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  1. I Guess that explains why my server takes longer to get an ip now as compared to 6.7.0 I also have a bonded interface (in active/passive mode) but has been working well and fast in 6.7.0 Not too big of a deal but when you’re troubleshooting something else and needing to reboot constantly it does annoy a little. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hmm Guess I’ll stay put for now and exclude disk3 from all shares. Or maybe even slowly move data out of disk 3 and get rid of it while waiting for a new disk. Thanks so much for your help man
  3. So the parity sync ended couple of hours ago and there’s like 220000 read errors on unraid for disk 3 So just to confirm, I should run a parity check, but UNCHECK “write corrections to parity” right? Or else those errors on the disk would pretty much screw up the parity?
  4. Thanks Johnnie I think for now ill go with option 1 as my plan is to get another 8tb EFAX Red in January as the prices are not too bad(~260usd In my area). I just cant bring myself to use a 10tb for disk drive now as I've always wanted the parity disks to be a pair of 10tb and disk drive to slowly move to 8tb as time passes, just a personal preference to make the disk sizes look nice Have resumed parity for now. At least the dip seems to be on a pretty narrow sector. So the slow sync may be for a few GBs rather than hundreds of GBs. Will update here once it's done.
  5. OK here it is. Do note I've stopped the Q calculation this morning after my last reply.
  6. Welp the raw value for that attribute is now at 68k and increasing. And on unraid the read error count is at 9048 for that disk. I don't think it's worth it to continue the Q calculation as it would most probably be not accurate for disk 3 in case a rebuild is needed anyway. Would it be better if I cancel the Q calculation, reuse disk 6 (brand new 8tb with only 10gb data in it which I can move over to another disk) and do a new config with disk 6 as the new disk 3,do a sync using the P parity to rebuild disk 3, and then redo the Q calculation.
  7. Yeah it does seem like disk 3 has some issues at a certain sector of the disk. I guess for now I just have to wait it out and once its done with those sectors the speed should pick back up. Will try replacing the SATA cable but I don't think that'll help. It really looks like the disk had issues at a certain sector of a certain platter.
  8. Thanks Johnnie, am running it on each disk one by one now.
  9. Sorry I didn't notice this reply. I am not using flare and am not using 8 sticks yet as of now. Only 4 trident z sticks and all four ran at 3200 instantly after enabling xmp
  10. I know there are many topics on this but most who have complained were using kind of old hardware. I'm running a threadripper 1920x at 4ghz which should support avx2 so Q calculation shouldn't be too slow but it's currently running at speeds like 1mbps at times and sometimes even lower. It's a new 10tb red which is an addition to another 10tb red which was added around April last year but don't think that ran this slow at the time though. Attached diagnostics. Apologies if I don't reply fast enough as it's currently close to midnight where I am and am abo
  11. Will we see the icons for the below highlighted plugins be updated anytime soon? Weird that a number of Dynamix plugins have the updated icons, and some don't
  12. Qemu 4.0 is out. I wonder if it’ll be on the next rc release for 6.7... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Not sure if this is the right thread for this but basically I have a 20m long usb 2.0 extender which has a booster in it which seems to work OK for thumb drive and even the wii mayflash adapter for dolphin. But whenever I use the xbox one wireless adapter with it, the controller would not be able to keep a stable connection and would start to blink continously after a minute or so, signifying a connection loss I believe its due to the extension being too long and the power over usb 2.0 isn't enough for the adapter to keep its signal steady. So I was looking at those USB 2.0 to ethernet a
  14. I just use my phone to edit stuff on unraid GUI if i dont wanna open up my laptop lol. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  15. Threadripper 2000or 1000 series? I’ve got temp reading from my 1920x using dynamix system temp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk