 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [info] List of PIA endpoints that support port forwarding:- [info] [info] [info] [info] [info] [info] [info] [info] [info
  3. After, do i just restart the docker or delete and reinstall using my docker image?
  4. How do i make Plex download new codecs? I'm having the same issue
  5. I tried this and I still can't add IPTorrents. Can someone help me out?
  6. I'm trying to learn grafana, influxdb, varken, and telegraf. I think I have everything with a basic setup but when i go into Grafana, where do i start. I read over a few guides and they all mention adding a data source but I don't see it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  7. Any news on the unpacking issue. I just switched from SAB to this because it can actually download and saturate my line. I'd hate to go back to sab.....
  8. Is there anyway we can get the update for sonarr V3?
  9. An AMD Ryzen chip is a good value with a good amount of core/thread count. I'm rocking a 2700x 8c/16t and I've had 10 transcodes going at the same time. If you are looking for server hardware then this build is a solid option. I almost went this route but decided to go with a more modern build that doesn't break the bank and I can run multiple dockers and VMs without an issue.
  10. I purchased a Ryzen 7 2700x 2 months ago and it has been rock solid. No issues at all. I think all the issues have been fixed for the most part when it comes to Ryzen.
  11. How do I install a second instance for 4k movies?
  12. No you won't. I just did this myself 2 days ago with two 500GB SSD's also.
  13. I would like some help on this as well. I'm a plex pass user and being that I'm not familiar with changing version numbers to get the latest patch, I could use a little assistance. I have even downloaded the file for unraid but I have no idea on how to install the update.
  14. I think the cable if fine believe it or not. It just the Nividia Shield that would not play files using that cable. Every computer and laptop had no problems. That is probably a hardware issue that Nvidia needs to work on. Or maybe it's just my box that is faulty. Who knows?!
  15. Well I think I fixed it and you won't believe what caused my problems....THE NETWORK CABLE! I rewired everything a few days ago and used a cat6 cable from the server to the switch. I guess it really does a number on performance because I changed it to a cat5 cable and everything worked fine. I didn't think of the cable since my HTPC wasn't having a streaming issue. I guess the Shield struggles to download data from a device that uses a cat6 cable.