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  1. Strange thing - I had a hunch and exchanged the Nord VPN conf file for a newer one (just swapped them) and restarted the container. Everything hunky dory.
  2. Since yesterday I cannot access the Web GUI anymore (after a restart of the container, no other changes). Does anyone else have the same problem?
  3. Can someone please give me a couple of pointers how to set up the Duplicati container on an Unraid server to backup a couple of Win10 machines to a share on that same Unraid server? Somehow I can't figure out how to get to the Win10 machines in any way. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Same here with NordVPN. A container restart temporarily sovles the problem - until next time.
  5. Thanks for this, but I think the last line should read: "chown app:users /config/libs/sevenzipjbinding*" (?)
  6. Now I have something: The downloads are still in sonarr's activity list but with a red x (physical remove from downloader) and a manikin beside it (for manual moving) and the logs show "...path \downloads not exitant or not accessible." 😣 It seems, I still do not understand the principle. I was at a point where I thought you can basically do anything you like, it must work as long as both variables (i.e. container paths) have the same name in both containers - in one container I achieved this by renaming the respective path from "/data" to "/downloads" - and both variables point to the same host path ("/mnt/user/Downloads"). OT: Does it make any difference (and if so, what) whether the path is "/mnt/user/Downloads" or "/mnt/cache/Downloads"? Thanks for your help.
  7. Yes, I did. The path within the downloader is /downloads or downloads/incomplete respectively. Otherwise the client would just stall because the download path is non-existent/inaccessible. There is no error message, sonarr just does nothing. It initiates new downloads, though, which the download client puts in the /downloads directory. I don't quite get the point about the command prompt: When I open one in each container they show the same thing that Krusader shows: All's well, the downloads land in the correct path.
  8. Apologies if i have to return to the question host path vs. container path. I have the following problem: The (container) path of my indexer is /downloads. The (container) path of my download client is /data. Both container paths are mapped to the same host path. Sonarr can't pick up the donloaded files because the container paths are not aligned. So I renamed the /data container path to /downloads in the container settings. Still nothing happening. Am I misunderstandiong anything?
  9. Just as an aside for those of you that use Transdroid for connecting to your qbt client: You may have noticed that version 2.5.16 ceased to work due to the changes in qbt 4.20. There is an interim version to be found here - which unfortunately still produces an "Internal error building request" on my phone but it seems to work for others. Just saying. Edit: It works on my phones without a hitch, it just cannot be installed as an upgrade of V. 2.15.6.
  10. Thanks - that almost does it. Unfortunately the application dialogue window in the current Firefox (71) wants to find either a locally or at least on a network drive installed Windows program to handle the magnet link. I found no way to have FF directly handle a magnet link directed to a docker container on an Unraid system. What works, though, is to register the qbt client with a local Chrome installation and direct the magent link in FF to be handled by Chrome - that sends the magnet link to the Unraid qbt. A bit using the scenic route, but it works.
  11. Thanks for pointing this out, however when I tried that in Firefox the qbt client told me that my browser does not support this feature. Anyone any idea why and whether there is a possibility to circumvent this (other than using Chrome)?
  12. Maybe, but I simply do not understand why rolling back is the only way to solve the issue. In my, potentially naive, worldview entering the new password in all the right places should connect radarr and sonarr on the one hand and qbt on the other again. It does not. Why? Edit: It does now - though I have no idea why. It may have something to do with uppgraded containers, but I am not sure.
  13. Turns out that even after changing the password in qbt 4.2.0 - with following container restart - and also in radarr and sonarr to the new one, both containers still cannot connect to qbt (Authentication failure). And I'd wager a guess that this is also the reason why Transdroid can't connect to my qbt container (even though its error message is "internal error building request"). I am clearly missing something here, but Ihonestly have absolutely no clue, what. Has anyone already solved this problem?
  14. Right, but copy your conf file to some other place first and afterwards compare the old and the new one. Transfer all the missing lines (with the exepction of the PW line) to the new one, else you lose all your changed settings.
  15. Just wanted to say that I have the exact same problem. In addition, Sonarr (I assume) creates an additional subdirectory "tv-sonarr" under the directory that I set it to look into, which it fills with the TV downloads. However, even if I move the downloaded files one directory level higher (where they should land anyway), Sonarr does not import them anymore. So far that was no biggie for me (and I thought it was just my usual stupidity) since manual import always worked.