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  1. not that i feel entitled too it, but it's sad to see the community support is not what it once was..... If anybody else finds themselves in a similar situation, I am in the process of recovering my files now. I purchased Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS for about $30. As there was no real issues with the drives, just unraid stopped liking them, I seem have no issue copying most of the files from the drive using my windows machine. I have saved all my family photos and videos. A couple of my MP3's have become corrupted but at least they are replaceable. Looking at options to backup my photo's and videos. SmugMug looks like a good option at $40 a year for unlimited storage. They appear to have been around for a very long time and are family run meaning they are not about to sell out tomorrow.... does anybody here have any experience with it or other recommendations?
  2. running 5.0 as per photo syslog attached
  3. smartctl did not show any problems with the drives.... even if someone could tell me how to make unraid trust drive 6, ie get rid of the red ball so I can start it up and pull the data of drive 5 under emulation it would be extremely appreciated. I just released that drive 5 contains my family photos and videos that are only partially backed up elsewhere..... any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi, I initially posted this is the wrong section by mistake so have reposted here: after a brown out this morning that my cheap UPS doesn't seem to have helped with I was showing errors on drive 5 & 6. 5 red balled but a smartctl didn't show any error on either drive. I decided to remove drive 5 start the array, then stop the array, then re-add the drive (I have done this to repair this type of issue in the past). However approx 20% of the way through the rebuild it bombed out and now drive 6 is red.... when I restart the array it shows 5 as orange and 6 as red and says both are unformatted!!! I've never been good with linux and can't remember a lot of what I once knew about unraid..... was a challenge to telnet in and run smartctl..... please can somebody help with completely noob step by step instructions on what I should do to proceed.
  5. looks like I posted this in the wrong section, sorry, unable to delete
  6. the problem with that is that the license file has already been granted and as previously mentioned not all unraid servers have internet access so that means there no way to invalid the license file that is in use.....
  7. It seems clear that lionelhutz can't take a hint. perhaps a temp forum ban and a third attempt at this thread would be a good idea?
  8. I just wanted to say thanks for all the work that has been done here. I ran this util a few months back and my supermicro X7SPA build went from an average read speed of 15megs a second I have experienced for the last few years up to 50! I just came looking for this thread to check for any updates and found it on page 3. It really should be stickied!
  9. I'm sorry if this has already been said.... I have a basic understanding of how parity works, but I don't understand all the details discussed. Anyway.... if one drive is removed.... the parity for that section would simple be reversed from it's current state? so rather than rewriting that entire section why not just have a 'flag' that indicates that the way that section of parity is treated should be in reverse? sorry if that makes no sense... It's kinda hard to explain what I'm thinking!
  10. 6 months ago servers had not been presold advertised as shipping with 5 final at a date that has now past.... The situation now is very different and warrants discussion.
  11. These "paying customer" comments get brought up every now and then and I find it interesting that people feel the need to flame/whinge/complain like you haven't got an awesome product for the amount of money you spent. Free or $70-$120 for a LIFETIME license is pennies for what unRAID delivers on a daily basis. At the end of the day is renaming rc16c to final really going to change anything? No. The product stays the same. I understand that RC as a label has an impact on impression from a commercial point of view (people who re-sell/manage unRAID servers for customers) and feature creep is definitely frustrating but for the majority of users it isn't going to make any difference to the end result when 5.0 goes "live." Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk 4 Beta Like I said I have come to accept my situation. What I can't believe that anybody is OK with is that Servers were pre-sold on the main webpage advertised as shipping with 5 final. When the advertised date came and went a thread was made were these people requested that the servers be shipped with the RC so that they didn't have to wait. This is wrong on so many levels, not just morally but I would suspect legally. I'm not saying that there wasn't a good reason but this needs to be handled better. The priority needs to be to give these people what they paid for in the shortest time possible (you did state that rc16c final is ready) without trying to please people who haven't purchased yet. The pretty UI interface can always be added to 5a or 5.01. At the end of the day even if the people who were directly effected are not overly concerned it still is going to scare of potential customers and make Lime Technologies appear to be untrustworthy....
  12. not only has a committed date been given but servers were sold and advertised as shipping with 5 final on that date.... that has long past...... While it was mentioned at one point that documentation was what was holding up the final release, the other various threads about new features that are being added to make unraid more attractive to potential customers would seem be holding things up somewhat further...... As a customer that made a purchase some time ago this is what I have come to expect. The people whose first purchase was one of the servers advertised as shipping with 5 final must consider Lime Technology has having 0 cred by this stage.....
  13. I think the #1 thing folks want is a rock-solid, stable NAS. Many people never even look at the GUI after they've initially configured it (set up shares, etc.) ... except to perhaps occasionally run a parity check (and many don't do that either). I have no problem with a newer, SF-like GUI, being an OPTIONAL component with v5 => but I hate to see Tom's energy being expended on this before he completes v5.0 I'd prefer unraid to be financially viable for Tom so he keeps developing it. If a new modern GUI attracts more sales then I'm all for him getting it in as soon as he feels he can. You need to keep in mind that servers have already been sold with 5 final....... Have they been sold me delivered or just pre-ordered ? I'm not aware of any statement from Tom saying 5 final has gone RTM unless I am mistaken they were advertised as shipping with 5 final at a date that has long past and payment was being taken....