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  1. something in the latest dev container by author is broken to where it won't set permissions of the volume however i installed with leonowiski got it setup went back to latest dev by author and got everthing working. 4 camera's using 18% cpu according to dashboard (could be my system i didn't pin the app). even got remote access working by port. Maybe i'll find a swag redirect but so far no luck.
  2. add a docker volume by typing blueiris instead of a path like normal docker setups. This will create a persistant docker volume. Note that the default template on this page the persistant data was not in /home/wineuser/prefix it was in /root/prefix
  3. okay got mine working i could not use an appdata folder like we usually do. I used a docker volume to create persistant data. I have my system up and running. i am using leonowski/docker-blueiris. I mapped paths to docker home folder and pointed blueiris to those so i dont store video in the container. working on getting webui set up but so far liking it more than shinobi.
  4. docker template needs changed from latest to gpu tag. working on getting this running on my system
  5. need to edit path in template to be /root/prefix32/ is appdata directory. UI3 doesnt install automatically to www folder. Like said above wish i could get resolution to work. gonna keep playing this was on latest docker i switched to gpu
  6. thank you so much for this guide. I was looking for a way to use rutorrent and other containers running through VPN on my other server overseas.
  7. thanks peter this is exactly what i was looking for
  8. Anyone have a working config for forwarding the web interface to domain/unraid working.
  9. does anyone know letsencrypt settings to make the webgui redirect from the outside using a proxy pass?
  10. thank you so much saarg i went in and changed client max_body_size from 10m to 2048m and now i can upload large videos !!!!
  11. i reinstalled from scratch using only your guide... i can now upload via web but get error 413 when uploading from iphone a 115mb video basically i can only upload small files
  12. i haven't been able to get videos to upload i just get error 413 on my iphone.using letsencrypt on 12.0.3 web uploading doesn't work it says im out of space. With my phone it can upload small photos but bigger photos and videos it stalls out