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  1. Slightly OT: Is there a HowTo somewhere how to go about connecting to all your containers using SSL? Somehow I don't seem to be able to makle it work.
  2. Is there a HowTo somewhere (couldn't find any) that explains how to setup one's docker guis through a browser interface using SSL? Since self-signed SSL certificates are not accepted anymore there is now a real gap in this area. The solution included in unRAID V. 6.9.1 seems to work only for the management page and nothing else (?). Any pointers would be very much appreciated.
  3. https://<ip>/<DynDNS address>:port + Login/PW
  4. Thanks, but I do not use a proxy server, Privoxy or otherwise and Jackett neither. My current understanding is that A26 wouldn't solve my problem, correct?
  5. I know it's OT, but have to ask anyway since Transdroid has been discussed here previously: My Transdroid client now completely stopped working with qbt 4.3.3. After installing the TD interim version (as a result of the breaks in in qbt 4.2.0) from time to time the error message "Access denied (Please check your settings)" appeared. Brief reload (pulling screen down) and everything worked fine again until the next time. Now (for about two days or so) the reload does not work anymore. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I am on Unraid 6.90, qbt 4.3.3 and TD 2.5.19.
  6. Did as asked (only restored super.dat) - the NAS booted into the Gui without a hitch. Now I wanted to force the issue (find out whether the problem was actually located somewhere in the config at all) and restored the whole config: The NAS booted into the GUI without a hitch with absolutely no harm done to it whatsoever. I mean, wtf? But thanks anyway, at least it runs again.😉
  7. Absolutely - please find attached. And thank you.nas-diagnostics-20210214-2005.zip
  8. Today my NAS started to behave strangely: - I could not add magnet links to my qbittorrent docker anymore from another machine - Unraid shares mounted on a raspberry pi suddenly were not accessible anymore and then I could not access the Unraid GUI anymore via my Firefox (and neither using any other browser or other device). I still could telnet into the machine so I first rebooted and when that did not make any difference I powerde the machine off ("Poweroff") and restarted. And that is where I am: I still can telnet onto the machine but the GUI does not start and -
  9. Thanks, I'll check on that. But why can I then, why isn't it hardwired when I have GUI problems after changing it? And thanks very much for the help.
  10. Commands: No, they did not work - I only found them as the (chronologically) latest potential solution to my problem. Ticked off. The PiHole docker is on its own separate IP. However, according to the video howto, it still requires port 80 on the Unraid machine. So I changed the Unraid http port to 8008 using the GUI last night. Unraid rebooted without any hassle after that and I could start the array. Line in "go": No idea either. Didn't touch it ever. Don't know what it's been doing but it's been sitting there without doiung any harm so far. Edit: I'll be damned - it wo
  11. I had the same problem, so I will use the chance to post my diags file here. Situation was: I could access all dockers (they were running), but not the Unraid GUI. Assuming this was a minor error, I rebooted my Unraid machine. Now I can't access the GUI either but on top of that I also can't start the dockers anymore because I can't start the array. (#!/bin/bash CSRF=$(cat /var/local/emhttp/var.ini | grep -oP 'csrf_token="\K[^"]+') curl -k --data "startState=STARTED&file=&csrf_token=${CSRF}&cmdStop=Stop" http://localhost/update.htm did not work as far
  12. Oh yes, I would very much like to second this!
  13. Strange thing - I had a hunch and exchanged the Nord VPN conf file for a newer one (just swapped them) and restarted the container. Everything hunky dory.
  14. Since yesterday I cannot access the Web GUI anymore (after a restart of the container, no other changes). Does anyone else have the same problem?