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  1. Yes, it's started and says "Status: RUNNING with version: 24165fb5f3b8304bb844ac293bdb041517574e8d" I've attached the log, but glanced through it and couldn't see anything that I could identify as sticking out as an indicator of an issue. Normally if something like this happens I just uninstall and then reinstall and it resolves. This time it didn't even work initially and after several reinstalls I could never get the page to load. headphones.txt
  2. Just tried that, along with all the other options again and still getting the same deal.
  3. For some reason I am unable to connect to the Headphones main page after it is installed. I get the same thing I was getting with the SickRage (unable to connect), except this time I am never able to get in initially. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling/powering down/etc several times. I have tried different ports, and adding/removing a "/" after the config/logs/cache lines. Don't have a custom repo for that installed. Have also tried with SSL/non-SSL. Not sure what else I can try at this point to get it working. Any ideas or any other info I can provide to help troubleshoot?
  4. Odd.. none of the persistent directories had the trailing / but the repo did.. removed that and I'm back in although all of my settings were wiped. Changed a couple of things and did a restart just to test and it's letting me back in after the restart with the saved settings. Thanks!
  5. I am having an issue on Unraid 6.0.1 with the V2 SickBeard_alt. I have it setup appropriately and installed via the custom repo https://github.com/SiCKRAGETV/SickRage/ to install SickRage. Initially I can access SickRage (by hitting running) or going to https://user-nas:8082/ and everything works perfectly, that is until I restart my NAS. Then I am no longer able to access the SickRage home page (by clicking RUNNING). I get unable to connect (in Firefox) and connection refused (in Chrome). I've tried using just http using a different port and just the actual static IP instead of the local hostname and switching SSL on/off all with the same result. All directories (config, custom logs, custom cache) are in a persistent location (/mnt/cache/.appdata/Sickrage_alt/). I can "fix" everything by reinstalling, but this is a pain (obviously) if it happens whenever I restart my box. This happened before the plugin update btw and persists after the update. Any ideas?
  6. Hey PhAzE, Just wanted to say thanks man for all the help you provide this community. Tossed you a donation and I suggest that all the rest of you fine folks do the same. This man works hard on his own time to do this stuff. Again, it's appreciated. Cheers. (Edit: Using 5-6 of your plugins and it brings tears to my eyes how easy it was to get it going.. my GF thinks I'm a genius for getting this all setup.. haha.. need all the good will I can muster!)
  7. Hey folks, Looking for someone to help me get Lftp installed on my Unraid 6.0.1 box. I downloaded it and extracted it and tried running ./configure --with-openssl --without-gnutls --with-debug and got the following: checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/ginstall -c checking whether build environment is sane... yes checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p... /usr/bin/mkdir -p checking for gawk... gawk checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... no checking whether make supports nested variables... no checking for style of include used by make... none checking for gcc... no checking for cc... no checking for cl.exe... no configure: error: in `/usr/local/bin/lftp-4.6.3a': configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH See `config.log' for more details In searching the config error it is telling me that GCC isn't installed (I didn't want to go fiddling with extra installs without asking around). I am obviously pretty new at this and could use some help as to how to get Lftp installed in unraid (have spent quite some time searching to no avail). From reading around it sounds like SSL has to be configured and there are a bunch of dependencies. My ultimate goal is to have this script working on my box to automatically download files from my seedbox to my NAS. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey gang, I'm running the BTSync plugin (latest version 2.1 with Unraid 6.0.1) along with the latest CP (version 2015.07.01.1) plugin. I was able to get torrent.files to sync from my CP directory to my seedbox deluge watch folder. The problem is that the syncing does not occur immediately, i.e. right after the file is added by CP to the synched NAS folder. Instead the torrent.file sits in the NAS folder for 2-10 minutes before being synched to my seedbox. I read that there was a way to change synching intervals, but that this shouldn't be necessary with Unraid as it should automatically determine that the folder contents have changed and initiate a sync. Anyone have any advice on how I can achieve immediate synching with BTSync? Thanks!
  9. I am not experiencing any issues with Unraid.. but my question revolves around the use of Unraid with advanced features (Couchpotato/Sickrage/ftp/etc). What I would like to do is automate (using Couchpotato/Sickrage) the downloading of movies and TV shows. Granted this should be relatively simple, and I know it’s possible from what I’ve been reading, but I need some direction in getting it setup easily. My overall goals: 1) User interaction via CP/SR web extension triggers the search for selected content from chosen trackers (basically what CP/SR already do) 2) CP/SR DL’s file.torrent from tracker to selected “watch directory” on seedbox (basically what CP/SR already do) 3) Seedbox recognizes addition of new file.torrent and DL’s the file to the seedbox (currently use Deluge to manually accomplish this) 4) Script running on NAS automatically sees “new” file downloaded by seedbox and initiates download of content to appropriate movie/tv directory (using segmented/parallel download, already tinkered with the script and got it to work somewhat) 5) New files/folders are renamed appropriately (already what CP does?) Is there anyone out there that has any knowledge of these processes and would be willing to help me out in a more 1 on 1 manner? I am willing to donate for your time.
  10. That is a copy-n-paste directly from the file on the NAS. I saved it directly from the browser to the flash drive. I doubt it's a bad flash drive (it's relatively new and this would be the first time it's ever failed) but I guess it could be. I have copied the file a few times now and get the same deal. Any way to test the flash drive?
  11. Well I don't know how it could be a bad download. I did exactly as described. The plexmediaserver.64bit.plg file was saved in in the config/plugins folder located on my flash boot drive. Opening the plg in a txt reader shows that it looks like it is proper: I tried save as in 2 different browsers just to be sure and I get the same error no matter what I try.
  12. Awesome. Thanks for the info and links. The only problem is I follow the instructions to install and get the following message. Any ideas?
  13. Meh looks like I may have to get another drive for caching purposes? I am a Plus user without a current flash drive.. it says Docker works better on an SSD.. so I should just pick up an SSD tomorrow and install it as a cache drive and follow the forum instructions? Any suggestions on the type and size I should get for an SSD? Will the cache drive still be able to operate as a cache drive after it is formatted for btrfs as well as work for docker? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for responding trurl. I installed the plugin straight from the control panel addon. I am guessing it is not 64 bit then. Any guide on how to get it installed through docker? I have a docker icon under my extensions tab, but when I click on the START button I get an error that quickly flashes by saying I must install docker off of a btrfs device. I searched for some more docker information and came across the docker quickstart guide.. but it didn't contain any information about how to get started if you don't know what a btrfs device is =). Further advice would be appreciated and thanks for your time! Edit.. hmm looking at the btrfs guide on the forums here is a bit confusing to me as a newb.. It looks like I can make a btrfs "partition" on my usb boot drive? It is large enough at 36gb.
  15. As per the subject title.. haven't been able to get PLEX installed/working. I'm running ver: 6.0 beta6 According to my server it says it is installed, but I cant start the service (when I put Enable to YES and put in the information and hit apply, nothing happens). I originally installed PMS and PMS Updater via control panel and also tried hitting the START button via there as well to no avail. I tried hitting Reinstall Plg but I get the following error: Anyone have any idea on how I can get it working?
  16. Just wanted to verify that the process to upgrade to Beta 6 (from beta 5a) is the same as before as the changelog only specifies upgrades from 1,2,3,4 I'm assuming it's the same? Just copy those 4 files to my USB drive and restart? Anything else I need to worry about? Thanks guys.
  17. Well I can attest to the Fractal R4. I bought 1 and ended up liking it so much I bought another the same day to replace my Cooler Master HAF X. The only thing I would suggest is to replace the fans with these Noctua's as the case does run a little hot (it has to pull air in over that heavy duty filter). The other specs really depend on what you are doing. Are you transcoding video via PLEX? Because then you'll want a bit of a beefier CPU (rough estimate according to PLEX is a benchmark of 2000 per transcode running). I went with the following: (1) Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl w/ USB 3.0 ATX Mid Tower Silent PC Computer Case = $99.99 (AWESOME CASE!!) (1) Intel Core i3-4150 Haswell 3.5GHz LGA 1150 54W Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4600 BX80646I34150 = $109.99 (Microcenter) (1) ASUS H87I-PLUS LGA 1150 Intel H87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Mini ITX Intel Motherboard With UEFI BIOS = $104.99 (great mobo as it has 6 SATA3 ports) (1 set) Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory = $134.99 (1) SilverStone Strider Plus ST50F-P 500W ATX 12V v2.3/EPS 12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified 100 % Modular Active PFC Power Supply= $82.00 The mobo will allow room for updatability if I want more power in the future, the PSU is a single rail (as suggested in unraid best use). The rest is pretty standard. The mobo's onboard NIC does not work with the latest stable version of unraid (5.0.5) as I'm guessing that it is just too new. I had to use beta 5a (beta 6 is out now) and it works flawlessly.
  18. Sounds good, I'll keep monitoring it and see what the temps look like when it's done. I feel pretty comfortable with parity-sync temps in the 40-42 range. We'll have to see how that holds up in the deep summer temps =D. Thanks for the advice all!
  19. Yea based on your advice I bjp999 I did research hot swappable bays, but didn't really find any of the quality I wanted and it would have increased the price beyond what I felt was of value. Update: I installed 3 of the Noctua fans (2 in the front blowing in, and 1 at the top blowing out with my same rear fan also blowing out) and temps are at 40-42 while building parity. Definitely down from the 50+ degrees they were at prior and I feel safer now. I'd love to see that go down even more, do you guys think it would be beneficial to put another fan on top (there is a spot for another one) and one in the side also blowing out and replace the stock exhaust fan in the back? Or do you think that is excessive considering parity is probably worst case scenario for temps?
  20. Yea I love the case in general.. so much that I bought 2 (one for my main PC). I checked the front fans and they are definitely blowing air in. I bought 3 of the Noctua fans, 2 to replace the front fans and 1 for the top. Anything else I should do? I still don't think that is going to be enough to drop it 6 degrees but I guess we'll wait and see.
  21. Yea that was one of the first things I did =/. I'll get a top fan and a side fan (though will that really add THAT much more cooling?).. still crazy that they get that hot. I was hoping for something that I could just attach to the side/front of the drive bays to just pull more air over them. Back when I was setting the case up I had a large industrial fan blowing on them directly and they never got hotter than 35, even under full load. The 3 hottest are HGST 4tb NAS drives, maybe they just generate that much heat.. Also how viable is it to tape up any air "holes" in the case? I've heard that suggested elsewhere but I don't see how that could help much if at all.
  22. So I got my build up and running in a Fractal Design Define R4 case, but when I go to do parity or other write/read intensive activities my HDD temps get up to nearly 50 degrees before I get worried and shut it down. I know the drives themselves are rated higher than 50, but I am looking for some sort of cooling solution as I don't want to see them go over 40. Just idle they are at 35/37/38/35/27 degrees and that is on a cool day. Anyone have any suggestions for how I can drop those temps? Currently I have the 2 fans in the front of the case (bringing air in directly over the hdds) and the one rear fan. The case is pretty clean inside with cable management and modular PSU. There is a CPU cooler as well. I was thinking of separating the drives out a bit (every other bay) but that would only be a temporary solution as I get more drives. Anyone have a good suggestion? Is there some accessory I could get that would have a couple of fans attached to the drive bays to pull more air over the HDDs? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Mine was also bad RAM.. brand new machine and both sticks of Corsair ram were bad! Went out and bought a new set and now it is running beautifully. Wish I would have checked it over sooner.
  24. Well, after getting everything mounted and after trying twice now to get everything transferred.. my NAS keeps encountering faults and freezing and or exhibiting odd behavior. I just tried copying files from that other HDD and got a "Fixing recursive fault but reboot needed" error. Not sure what is causing it as all my hardware is new and has been tested (memtest, etc). Possibly, Beta 6.0a5 that's causing it.