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  1. Putting the mnemonic pass phrase in a plain text file seems really risky... I just want to plot, so my situation might be a rare, but for anyone like me you can get your farmer and pool keys using this command: chia keys show And then you can plot using the following command: chia plots create [other plot options] -f <farmer key> -p <pool key>
  2. I just want to use my unraid server as a plotter. Also, I've had success plotting directly on a disk drive. Sure, it takes a lot longer, but it doesn't ruin an SSD. Anyway, am I correct that I need an unassigned disk drive if I wanted to do this? All my current drives are on the array and I assume that massive writes to any array drive would be very slow (slower than a HDDs normal write bottleneck because of parity writes). Is my assumption correct? Thanks for making this docker BTW. Great addition to the community.
  3. I haven't been getting WUs for my NVIDIA gpu for a couple days now. I paused the slot, restarted it and immediately got a WU. Something to try out if you aren't getting any units.
  4. This docker is nice however I don't want the automated execution of filebot. I would rather it be triggered by my torrent program. Is there a way to disable the execution interval? Perhaps setting the interval to 0 accomplishes this but I didn't see anything in the documentation. Thanks
  5. About 5 years ago I decided to build my own server out of parts lying around. I didn't intent to actually use it, I just wanted to learn, but unraid was so easy to use that I moved all my data over and have been happy since. I'm on my 3rd build, improving the CPU and memory each time for better media codec performance. This month, I built a server for my friend as a birthday gift and I will have officially brought a +1 to the unraid party!
  6. "transcoding to RAM does not work" is vague. Why? What proof? I have transcode to RAM settings and it appears to still be working on newest unraid and plex version.
  7. You both nailed it. I am using an older gigabyte motherboard. It turns out the CMOS battery had died so unplugging the computer to move it (a simple task) meant the bios was cleared which meant a new HPA section was written to the disk. Luckily my board has a setting to turn "BIOS HDD backup" off. However the data was already written to the drive. I found some other posts that taught me how to use the hdparm command to remove the data. That fixed the issue and a 10 hour parity rebuild means I'm back up and running. Also, I replaced the CMOS battery. What a wierd gremlin. All I did was move the computer! Thanks for the help
  8. I just setup a new server. I'm still on my trial. Everything was done and working OK however I rebooted the server and now unraid says the parity drive is not the biggest drive. I have a 4tb parity, a 4tb data drive of the exact same model and another 1tb data drive. Why would unraid think the parity drive is not the proper size?
  9. Two servers. My newest one has an Intel i7 which means when I need to debug using a monitor I have integrated graphics. My old server however has no iGpu so I have a junk yard radeon 2400. My new server is much cooler. It turns out it's the video card. I never knew it was so hot until I built the new server and compared. Card is so hot I can't keep my fingers on it. Obviously it's leading rising case temps over time. The GPU is at idle 99.99% of uptime and is the least important part of the system. Looking for replacement. What low temp video cards do you use in your older servers?
  10. There doesn't seem to be a need to worry about memory consumption. The Plex/Unraid combo seems to handle itself just fine. This is my box configured with RAM transcoding working on a 13 Mbps video over 2 hours with only 8 GB memory.