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  1. just upgraded from 6.7.2 to 6.8.2 with no issues observed
  2. As a user of unraid i would like to see when very important updates are needed like this one flash on your main or dashboard page of unraid and can't ignore tell you read the info on the update. I work most times and dont check the forums often unless i need help with a issue im having and not having to check for updates yourself, unraid should show that a update is ready and if it a normal or critacal update. thats my 2 cents keep up the good work guys.
  3. @binhex i finaly got deluge working correctly on V2. pia had a special char that was in user name i didnt think much of it since it worked on V1. anyways how does one update the plugins to work with V2? namely the extractor and label plugin i use but plugin list is blank.
  4. not sure if this can be done. but is their a way to monitor automatic video converter progess with heimdall docker? second how many cores would be best to run with out maxing cpu out i currently dont have a nvidia card on hand.
  5. just updated your contanier now i cant access the webui with pia set to yes. otherwise if i turn pia off it loads just fine. ive attached a debug log for you to look at ive made sure that no passwords or username are in it. thankyou debug.log
  6. This is the best write up for configuring raid cards I've seen to date. I vote for a sticky. this will help new ppl in setting up their severs for the first time, I'll be using it as reference as i add my raid cards.
  7. ok i seam to run into a problem. i got a netbook on my lan that i was thinking of using in kitchen however it wont show anything. i can pull up my sever just fine and load the web UI. the grocy is not showing what ive already entered thou acting like a clean install. any ideas on how come?
  8. sorry about that i was just curious if it was possiable. ive downloded the docker on my unraid and have it running just realized i have to input everything first to populate the DB. if i run into any issues ill be sure to give proper feedback on it so far very nicely done docker.
  9. This app looks promising i check it out. One thought though would i be able to push this to a rpi or run from one so i can have a gui in kicthen. kinda like this. https://www.instructables.com/id/Flush-Wall-Mounted-Raspberry-Pi-Touchscreen/
  10. Those are for my partiy drives. I have a pro license running 6.6 stable. That way I can update data drives as I feel necessary with out having to swap out the partiy drives.
  11. I did think of that option but living in the states in a hot environment I think the spacing would kill the drives. Unless I had a dedicated cold server room. I also wanted to be able too move it easily with out needing help. On a side note after looking at my parts I realized that I put one too many LSI cards in. I'll update my list after work.
  12. Yes this is replacing my current media server. My old one is a core 2 duo on a 680i board that's 10+ years. Upgrading is long over due.
  13. 😁 no riping my movies down to h265 to save space my current sever is almost full.
  14. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NkBwQZ You guys think this too Much, doing alot of transcoding with handbreak docker. I also plan on running a couple of Vm's like PFsence to name one. 2-27-19 EDIT After looking though thousands of diffrent posts i decided to change out some of my list based on suggestions form others with more know-how. As for back story ive been using unraid for years now first put to use as a media server to store all my movie collection to serve my kodi htpc. With help form spaceinavder videos I have put together a very well built docker downloader running deluge, nbzget, sonarr, and radarr to serve Tv shows aswell. Now as the years gone by my movie/tv series collection has grown and parts are starting to fail, I feel a major update is needed.
  15. problem i have is i dont see a proxy setting on nzbget unless its named diffrently. but yes i want to send all download traffic though the vpn. i got sonarr and radarr already set up