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  1. Hi all, Hope i'm putting this in the right thread! Just started having problems with Komga today. Logs show: 21:10:38.293 [main] ERROR org.springframework.boot.SpringApplication - Application run failed Its been working fine, don't recall changing anything?
  2. I'm currently using wireguard to access my home network but i was local this morning and it wasn't working then either on the same ip range... I assume I wouldn't be able to access the webui at the moment because its in debug mode?
  3. Thanks Binhex added here, removed my login details from the top. supervisord.log
  4. No joy, same errors on the log file: 2021-04-14 13:31:45,778 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 4, column 0 2021-04-14 13:31:58,024 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [info] No torrents with state 'Error' found (though that one sounds like a good thing?) 2021-04-14 13:31:46,489 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: Warning: `/config/wireguard/wg0.conf' is world accessible And this one is just a warning but is it something i should be worried about?
  5. I'm not using OpenVPN anymore, i've switched to wireguard so no longer using france, according to the wg0.conf I'm using
  6. Hi, I'm having trouble access the webui. I've not long updated to 6.9.2 and I WAS using Pia with OPENVPN but for some reason France stopped working so I thought now is a good time as any to change over to wireguard So i removed the old template and thought i'd start again. Think I have everything setup correctly (assume i don't need to add the new VPN_CLIENT variable as its already on the new template. I've added :latest to the repository as suggested above. and the only errors i'm getting on the logs are: 2021-04-14 11:04:21,597 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: parse error: Invalid literal at line 4, column 0 Warning: `/config/wireguard/wg0.conf' is world accessible 2021-04-14 11:04:32,861 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [info] No torrents with state 'Error' found Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?
  7. Do'h its gone again. Ordered a new controller but its not arrived yet. Assume I just try the same thing again and hope for the best till the new controller arrives?...
  8. Thank you so much for your help! One more question, If i replace this sata card with something else could you reccommend a brand i should be using? And will swapping it cause any problems?
  9. Got you, sorry, I'm slow today clearly. Have re-seated it and rebooted.
  10. Sorry still over my head I'm afraid, whats the controller? something on the MB? OH is it the PCI-E Sata card? thats been in there for yonks
  11. Hi, Wasn't sure whether to start a new thread but came here from google...I've got a disabled drive and multiple errors, not sure how to proceed. Attached my diagnostics file. I've got an SSD in my array, been meaning to get rid of it for ages, it was a test thing I was trying yonks ago, just been too lazy to move it out, I don't THINK its related to this issue though, it doesn't appear to be one of the affected drives. I say drives becaue although Drive 8 is the only one thats coming up as disabled, fix common problems is saying I've also got problems with drives 5, 6 and 7 with the same error: If the disk has not been disabled, then unRaid has successfully rewritten the contents of the offending sectors back to the hard drive. It would be a good idea to look at the S.M.A.R.T. I'm waaaaay out of my depth here, any help would be much appreciated...
  12. I'm having trouble adding my Audiobook folder, I've mapped it as above and its recognised the folder there but its not picking up any audiobooks. Oddly, when i click on the Authors tab, rather than showing a list of authors it gives me stats for my actual library: 108 artists 492 albums 16,548 songs 155.35 GB 4,781 hours So it's picking up that they're there but not showing them? my folder structure is Audiobooks/*author*/*book*/ and this worked fine in normal booksonic. Could it be a permisions thing? or something I've missed in setting up booksonic? My run command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='booksonic-air' --net='bridge' -e TZ="Europe/London" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'CONTEXT_PATH'='' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -p '4141:4040/tcp' -v '/mnt/user/Audiobooks/':'/books':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/Podcasts/':'/podcast':'rw' -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/booksonic-air':'/config':'rw' 'linuxserver/booksonic-air' 5b0423fee9f59eb135b7ee961d2561d22715c77650d0e7be406c43071d05100b The command finished successfully! SOLVED: weird, all i had to do was delete the folder (in Booksonic) and then re add it... Just in case anyone else has this issue.
  13. Thank you, starting to get worried I'm actually causing damage to my cpu, can't get my head round it. Everytime I think I've located the source of the issue something else contradicts it. For example I originally thought it was tied to docker, but it was doing it in MC the other day so its not. Now I'm thinking its my cache drive but I haven't got another ssd to swap it with at the moment
  14. sadly its still happening, it was fine for a while but its getting worse again. Just transferring files from my downloads folder (located on the cache drive) to my TV/Film folders, hitting 100% spike when transferring to a share using Krusader/MC. So I just tried transferring a file on MC directly from the cache to a folder on a disk (rather than the share) and its peaking at 42% is that a bit more normal or is that still high for file transfers?? I think I tried replacing the sata cable before but no change.
  15. Interesting, ok just checked all my other containers, I'll switch them across to cache instead of user, and see if it makes a difference. Mines been the same since 6.7.. It did improve on 6.8 (RC4 i think) it was still spiking but wasn't taking my VM (PfSense) with it anymore, though since i upgrade to RC7+ its been taking it out again, overnight, though not whats causing it because there hasn't been anything for the mover to do... UPDATE....I'm not holding my breath but its no longer spiking when hitting watched/unwatched in plex SO maybe that was it after all? weird though no? I'm not sure I've changed the default templates for most of my dockers
  16. ahh I think I'm getting my wires crossed sorry, my appdata is set to /mnt/user/appdata/PlexMediaServer so rather than user it should be cache?
  17. /mnt/user/ I was under the impression if it was set to cache I wouldn't be able to access the content on the array on the stuff that hadn't been moved by the mover yet? The issue itself isn't exclusive to plex, though it MAY be exclusive to docker, as when copying files in MC the cpu doesn't spike anywhere near as much as it does in Krusader
  18. Just in case anyone is interested, still having issues, have replaced my PSU in the hope it was a hardware issue, it needed changing anyway as I was probably pushing it with the amount of hdd's I have now. Alas no change, still happening. Still in the hopes its something hardware related (as it means it's some I can actually fix), I've been testing a file on each drive to see what makes it spike. So far I've done the last drive I added (hdd) and the cache drive (ssd) I played a file in plex from both drives and both played fine, however I noticed when I reset the playback setting to unplayed within Plex, this caused a significant spike on the cpu (70-80%) where as when just playing the file it didn't go above or even reach 10%. This seems odd to me? infact I can practically crash the server now on command by just hitting played and unplayed in plex a few times. Does that happen for anyone else?
  19. Thanks, just having a read of that thread. Seems it affects the entire server where as I can still get on the gui so mine seems localised to docker. Back when I was on 6.7 when docker would become unresponsive, it would knock out the vm too (pfsense) but I don't recall that happening on 6.8, if it did it was only the once. Do you think I might need to just wipe the docker image and start again?
  20. ah yeah, its the binhex-delugevpn docker container which has some openvpn stuff built into it. whats that? and how do i go about fixing it? could that be the issue?
  21. Not a clue what that is, could it be an old container that was removed? don't recognise any of the names there...
  22. Hi, I'm still having issues with my CPU (i5 4690k) spiking on 6.8. I was originally on 6.7 and was told there was a bug on that version which could be why i was having problems and it was fixed on 6.8. On 6.7 I couldn't run one or all of (not sure which) Nextcloud, letsencrypt or mariadb. and when i upgraded to 6.8-rc6 everything seemed to be finally fixed but when i came to do a library scan on Booksonic, the cpu spiked again, so I shut that down thinking (hoping) because that app isn't being maintained anymore its no longer compatible, its not ideal but I can live without it for now. Then a few days later I tried to do a library scan on plex and that also caused the cpu to spike. This was much more serious, as I use plex practically everyday. I noticed rc7 became available and quickly updated hoping that would fix my problem, and its been fine for over 3 days it been running, up until when i added a torrent in deluge, which caused it to spike AGAIN. Could this be some kind of hardware issue somewhere? I've tried two different quad nics a while ago thinking it was related to my pfsense setup but it didn't change anything. What about possibly rebuilding my docker containers, kind of don't want to do this if i can help as I'm worried about losing all my settings and metadata in plex, plus, Nextcloud wasn't exactly a walk in the park to setup, but if theres a chance it could fix my problem I guess I need to do it? Could it be the docker image size? I currently have it set to 30gb with 10 containers installed. On the docker settings its saying I have "Total to scrub: 6.77GiB" Is this anything i should be concerned about? I've attached my diagnostics which were taken just when it spiked again. Thanks again for your help
  23. Hi Squid sorry to bother you again, was this definitely fixed in 6.8? I'm still getting issues when moving files around either through Krusader or MC. being on 6.8 seemed to stop the PfSense VM crashing as well until just and all i did was start a library scan in now thats unstable as well
  24. ah ok thanks.... I'm worried I messed up already, in a slight panic i went to the vm manager under settings and noticed the VirtIO driver ISO had a link to download again so i clicked that, will that have botched something? Edit - That dummy fix worked (thanks) so I guess I'm good! just weird about the cpu overload thing happening again (though on a a file move this time, I tried MC and Krusader) hopefully that will be fixed in RC7..
  25. Everything has been working great, but I was just moving some files in Krusader tonight and it hit 100% CPU again.. is this another bug? OK now I'm worried.....I just noticed my PfSense VM has disappeared from the vm menu on unraid...its still running though...... I'm confused?? bit worried to restart in case it disappears completely