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  1. mrmarkfr

    Can I remove and not replace a faulty drive?

    I wish there was an option to automatically move the data and calculate the new parity, it feels safer(maybe just in my head) to have the data moved, before creating a new parity. I have to do this tomorrow with a dying drive, and have plenty of space in my array for the data
  2. mrmarkfr

    APCUPSD plugin adapted for v6, 64 bit!

    Thanks, I saw it was deprecated, but didn't know where else to ask
  3. mrmarkfr

    APCUPSD plugin adapted for v6, 64 bit!

    One of the features that I've use APCUPSD with before, on a Windows system, was to share a UPS between computers, with one being the master and the secondary receiving the shutdown command from the primary. Is this possible with the now built in UPS control?
  4. mrmarkfr

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    problem was solved with a reboot GREAT plugin!!!! Makes unRaid even easier to use.
  5. mrmarkfr

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    6.2.4, and everything is updated, fresh install last night.
  6. mrmarkfr

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I just installed unRaid on a new system, and started playing with the plugins, specifically with the "fix common problems", but for some reason, I keep having it tell me that the "plugin update check" isn't enabled. I click on Notification Settings, and have it set to check once/month for plugins version, and have it notify me by browser, and notification entity is all checked. I haven't rebooted the system, is there anything else I can do to fix this?
  7. I don't need any of the data on any of the discs, and it was running 6.1, so I didn't think the migration document was going to help.
  8. By pool, I was referencing the pool of drives that make up my array. I'm starting a completely new system,I don't want/need anything from the old system, just reusing the key and some of the hard drives, but for a completely new system. I'll boot it up and see what happens, I can't screw anything up at this point:)
  9. I'm re-using an existing key on a new system, new pool, etc. I pulled the key from the last system, am I better off to just plug the usb stick into the system and boot just like it was, or should I redo my thumb drive with fresh files? My concern is any pool data that may be on the thumbdrive.
  10. Does the M1015/H310 have any capacity issues(2.2TB max??)
  11. mrmarkfr

    New Build Analysis Xeons Secondary Cache Drives

    Sort of off topic, but I thought the PERC 6/i card on the T7400 didn't support anything larger than 2.2Tb, how did you get by this limit? I don't see a SAS or SATA card listed in your hardware.
  12. mrmarkfr

    Back-UPS UPS not reporting load

    There's another thread here that is dealing with the same issue(s) http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=45088.new;topicseen#new
  13. mrmarkfr

    Upgraded UPS and now I dont get all info

    I've "solved" my issue by swapping out the UPS for an XS off of one of my desktops, it's now showing 150 minutes of runtime, and 3% load.
  14. mrmarkfr

    Upgraded UPS and now I dont get all info

    Mine is also missing the nompower setting, I'm going to swap it with an known good XS 1300 once my wife is done watching TV, and see what happens when I plug it into a Windows machine with PowerChute running on it
  15. mrmarkfr

    UPS not reporting load

    Posted diag.zip in the other post, this thread can be deleted