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  1. 34 minutes ago, limetech said:

    We have improved the product to greatly simplify the effort involved in providing this niche functionality.  Not a slap at all, instead it's acknowledgment of their efforts.

    Yes Tom, that's how I viewed it when we developed the Nvidia stuff originally, it was improving the product. 

    The thread has been running since February 2019, it's a big niche.  99 pages and 2468 posts.

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  2. 2 hours ago, limetech said:

    Right.  Part of this was prompted by @ich777 providing insight in what's required to use the driver effectively.  Also, the tools and techniques to install this driver is proof-of-concept that can be applied to other drivers and other modules which may have to be installed independently due to licensing.  Finally, we want to discourage "unofficial" builds of the bz* files.

    You know you could have discussed this with me right?  Remember me, the original dev, along with @bass_rock!  The one you tasked @jonp to discuss how we achieved the Nvidia builds back in December last year? 


    That I never heard anything more about.  I'm the one that spend 6 months f**king around with Unraid to get the GPU drivers working in docker containers. 


    The one that's been hosting literally 100s of custom Unraid builds for the community to use for nearly five years.  With all due respect to @ich777 he wasn't the one who did the bulk of the work here.




    You'll be pleased to know I will no longer be producing any custom "unofficial" builds for all the things you've not wanted to pick up and support for the last 10 years.  A bit like unassigned devices and @dlandon, hell that should have been incorporated half a decade ago.  In fact, I won't be doing anything here from this point on.  


    Nearly 5 years of DVB and nearly 2 years of Nvidia.  You're welcome to them.


    DVB is all yours now as well.


    Good Luck.

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    24 minutes ago, aptalca said:

    Wow. Talk about a slap in the face. @CHBMB and @bass_rock busted their behinds for years to provide a working solution to unraid users with minimal input and no acknowledgement from limetech. They had to do so much trial and error trying to figure out what may or may not have changed in unraid (out of tree drivers and whatnot) with each new version.


    All of a sudden limetech finally decides to roll out a solution and they want to 'discourage "unofficial" builds of the bz* files'.

    Nice one.

    Yep, I've sent a PM to LT.  I'm out of here.  They can sort DVB out as well. 


    I am very officially retiring from any form of Unraid development.

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  4. Here's a diff between testparm -sv output on v6.7.2 and v6.8.0rc3


    chbmb@thinkpad:~/Downloads$ diff testparm-v6.7.2 testparm-v6.8.0rc3 
    < 	client min protocol = CORE
    > 	client min protocol = SMB2_02
    < 	deadtime = 0
    > 	deadtime = 10080
    > 	debug encryption = No
    < 	log level = 2
    > 	log level = 1
    < 	prefork children = 1
    > 	prefork backoff increment = 10
    > 	prefork children = 4
    > 	prefork maximum backoff = 120
    < 	server min protocol = LANMAN1
    > 	server min protocol = SMB2_02
    < 	web port = 901
    > 	hide new files timeout = 0
    < 	mangled names = yes
    > 	mangled names = illegal
    > 	smbd async dosmode = No
    > 	smbd getinfo ask sharemode = Yes
    > 	smbd max async dosmode = 0
    > 	smbd search ask sharemode = Yes


    testparm-v6.7.2 testparm-v6.8.0rc3

  5. Just to add my tuppence worth to this.


    I run Ubuntu on my desktop and with rc3 I am unable to see any of my Unraid machines on the LAN in my file browser, tried a few different file managers on my laptop, didn't make any difference at all, tried altering my SMB settings in Unraid, again didn't make a difference at all, downgraded to 6.7.2 and my machines reappear on the network browser in my file manager.


    However even on rc3 I was able to browse my network shares by addressing them directly in the file manager with smb://$share or smb://matrix/$share


    So I think that this all points to an issue with smb.


    I have one machine with netbios enabled and one without netbios enabled to test.  Both are discoverable on v6.7.2 neither are discoverable on rc1/rc3.


    My main machine is the local master via the Dynamix Local Master plugin.


    EDIT:  Actually when I've written rc1, I should have written v6.7.2, dunno what I was thinking.  Have edited my post to reflect this.

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