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  1. there's been a lot of hub bub about the update so i just wanted to make sure thank you
  2. all good to update to stable unraid 6.9.0 with this docker?
  3. all good to update to stable unraid 6.9.0 with this docker?
  4. perfect. no idea how that happened switched over and updated well
  5. What's the latest version of Sonarr from this build? I've been having issues with the way mine handles episodes with TBA names. I went to the /r/sonarr subreddit to get support and compared version numbers with others. Sonarr devs are asking me why I'm on a "2 year old alpha build" But I'm not seeing any updates for this when I go and check for updates via the Docker tab I'm using the tag/repo "lsiodev/sonarr-preview"
  6. updated before seeing the 'do not update' in the changelog. temporarily removed for now (my mistake)
  7. is setting the docker container to /tmp and the plex server settings to /transcode the way to get this build transcoding to RAM. I read those details recently but I'm not sure if it relates to the LSIO container or a different one
  8. thanks. seems those were just old instances of misconfigured docker images. one hadn't even been modified since 2015. I deleted the folder to remove the old data
  9. the appdata share is set to cache only. there's no need to move any appdata information to the array
  10. disk 17 being "sdv"? I think the bad disk I mentioned was in that disk 17 slot before (is disk sds). but it's currently sitting unmounted in the case I will recheck that cable, but I'm not sure if I've had any errors reported on disk sdv yet (yet is likely the key word here) thanks for the heads up. will look into that file system check today
  11. I've been dealing with getting a bad drive out of the system (I think it's a bad cable, actually) until I can figure out how to resolve it. I unmounted the drive and did a "new config" to get the rest of the drives working on the array however, my cache drive has been filling up and the mover doesn't seem to be moving anything. I moved some things manually (to the mounted disk themselves) to work around it overnight, but today it's still happening I noticed some files weren't being picked up so I tried to move them manually again today (this time to just a basic us
  12. I seem to be having some strange issue with my /tv folder mapping that is preventing Sonarr from creating new folders or something. So I recently replaced a 4TB drive with an 8TB drive and the rebuild process took about a week. During that time, something happened and both Sonarr as well as Radarr threw up lots of missing titles. I knew they were there, as I had just watched one of them days before, but I suspect it was stored on that drive that I had updated. Even though unraid tells me the contents of the disk is emulated, I was unable to access the disk and (like I s
  13. oops, I'm sorry for asking in the wrong place. I figured if I asked there then they would just tell me to switch to their docker instead of LS.IO's I'll see what they say. . .
  14. I'm having this god awful plex token bug and can't seem to get Plex Media Server to grab the token when the Docker is run. is the error I'm getting in the log file so earlier today I was having an odd buffering issue on my Android tablet so I logged out of my account on the Plex Android app and tried to log back in. When I tried logging back in using my Google account (like I always do) I got (and still get) a error message saying it is unable to authenticate the token or something like that. When doing some googling about plex and a token, I saw a
  15. @Squid @limetech any word on this fix being added to unRAID Disk Settings or a popular plugin like Turbowrite?