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  1. Sorry for the necro, but even my Asus x79 Sabertooth which has marvell controllers (9128), loses the drives on it if I update to 6.9.2. It's frustrating as I am now stuck on 6.8.3 because of my motherboard of choice which was fine for the last 3? years. I can either buy a 16 port raid card in IT mode and hope my array doesn't break, or move to another socket where I can find a motherboard with 8 sata ports, where none are marvell, at great cost.
  2. Another false positive on a bluray dump (different image). I've verified it with the original and everything hashes 100%. I'm only getting 1 mismatch every month, but this is 2 for 2 where it has been a false positive. Is there any way to address this or am I just stuck at having to double check files when it says they are corrupt?
  3. Can confirm what others have said about false positives. Said one of my bluray images was corrupt, and I rechecked it against the original and the image is 100% fine.
  4. I've been fighting with this for days, and nothing works. NOTHING. Why is this so damn difficult to setup?
  5. The newer NAS's will use far less power. Your system is fine for transcoding if you use a 1650 (12-14 concurrent encodes with the right driver to bypass limitations), but that board is a pile of garbage and I am surprised you've had one last that long haha (I went through 3 before I demanded a refund from Intel).
  6. The UPS tells me I am at 164 watts, with an E5-2670 that has 14 drives. I also have the router and my switch on the same UPS, so my actual idle is lower.
  7. Unpopular opinion, but get you and your family some cheap Chinese android boxes that will direct play the files, so that your stuff won't have to be transcoded. The biggest problem with having plex on TV's is that the majority of them can't do ATMOS, and because of that, Plex will transcode the files. Most people also don't have their TV's setup to passthrough their audio to a sound system, so they are relying on the TV itself to do the processing. The other option, is you could only encode or source versions of your movies that are compliant with what the TV's can play, ie AAC audio instead of ATMOS/TRUHD. You could also try switching to Emby, which let's you use an external player like SPMC or Kodi, which will obviously direct play the files no problem. I am hoping that you do have a 4k capable TV and your server isn't trying to convert it down to SDR instead.