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  1. Are there any significant differences? Everything appears to be working on first glance. Only issue I came across was with the Unifi docker and the host name not being resolved. Using the ip address has fixed it for now.
  2. Tried again and it worked. Do I still need to worry about switching from macvlan or is that issue resolved now? I am running a fritzbox and use a unifi docker... Thanks.
  3. Just tried updating and it's failing: Mar 2 17:44:07 Toaster kernel: usb 1-1.2: device descriptor read/8, error -110
  4. Thinking of jumping from 6.10.something up to this. Or should I take an intermediate release first? I‘ve seen macvlan and ipvlan mentioned a few times for things to watch out for but have no idea what this setting is. I haven’t changed anything from the docker defaults I don’t believe… Thanks for any help.
  5. I’m new to the Mac world. Previously I used windows and syncback to synchronise local folders to Unraid shares. Now I’m trying to get a replacement backup process in place using rsync with SSH. I've got it mostly working without SSH, now I want to automate the authentication step. Here’s the basic rsync script: rsync -rtzPi --progress --stats --delete --exclude=".DS_Store" "/Users/matt/Documents/" "root@toaster:/mnt/user/Documents" I have created a public/private key pair using ssh-keygen. I then used ssh-copy-id to transfer these to Unraid. I believe this has worked as the key is there in /boot/config/ssh. I'm not sure what to do now. Every time I run the above command, it asks me for a passphrase (not password) for the key. Obviously I've missed something in the configuration step. Any help appreciated.
  6. Don't worry, realised this was a problem with the airplay bridge plugin that had gotten updated... switching to the static binary seems to have settled everything. 😀
  7. Hi. After many years of using this docker without issues, I just updated - yeah my fault, everything was running great but the old "update" docker image button was tempting me too much... - anyways, now I am having an issue with Airplay bridge: Restarting Squeeze2raop after crash: /config/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/RaopBridge/Bin/squeeze2raop-linux-x86_64 -Z -I -b -f /config/logs/raopbridge.log -x /config/prefs/raopbridge.xml [19:19:00.043] main:1572 Starting squeeze2raop version: v1.5.3 (Dec 25 2023 @ 19:09:38) [19:19:00.043] Start:1297 Cannot load SSL libraries [19:19:00.044] main:1676 Cannot start, exiting Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for this. I'm not sure what my setup is running, I guess macvlan: I really don't understand what any of this means though TBH. In the past I've updated unraid and it's usually worked fine.
  9. Been away from Unraid for quite a while and am still way back on 6.10.3. Is there anything in particular I need to pay attention to with this update?I did see there was mention of Fritzboxes and Ubiquiti equipment, both of which I run. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the reply. The data does sit on the same share though, just in different directories. Maybe this is an issue with the way in which MacOS mounts a samba share? How can I establish which version of samba is in use? cheers!
  11. Thanks for the reply. I didn't really want to go down the VM route for this simple task... I figured this was a setting or something that I can change in Finder, or maybe on the Unraid side. I would do the move of data locally using MC, but I need to merge folders and my understanding is that this is not so straight forward on the command line without resorting to rsync. Thanks.
  12. Hello! I am new to MacOS so this is probably obvious to someone... I have an Unraid server with various SMB shares. I want to move files already on a share to another location (on the same share). Under Windows this would happen pretty much instantly. On my Macbook, it always copies the files locally, and then pastes them back to the new location on the server. So it takes ages. Any ideas? Much appreciated.
  13. Perfect, worked a treat. Only thing worth noting was a pop-up on logging into the Controller about my "wifi networks no longer being something something something" (yeah it disappeared before I could fully register it).
  14. Doh, I missed that completely. Thanks. So I can simply set the tag to lscr.io/linuxserver/unifi-controller:version-7.1.66? (after making sure I've backed up within Unifi of course)
  15. Can I jump straight from my current version to v7.x, or do I need to make an intermediate jump? Do we have another recommended stable version to upgrade to like with the 5.14.23-ls76?
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