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  1. Many thanks for your work CHBMB! Digital Devices Max S8 works fine with 6.4rc2.
  2. Absolutly great plugin! One question: How can I see in the search results if it is a plugin or a container? Keep up the fantastic work!
  3. This is my setup... Testsystem: 6.2 beta23 (USB 3.0 is used to boot, Haswell CPU, Asrock Rack Mainboard) Prodsystem: 6.1.9 (USB 3.0 is used to boot, Skylake CPU, Fujitsu Mainboard) Diffrent versions same behavior (strange thing is, it worked on the testsystem for 3 days...). Will try to boot on a USB 2.0 port (test & prod). No rush, i can test on weekend (at the earliest). And how can i spend you a beer or a coffee ?
  4. Put the Max S8 now into the production system (6.1.9). Drivers are loaded but ddbridge.conf would not be respected at boot time. After boot i tried "rmmod ddbridge" and "modprobe ddbrige", ddbridge.conf would be respected but the modprobe needs round about 7-10 seconds to load the module and card does not proberly in unicable mode. Then put the card back into the test-system (6.2 beta 23) same thing (worked before, also after 5 reboots) . Installed debian 8.5 on the system compiled the driver and everthing works flawless. I'm afraid to ask, but is it possible to upload temporary the image
  5. Many thanks for your custom build. Did not change the strange signal strength values. femon status SCVYL | signal 95% | snr 2% | ber 0 | unc 1 | FE_HAS_LOCK How cares, the tuner runs fine (also under bad weather conditions), which is most important . With your work I can use my card in unRAID. Great work!
  6. with DDBVALS - >dB values without DDBVALS -> linear values Maybe the application needs to change from dB to linear values to show the correct signal strengths. Don't know if DVB-C is affected. But you are right, don't build to much builds.
  7. Hi CHBMB, DD driver 0.9.23 with Max S8 works very well since days . The "wrong values" for STR & SNR could be this option in the Makefile (dddvb/frontends/Makefile): EXTRA_CFLAGS += -DDBVALS Could you create a build without this compiler flag (in dddvb/frontends/Makefile) for testing the STR and SNR values? #EXTRA_CFLAGS += -DDBVALS Many Thx!
  8. With unRAID 6.2 Beta23 can't pass the devices (/dev/dvb) to the Docker container. I must manually edit the Docker template. Docker template created from GUI (with devive definition): <Config Name="Device 1" Target="" Default="" Mode="" Description="" Type="Device" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false">/dev/dvb</Config> Changed manually "Target" to "/dev/dvb" and then you have all your tuners in your Docker container: <Config Name="Device 1" Target="/dev/dvb" Default="" Mode="" Description="" Type="Device" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false
  9. First tests are working ... your ddbridge.conf settings would be applied successfully after a reboot. Minisatip Docker (STR/SNR values could be the old bad dish or the driver) Tvheadend Docker Lets see how stable this setup will run the next days.
  10. Testsystem is up and ready . First boot looks good. root@Tower:~# dmesg | grep -i ddbridge [ 12.361574] DDBridge driver detected: Digital Devices MAX S8 4/8 [ 12.362397] DDBridge: HW 01010007 REGMAP 00010001 [ 12.362701] DDBridge: using 2 MSI interrupt(s) [ 12.470020] DVB: registering new adapter (DDBridge) [ 12.470031] DVB: registering new adapter (DDBridge) [ 12.470042] DVB: registering new adapter (DDBridge) [ 12.470392] DVB: registering new adapter (DDBridge) [ 12.470716] DVB: registering new adapter (DDBridge) [ 12.471033] DVB: registering new adapter (DDB
  11. Many thx for your test build. Tomorrow I install my testsystem with the Max S8. And on saturday I can install my new dish. Will answer on saturday or sunday with the result.
  12. That looks great. Same compiler output as on my virtual system. herrnst has also a branch for kernel 4.4.x: https://github.com/herrnst/dddvb-linux-kernel/tree/linux-4.4.y-ddbridge-features May take a look at this branch for dddvb changes or ignore the warnings from your builds The Max S8 will arrive today. For testing I would setup a new environment with my old hardware and the new Max S8. Family would not be happy if I reboot often my unRAID system . As I use jess, need fmode=3 in ddbridge.conf. So can test your script too. Many Thx for your work!
  13. Independently from this project, I need a new dish and LNB. The new setup works parallel to the old existing one. Right now I use a Octopus Net V2 satip box on a very old and bad dish. If it will not work with unRAID, then I simply replace the DuoFlex cards in my Otopus Net V2 with the Max S8 card . If we got it working and it runs stable, I sell the Octopus Net V2 satip box. But if herrnst is able to integrate the dddvb-driver into the mainline kernel, the chance is quite good it will work. Depends then on the kernel version in future unRAID versions.
  14. Also, at the end of the week, I will order a Digital Devies Max S8 with a new dish and lnb. After everthing is delivered and ready for use, I am able to test.