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  1. I'm perfectly happy with plain old cpu encoding. It seems to give a better quality and size in my testing.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm trying this and when I go to the console, and try to run ffmpeg, it says the command isn't found. See the attached screenshot. I tried it with the arguments originally, but once it told me ffmpeg wasn't found, I figured there must be a bigger issue. Edit: I went into the console and CD'd into /config/FFmpeg and ran ./ffmpeg with the arguments given within compressarr. The error made me realize I had chosen a hardware decoder (vaapi) when I didn't provide one to the docker. I removed the hardware decoder and it seems to be running now. Thanks!
  3. This tool looks awesome. I'm trying to test conversion settings and functionality. I've created a filter for one movie. I set libx265 as the encoder. When I try to run the job, I get a File Length Mismatch error. Any ideas?
  4. Can we assign a different password than "x"? MiningHubPool allows you to change your difficulty with a string in the password field: I tried making the change in the config file and also adding a variable PASS to send it along but neither worked. Thanks!
  5. I'm getting the same HTTP 400 error. Anyone know what's going on? Edit: Doesn't work in chrome. Found solution from user fnwc: When in the web UI, for Chrome, right click "inspect" go to the "Application" and click the "Clear Site Data" button then reload.
  6. It went missing again after the change to the boot config. I think I'm just going to replace the drive and see if that helps. Thanks again!
  7. I'll give this a shot. I only seem to make it two days tops, so I assume I'll know something fairly quickly. Thanks for the suggestion to try.
  8. I replaced my SSD cache drive in favor of a NVME drive on Sunday. Monday morning, when I woke up, I got a notification that the drive was missing. I restarted the Unraid server and the drive came back online. I went ahead and made a copy of the drive then for an additional backup. Wednesday, I woke up to the same message and a reboot brought the drive back. I installed the latest BIOS updates for my motherboard on Wednesday hoping that would help. Drive worked great all of Thursday and it just failed again. I actually grabbed the diagnostics this time. I'm trying to decide if the NVME drive is defective or is it a bad port on my motherboard? Thanks! Log.txt
  9. I'd be willing to test it as well to see how it compares to NVENC.
  10. I agree with this as well. Any space saved is welcomed. I'm more wondering how/why your encodes with CPU and GPU were similar in size in your trials. I'm seeing GPU about 50% as effective as the CPU in space savings. That's what perplexed me. What size are you seeing for your average hour long TV show (about 45 minutes) after encoding with GPU?
  11. I'm not getting this kind of result with a GTX 1060. Original 720p h264 file is just over 1GB. hevc_nvenc on the 1060: 3 minutes and 35 seconds to encode 670MB. libx265: 22 minutes 18 seconds to encode 280MB. I'm wondering why there's such a variation in results. Do you think different GPUs work better or worse at encoding?
  12. The support of the community is awesome! Dockers, VMs and storage all in one is great. Storage snapshots would be a killer feature in 2020.
  13. Yea, I gave the Paperless docker on the hub a try and failed horribly. I hope someone way smarter than me will figure it out soon!