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  1. Seagate ST4000DM001s get an excellent score in the latest Backblaze report if you're looking for a larger drive (and why wouldnt you, take the chance to upgrade that 3TB drive). I run all ST4000VN000s in my servers spinning higher than the WD Reds at 5900rpm. These are the nas 4TB drives from Seagate. Think their bad rap is mainly down to the 3TB drives, the 4TB comes out well acrosd the board. Again ... the backblaze report highlights this as well.
  2. Be constructive. Last warning. Doubt v.much that i can acquiesce so if my criticisms, as i genuinely see them, are considered off message by you then feel free to delete my account. I have paid money for the product in the form of three licenses. That, in my view,obviously not yours, gives me the right to comment as i see fit as long as i do not materially offend or abuse other forum members directly. My opinion should count as much as anyone elses here and not be smacked down as 'unconstructive'.
  3. Yeah ... quick to close ranks when anyone has any criticism of the product. LT should come down on these spoilers and allow comment on their product without the antagonism. You WILL get your answer, it will take time. There's an awful lot of clever people out there. But ... they dont like sharing their knowledge. Thats the problem as i see it.
  4. One man's 'observations' are another man's 'whining' ... am i not entitled to as much input as the next man on the good and bad aspects that i find? As for betas and even longer betas ... if the cycle of development was a less drawn out affair and accompanied by the r8ght level of release documentation then maybe there would be less to comment on ... maybe.
  5. That last sentence sums it all up for me .... it sounds like a club for the privileged few and that the mantra 'knowledge is power' is still alive and kicking. Any dissentors being quickly put in their place. Before he 'left' the forum I felt that Grumpy had a lot of constructive comment, which some chose to see as criticism and effectively dismissed, that i agreed with as a then new user to UNraid. I chose to stick with it and try and understand the virtualisation and docker aspects of what were on offer in v6. So, since then i've messed with a couple of docker images but there is no one stop approach to documentation when it comes to understanding what each one is capable of and how to configure. I cant be the first person to wonder what the heck is going on here. Where's the LT suppirt for ALL aspects if its latest product version. There's little in the way of v6 documentation around or am i just not looking in the right places? Why's there no centralised library of docker images available from LT if it's selling 'docker' functionality as one of its raison'd'etre? Each individual image has to be researched across a number of forum threads and there are so many similar images from a number of contributors which seem to deliver the same end result? Which one to choose?? Why cant LT task docker production and centralise a 'repository' of images for end users? Not too much to ask, maybe one day eh ... suitably documented of course!
  6. Well ... i've been 'following' release 6 since the debate started on the merits or otherwise of including virtualisation functionality. For as long as i can remember UNraid has failed to deliver and i have to say that Grumpybutfun (remember him, he's across on snapraid forums now doing his own thing at a much faster pace than here) ) seems to have been spot on in what were considered to be rants and raves a good number of months ago. He (and significant others) went their own way mainly due to lacklustre promises being made then and which unfortunately still seem to remain. I'll stick with v5 but tbh if i ever need to consider an upgrade soon then v6 is NOT and never will be in a fit state to use. Being constantly in beta as the goalposts are moving ever forward only serves as an excuse to further delay. My opinion only... as a disgruntled end user.
  7. Same here ... v5 running one 20TB microserver and another running v6b12 in an attempt to understand the latest offerrings. But ... there's no way that either I or the product will be ready to go 'live' in the foreseeable future. A steep learning curve for me if i 'choose' (not a choice really, it has to be tried otherwise why has so much time and effort been wasted on pushing this upfront on what should be a NAS product) to make use of docker/virtualisation due to too little 'joined up' support out there at the moment. I was always taught to ensure adequate documentation must run in tandem with product development but UNraid seems unable to provide even the most basic of official help when it comes to its enduser base needs and relying on forum support is not really a good model to rollout no matter how forthcoming those forum'ers are (and yes they DO push out a lot of help but shouldnt it be UNraid's responsibility i keep telling myself?)
  8. Thanks for that. It's a G7 (N54L) and i think it can only do software raid so i'd be looking for a cheapo internal raid card to use. Dont really want an external solution cos once 8TB drives are available it would still give me 32TB even with a raid0 parity of 2x4TB. Its possible that raid0 parity might not even be necessary. Just waiting to 'buy and try' [emoji6]
  9. I'm running a microserver ... not sure if its possible to use a raid-0 for parity on the platform. Anyone know?
  10. So ... everyone's a chicken and running scared. At an advertised £201 i might just pull the trigger once stock levels are available. Shouldnt be too long now.
  11. ... anyone using them in an unRAID system? Just started to 'show' this side of the pond and wondering whether to go for a couple or not, depends on peoples experiences so far?
  12. Thanks ... rebooted and it's there. Clicked and mb server available on :8096/mediabrowser. I presume server shutdown is from within mb3 itself then because clicking that icon doesnt return anything, should it? Otherwise i'm good to go! Many thanks.