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  1. So...I should be able to install the current docker and when the 1.8 update comes through it will happen automatically or is there something that will need to be done here, by you guys to get it to update? Thanks, Brian
  2. Yeah, I figured, but since it needs replacement (and I have the case, fans and PS) I might as well get something current. I installed my RAM into a computer at work and it was fine, so it is either the MOBO or the CPU. A cheaper CPU only seems to be $75 less. Might as well go with the one I spec'd, right? Thanks for taking the time to help. Brian
  3. You're saying to stay away from B450 and B550? Go for X570? I only use the server for a single "direct play" plex stream or for music streaming. It's not for gaming at all. Are you saying I should be looking at 32GB? I only had 8GB before and it seemed to work fine...cost isn't a big deal, but don't want to spend when it isn't necessary. Thanks, Brian
  4. So...I'm looking at a Ryzen 5 3600 (~$225), GeForce GT710 ($50), AsRock B450M Steel Legend ($80) and Crucial DDR4-3600 2x8GB kit ($75). Sound okay? Too little? Too much? cheaper processor? Thanks for any advice. Brian PS. I take it I can just hook up the new components, re-insert the Flash and the system will be intact? No data loss?
  5. I did a cmos reset and pulled the battery and still no post. There is no GPU. The board has integrated graphics only and no cards plugged into the motherboard. I tried pulling the memory and using one stick with no difference. I swapped and reseated the memory and it still doesn't work. The motherboard is an ASRock H97M Pro4. I believe the CPU is a G3258. The memory is 4GBx2 DDR3 1600Mhz. Should I just upgrade it? I only use 2 data drives and 1 parity (4TB ea) and case is a large ATX.
  6. I would assume I don't have the current motherboard BIOS, but how do I update it when I can't get it started? The monitor was working fine on my main PC--I pulled it over to the server to test it. No, I do not see any BIOS whatsoever (no signal at all) when I power the server up. I replaced the power supply and I still have the same situation. I tried HDMI, VGA and DVI out of the computer and no signal/BIOS from any of them. Starting to wish I hadn't clicked "upgrade." What is the next step to test? Pull the memory? Disconnect the drives? I already pulled the USB stick out and tried to boot, but nothing.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I did this and I do not get anything on video. I do have power, but not signal/display. I put my USB stick into my main computer and I'm able to access it. There are 3 folders that look like they were accessed the previous day: config, previous and syslinux. Next step?
  8. Hi, my system was running fine with 6.6.6, but the header on the main page said "update to 6.8.3" so I clicked it. It did it's thing and said I needed to reboot. I clicked reboot and now nothing. I can no longer access the server from //tower. I did a hard turnoff and restarted the server, but I still can't access it. What do I do? Thanks!
  9. Yes, immensely. It's easy, but I would have never known how to do it without the simple instructions. Thanks much. I've been running it for a few days and haven't run into the unpacking queuing issue, so it seems all is well. Thanks again, Brian
  10. I don't know what you mean or how to do that. I just went back to the current version and just restart NZBGet every day or two. Does anyone know if SAB has this problem? Any reason to stick with NZBGet?
  11. So, I went ahead and rolled back to v19, but now I can't get the WebUI to function. It just says "404 Not Found." For the heck of it I went up to v20 and same problem. What am I doing wrong? B.
  12. Hope someone has some advice. I'm new to using dockers (been doing it for about two months). I set up Sonarr and NZBGet. The issue I'm having is that when NZBGet tries to unpack it will go on indefinitely. I.e. in the status section it says "unpacking" and the green circle above is spinning, but nothing happens. The solution is always the same, click restart from the docker menu in unraid. Once I do this everything clears and works fine until it happens again. I'd say it is not 100% that this occurs, but pretty close. Is there a setting in NZBGet that needs to be changed? I was about to try SAB, but thought maybe there is an easy fix. If I go into the message section I see 100s of the same error message(s): "URL is not valid:" and then "Download my feed failed." These occur every 15 minutes. Thanks! Brian
  13. Can't believe I didn't do this before! Thanks for the help! Now, I will have to check into a cache pool. Do I need v6 for this? Thanks, Brian
  14. Is this all I need then? B.
  15. supported link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full advertised link modes: same link partner advertised link modes: same as above Speed: 100Mb/s Duplex: Full There was more, but this is what you are after, no?