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  1. Here's a diff between testparm -sv output on v6.7.2 and v6.8.0rc3


    chbmb@thinkpad:~/Downloads$ diff testparm-v6.7.2 testparm-v6.8.0rc3 
    < 	client min protocol = CORE
    > 	client min protocol = SMB2_02
    < 	deadtime = 0
    > 	deadtime = 10080
    > 	debug encryption = No
    < 	log level = 2
    > 	log level = 1
    < 	prefork children = 1
    > 	prefork backoff increment = 10
    > 	prefork children = 4
    > 	prefork maximum backoff = 120
    < 	server min protocol = LANMAN1
    > 	server min protocol = SMB2_02
    < 	web port = 901
    > 	hide new files timeout = 0
    < 	mangled names = yes
    > 	mangled names = illegal
    > 	smbd async dosmode = No
    > 	smbd getinfo ask sharemode = Yes
    > 	smbd max async dosmode = 0
    > 	smbd search ask sharemode = Yes


    testparm-v6.7.2 testparm-v6.8.0rc3

  2. Just to add my tuppence worth to this.


    I run Ubuntu on my desktop and with rc3 I am unable to see any of my Unraid machines on the LAN in my file browser, tried a few different file managers on my laptop, didn't make any difference at all, tried altering my SMB settings in Unraid, again didn't make a difference at all, downgraded to 6.7.2 and my machines reappear on the network browser in my file manager.


    However even on rc3 I was able to browse my network shares by addressing them directly in the file manager with smb://$share or smb://matrix/$share


    So I think that this all points to an issue with smb.


    I have one machine with netbios enabled and one without netbios enabled to test.  Both are discoverable on v6.7.2 neither are discoverable on rc1/rc3.


    My main machine is the local master via the Dynamix Local Master plugin.


    EDIT:  Actually when I've written rc1, I should have written v6.7.2, dunno what I was thinking.  Have edited my post to reflect this.

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