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  1. I fixed the issue, in case anyone else runs into it. I had to put in an older card to access the bios, but after a full weekend of trying to figure it out, I made sure the 1060 ran ok on another system (win10), with full drivers, and not sure if it updated the fw of the card or not. Then I forced all of the pci slots to gen3, not auto or gen 2 (auto is default), and it finally accepted the card
  2. I just picked up an E5-1660 with a p9x79-e ws that I thought would be a perfect upgrade to my unRaid box, but I can't for the life of me get the 1060 to be recognized while booting (black screen, vga light on mb, and b2 error code). I thought this would be a great video card to allow for offloading transcoding, and potential VM duty, but this has been a painful 24 hours. Has anyone else run into issues like this, and found a resolution? Looks like my alternative might be to sell the 1060 and go for a 970, as it's closer to the life cycle of the x79 boards.
  3. Picked up the E, with the Xeon :). Will test it this weekend with a windows install, then drop it into my unraid system
  4. I have a chance to pick up a Asus p9x79-e ws and Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-1660 3.3 with 16gb ram, or a Asus p9x79 ws I7 3820 3.6ghz with 16gb of ram, to replace my dual core AMD system. Both are the same price. I have an LSI HBA already, but want to get into more processing, possibly run a VM, but not much else. It's used primarily as a media server, and will hopefully be running EMBY in a docker, and possibly Media Center Master in the VM. Which board/chip would be the better choice?
  5. I wish there was an option to automatically move the data and calculate the new parity, it feels safer(maybe just in my head) to have the data moved, before creating a new parity. I have to do this tomorrow with a dying drive, and have plenty of space in my array for the data
  6. problem was solved with a reboot GREAT plugin!!!! Makes unRaid even easier to use.
  7. 6.2.4, and everything is updated, fresh install last night.
  8. I just installed unRaid on a new system, and started playing with the plugins, specifically with the "fix common problems", but for some reason, I keep having it tell me that the "plugin update check" isn't enabled. I click on Notification Settings, and have it set to check once/month for plugins version, and have it notify me by browser, and notification entity is all checked. I haven't rebooted the system, is there anything else I can do to fix this?
  9. I don't need any of the data on any of the discs, and it was running 6.1, so I didn't think the migration document was going to help.
  10. By pool, I was referencing the pool of drives that make up my array. I'm starting a completely new system,I don't want/need anything from the old system, just reusing the key and some of the hard drives, but for a completely new system. I'll boot it up and see what happens, I can't screw anything up at this point:)
  11. I'm re-using an existing key on a new system, new pool, etc. I pulled the key from the last system, am I better off to just plug the usb stick into the system and boot just like it was, or should I redo my thumb drive with fresh files? My concern is any pool data that may be on the thumbdrive.
  12. Does the M1015/H310 have any capacity issues(2.2TB max??)
  13. Sort of off topic, but I thought the PERC 6/i card on the T7400 didn't support anything larger than 2.2Tb, how did you get by this limit? I don't see a SAS or SATA card listed in your hardware.
  14. There's another thread here that is dealing with the same issue(s) http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=45088.new;topicseen#new
  15. I've "solved" my issue by swapping out the UPS for an XS off of one of my desktops, it's now showing 150 minutes of runtime, and 3% load.