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  1. Update: Must be an issue, all my nfs mounts to unraid are hung... Just checking my error log after upgradeing to 6.6.0-rc2 and saw the following error message, not sure if it is an issue or not: Sep 8 10:00:00 Tower kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------ Sep 8 10:00:00 Tower kernel: nfsd: non-standard errno: -103 Sep 8 10:00:00 Tower kernel: WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 14895 at fs/nfsd/nfsproc.c:817 nfserrno+0x44/0x4a [nfsd] Sep 8 10:00:00 Tower kernel: Modules linked in: xt_nat veth ipt_MASQUERADE iptable_nat nf_conntrack_ipv4 nf_defrag_ipv4 nf_nat_ipv4 iptable_fil
  2. Not sure what change caused it, but my parity check is running much better. For the past few months, it has run approx 24 hours and last night it ran in about 16 hours. I usually run it on the first of the month, but canceled it and just got to kick it off after this update. 2017-12-06, 18:25:09 16 hr, 13 min, 45 sec 102.7 MB/s OK 0 2017-11-04, 00:36:33 1 day, 5 hr, 42 min, 26 sec 56.1 MB/s OK 0 2017-10-01, 20:23:13 23 hr, 23 min, 12 sec 71.3 MB/s OK 0 2017-09-01, 23:56:22 1 day, 2 hr, 56 min, 21 sec 61.9 MB/s
  3. From Chrome, you can right-click in the page and click on inspector, then from the network tab do a load of the page and you can click on the request and see the request and response headers.
  4. Well, it labeled a 'Check'... If it is running an non-correcting parity check, it wouldn't make any difference and should actually find a failing (or failed) drive. (I admit that I don't know exactly what the results might be if the correcting check was being done but since the default is correcting, I would assume that nothing bad would occur.) And it is always better to find a problem before you are actually using parity to rebuilt a drive! I would also assume that most of the time you wouldn't know if a drive was in a failing state when the test is automatically started so is yo
  5. I am currently running with dual parity and yesterday after noon I had a drive failure. I pulled the bad drive out because it was making a clicking noise. As good timing would have it, my monthly parity check kicked off a few hours later. It seems to be running ok with no errors so far and about 3 hours left. Should the parity check run if you have a failed disk?
  6. I am also all Macs, and I have found that NFS works the best for me. I have started testing SMB with the new beta of 6.2, but use NFS from most mounts...
  7. Possibly. Delete /boot/config/dynamix.plg Good Call, that fixed it.. Thanks..
  8. I had reverted back to 6.1.9 because of issues with my Realtek ethernet card. I decided to install a different eth card to get around the issue, but when I re-updated to 6.2 B20, the Array Operations screen no longer has the section for doing a parity check. I am wondering if it was do to the dynamix update for 6.1.9 that I had applied before re-upgrading. Any ideas? Screen shot
  9. System hung again, the console was black and I wasn't tailing the syslog at the time, but assuming it is the Realtek driver again. Rolling back to 6.1.9 to see if it goes away...
  10. I assume you have already tested the Realtek with 6.1? It would be useful to know if replacing the Realtek under 6.2 clears up the networking issues. I must have used my Intel card in another machine. Guess if it happens again, Ill have to try reverting back to 6.1...
  11. Yeah, it is the one on the motherboard and have been using with unRaid since 5.x without any issues. Ill try the Intel card tonight and see how it works out. Thanks for your help..
  12. System boots fine and starts the array without issue, then is quiet for about 90 minutes, then suddenly at Mar 29 21:48:02, something goes wrong with the Realtek NIC, and a Call Trace is reported. There's no previous link down message, but there are almost nothing but link up messages for the rest of the syslog until attempted shutdown. You'll notice that the link up messages are all at intervals of multiples of 6 seconds. They start at somewhat random 6 second intervals, but quickly settle into a series of 42 seconds, then 48 seconds,then they stay almost completely at 60, 66, and 72
  13. I have been having an issue with the past 2 beta's with loosing connectivity to the server and the console becoming mostly unresponsive. I did happen to get the syslog copied onto the flash drive before rebooting, but couldn't get the diagnostic run because of the UI not responding.
  14. I noticed that in my log too, almost like emhttp is starting NFS twice, but doesn't seem to hurt anything and nfs is working for me.
  15. Not sure if these messages mean anything or not. I noticed them in my syslog: Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster emhttp: mdcmd: write: No such device or address Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster kernel: mdcmd (43): spindown 0 Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster kernel: mdcmd (44): spindown 1 Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster emhttp: mdcmd: write: No such device or address Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster emhttp: mdcmd: write: No such device or address Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster emhttp: mdcmd: write: No such device or address Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster emhttp: mdcmd: write: No such device or address Mar 13 08:40:03 Dumpster