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MacOS: moving files on share copies them to local and back again


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I am new to MacOS so this is probably obvious to someone...


I have an Unraid server with various SMB shares. I want to move files already on a share to another location (on the same share). Under Windows this would happen pretty much instantly. On my Macbook, it always copies the files locally, and then pastes them back to the new location on the server. So it takes ages.


Any ideas? Much appreciated.

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On 3/15/2023 at 9:24 PM, JonathanM said:

Install windows in a VM on the macbook?


If you know what you are doing, it's easier to do the moves directly with the unraid terminal, mc is really convenient. Just don't stray outside /mnt/user unless you know what you are doing.

Thanks for the reply.


I didn't really want to go down the VM route for this simple task... I figured this was a setting or something that I can change in Finder, or maybe on the Unraid side.


I would do the move of data locally using MC, but I need to merge folders and my understanding is that this is not so straight forward on the command line without resorting to rsync.



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Not a Mac guy but from a Windows perspective what you're seeing is normal and to be expected.


Moving from one share to another share means that there are two mount points involved.  The system is always going to do a copy delete process due to this.  Only if the mount point (ie: share) is the same between the source and destination will the move be instantaneous.


You can accomplish this by having Unassigned Devices set up a root share for you and handle everything via that single share.


As an aside though, SMBv3 is smart enough to know that if the source and destination are actually on the same server (regardless of the differing mount points), then the move doesn't actually traverse the network (it only appears that it does).  IE, very very easy to exceed line speed of your network when moving between two differing mount points that are both set to use the cache properly.

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