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  1. I love the docker implementation and how easy it is to educate yourself thanks to this fantastic community. I'd like to see support for a third parity disk (help to ease my paranoia)
  2. Thanks. I hadn't taken a look at them. Looks like the only plugin I would need to replace is "Simple Extractor". New features in "2.0" seem to cover the rest. Here's hoping they allow the built-in extractor to work while "Move Compeleted" is enabled in the next release.
  3. Plugins don't seem to work for V2. Lost my "Sequential Download" and "Simple Extractor" plugins. Is there a workaround or will I have to revert?
  4. I've got my eye on a "SANDISK FUSION IOMEMORY PX600" for my UNRAID server but I'm not sure they are supported. There is a Linux SLES driver for them.
  5. Worked great! Thanks for your help.
  6. Didn't work for me. Sonarr immediately gives me the following Error Message. "Proxy Health Check failed: Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure: 'http://services.sonarr.tv/v1/ping'"
  7. Selling 2x Supermicro CSE-M35T-1B drive enclosures at $60 each. Selling because I updated my unraid server to a rackmount case with its own HDD backplane. I modded these enclosures with Arctic Cooling F9 cooling fans for quieter operation. Both work great. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Enclosures also listed on eBay.
  8. Should I be able to view the files of an emulated drive from the "Main" tab? unRAID is showing the capacity but when I click the view icon there is nothing there.
  9. First things, first... unRAID Server Pro 6.5.2 ASRock EP2C602 Motherboard 2x E5-2680v2 32GB DDR3-1333 RAM **Diagnostics attached** **SMART Report for failed drive attached** I had an 8TB array disk fail. After restarting my server I noticed that a lot of my library was missing(Had 1500 movies, can only see 500). Plex couldn't see an number of my folders and about a third of my media was visible through windows. Upon further investigation, I found that when I went to the "Shares" tab and drilled down through my media folder everything was missing from there as well. This had me confused because the size of my array hadn't changed. I went to the "Main" tab to confirm what I was seeing but it seems that my missing files are still there and visible on a drive-by-drive level. To summarize; drive died, can't see most of my files on the "share" but files still exist if I look at each drive on the "Main" tab. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea how to get my media share to show all of my files again. tower-diagnostics-20180525-1522.zip tower-smart-20180525-1529.zip
  10. I have a Logitech G900 and whenever I use it at 1000Hz it slows video playback on youtube and make AutoCAD unusable. I have to drop the polling rate to 250 to remedy this. Would this fix it?
  11. Do I need to restart unraid if I am switchng a graphics card from one vm to another? I have Windows 10 VM running with a GTX960 passed through. The performance isn't what I was hoping for so I created a windows 7 VM that is much snappier, but I can't get it to boot with the GTX960 from my Windows 10 VM passed through (that is with the windows 10 VM off). The VM icon, in unraid , will turn green but the screen won't turn on and one core will e pegged at 100%. Any help would be greatly appreciated.System info below. unRAID 6.4.0-rc7a Dual Xeon E5-2680v2 32GB RAM GTX960 2GB
  12. I got this message from "Fix Common Problems" last night. I've attached my diagnostics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. tower-diagnostics-20180104-0929.zip