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  1. Did you ever get this resolved? If the answer is in this thread I must have overlooked it.
  2. Came home, double checked all the cable connections brought it up and found the drive for me to assign disk 5 to. Ran short SMART report (attached) And latest diagnostics (attached). The drive is rebuilding. Projected time < 8 hours
  3. Thanks. Planning on doing that as soon as I get home this afternoon and will update.
  4. Woke up to an error on my unraid this morning, Some back ground information. I just replaced this drive a few weeks ago after receiving this error: So I ran diagnostics (attached). And took down the array and rebooted. I was going to start the array but noticed is had Disk 5 as unassigned. I am suspecting a problem with that specific strand of the controller card. Not like I have extra of those sitting around. Looking for thoughts or other possibilities by people with more knowledge and experience than me. I posted another topic I may be relevant to this as it was
  5. Still seem to be having the issue with drive 5. Which diagnostic file did you find that line in? Thanks,
  6. OK thanks for the steps now I'll just check periodically to make sure it resolved the issue. Thanks Again!
  7. Thanks I will give this a shot this afternoon when I get back home.
  8. Was not sure the diagnostic report was needed or if anyone has seen this before. I have attached the diagnostic.. Thanks.
  9. I recently had to replace one of my drives that failed the SMART tests Replacement went well. Drive rebuild completed without error; but I have noticed that periodically checking my unraid status. The replacement drive is the only one other than parities that are constantly spinning. All other drives are spun down. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi I bought 2 SUPERMICRO CSE-M35T-1B 5 in 3 HHD cages last year and when I realized my existing tower (Antec 900) was not deep enough to hold them I just set them on the shelf to collect dust. Well after seeing my 2 unassigned reserve drives sitting on top of my case for a while I decided time to upgrade the case and get a tower that will allow me to use the cages and get everything internal again. So any suggestions?
  11. It's already in xml format on the flash drive in the speedtest plugin config directory. I could put a button on the settings page to download that file. I was looking to get it in a spreadsheet; which I was able to do after getting the algorithm right to translate the LINUX time to a human readable format.
  12. As I mentioned earlier, once I adjusted my settings as seen in the screenshot I no longer had the error. But all my drives are connected via SATA and not USB.
  13. I noticed some postings a while back about the ability to export; but nothing recently. Is there plans to add an export to csv or even pdf maybe down the road?
  14. So there is really no advantage going with the thinner fans; it the same fan cases have to be used.
  15. I installed this after my 3rd phone call to my provider in as many months about getting speeds as slow as 1.6 Mb/s when I am paying for 300. They called a few days later to "follow up" I told them then that I have loaded the program on my home server and have it monitoring my speeds throughout the day. Since then I have noticed consistently higher speeds. Still not always 300; but you can see a definite spike after that last "follow up" phone call.