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  1. The server is booting now. I wonder why that happened all of a sudden. I only use the server a few times a week but it's never left turned on. I rarely do updates unless critical. Strange
  2. Thanks for the mega quick reply. I downloaded a fresh 6.8.3 release. Copied across the bzroot and bzimage files. Will this suffice? How can this issue crop up all of a sudden? Cheers!
  3. Hello all. Hoping for some quick help here as I need to gain access to my unifi controller which runs off my unraid server... Everything has been running fine, since yesterday I am no longer able to boot the server. I connected a monitor and took a picture of the output. No I don't get to a command prompt. I have done a chkdsk and windows states there are no issues. I have a backup from a few months ago when I did the update to Unraid v6.8.3. Thanks for the support.
  4. Thanks it all seems to be working perfectly now and I have moved all playlists over from the old location. I did have to do a full rescan of the library as rescanning only playlists ended up with everything being duplicated.
  5. Thanks. Is there a way to browse that or validate it somehow? Back on to the main issue here, but why is my playlists folder not working? I've tried changing the LMS settings to point to /config/playlists and that didn't work either... however I did not restart the docker for this change admittedly before testing. Ideas? Thanks!
  6. Yes that is correct. Obviously something is up here as checking the logs I see: [20-05-24 22:04:19.6121] Slim::Formats::Playlists::Base::_filehandleFromNameOrString (87) Error: Could't open /music/Playlists/elbowTest6.m3u for writing. But the playlist is created and saved ready for the next time I start the server.
  7. Sure I have no issues playing music. LMS used to work fine with the Playlists folder, and like I said I can still create and edit playlists, however I have no idea where they are saved as checking the server.log, LMS reports it doesn't have permissions to write to the specified playlist folder. BUT it is saving the playlist somewhere. Weird.
  8. which memory leak? I'm completely new to Unifi and still in the process of setting everything up. I just need a neat solution with some cool things for me to play with but more importantly not to get shouted at from the wife because the wifi isn't working 😆
  9. Thanks. Yes I have read the instructions you provided but thought I could just over ride this and point to my playlists folder which sits along side my music folder, e.g. /Music/Lossless /Music/Playlists So what you're saying is that I have to point the LMS config to the appdata/LMS/playlists folder now? I am still unclear where all these playlists have been saved though. I have created god knows how many temporary playlists and done a wildcard name search from the command line, zip, nada. Can't find a single one of them 😞 Cheers.
  10. Any ideas here guys? I just want a stable WiFi platform so would mich rather be on the 5.9 branch or similar. Best way to downgrade? I presume I can’t export the site or settings to an earlier version?!? Thanks.
  11. Any ideas here anyone?? This is driving me slightly crazy... the playlists are definitely persisted, but I have no idea where. They’re not in the specified playlist directory that I’ve set up, and they’re not in the docker appdata...
  12. Many thanks for the insights. Now I have the controller settings correct hopefully and the docker back in bridge mode. couple of questions: How is the controller name used? Can I just put anything in here? Also, changing just the IP address and setting override inform wasn’t enough, I also had to set the L2 layer discoverability. What exactly does this do? One final thing, sorry it’s a lot of questions but it’s a lot to take in, but I’ve noticed I seem to be on the latest branch which by all accounts is not super stable. Is there an easy way to recreate the docker with the 5.9 branch enabled without having to redo everything? thanks!
  13. I, as with it seems many here, have the same adopt loop issue. I’ve manually set the inform via ssh and it only seems to work for a few days. I’ve now set this docker to host and everything so far seems fine. However I only fire up my server when required, what are the negatives to running it always in host mode?
  14. What permissions do I need on the playlists directory? I've created some playlists but they are not stored where I believe they should be, in fact I can't find them at all! Any ideas where they could be? They must be persisted somewhere on disk as they survive a reboot... EDIT I checked here appdata/LogitechMediaServer/Playlist and found nothing... Weird.
  15. Hello. Ever since the 6.7 to 6.8 upgrade none have gone smoothly for me. I just tried updating to 6.8.3 and am seeing similar issues to before... I've done a file system check on the flash drive and all appears in order. Now I did change the flash drive last year but that was well before the issues with updating came around. At the moment I've rolled back to 6.8.2 and everything is fine. I will attempt the update again this evening and pull some logs if it doesn't work.