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  1. Hey, Hopefully you were able to figure this problem out, but in case you haven't, or others are searching for a fix, I had this same problem when I started up with zwavejs2mqtt. I found out I didn't have the appdata and zwavejs log folders set in my docker image. Make sure you go to advanced view and expand out the "more settings" section to get the appdata section to show. If it doesn't show up, click "Add another path, port, variable, label, or device" and add a new path as shown below. Good luck.
  2. Have any guidance on installing the xavierh's version in unRaid?
  3. So it turns out that the CLI after setting up pfSense doesn't detect the other 2 NICs, but once I got into the GUI, I was able to enable each port and see that they worked, so if you run into this problem, just keep pushing forward into the next stages and check if things work after configuring things from the GUI.
  4. Hi all, I have a new one on the way and am looking at self-hosted baby tracking. I've been trying to figure out how to setup for quite some time now. Does anyone have any tutorials that may closely resemble the install method outlined under the Docker section of this github? I've tried going through community apps to install it by searching the Docker Hub, but it looks like that interface isn't able to access any of the parameters that need to be edited to make this work. I also watched SpaceInvaderOne's Jitsi installation video that uses docker-compose with hopes it would help me figure out what is happening with this docker, but it doesn't seem to fit the same format for configuration files. Anyone else out there that's a wizard with docker-compose willing to take a look at the instructions and point me in the right direction? Maybe even more documentation or videos to watch? As a last resort, I tried to install Docker for Windows on my unRaid Win10 VM, which was really a bad idea. It broke my VM until I could boot into it baremetal and strip Docker installation out and run CCleaner to remove residual files. Here are the instructions from babybuddy to save someone a click And the Dockerfile FROM python:3 as app ENV PYTHONUNBUFFERED 1 RUN pip install --upgrade pipenv gunicorn WORKDIR /app COPY Pipfile /app/ COPY Pipfile.lock /app/ RUN pipenv install --deploy --system ADD /app/ ADD api /app/api ADD babybuddy /app/babybuddy ADD core /app/core ADD dashboard /app/dashboard ADD reports /app/reports ADD static /app/static ADD etc/ /app/
  5. Well I'm running into the same problem, except 2 of the 4 interfaces are working. When I plug a cable into port 0 & port 1 (ports farther from PCIe pins on the card), I see blinking lights and can see the status change from down to up in the pfsense interface, but when I plug into ports 2 & 3, the link lights on the card go solid (green & orange) and pfsense does not change from down. Anyone else figure anything more out on this?
  6. What mouse do you use with your gaming VM? Do you have the ability to change your polling rate? I have been having TERRIBLE problems with my Logitech G500 (old, but trusty). I had the polling rate set at 500 through the Logitech Gaming Software. After reducing it down to 200, my issues have pretty much disappeared.
  7. Sorry, no. I purchased this from him in June.
  8. Hi, I recently setup a reserve proxy for some applications (Emby, nextcloud, etc) and have all of these working fine, but I am having trouble figuring out if I can reverse proxy into OpenVPN. I have DuckDNS setup and can access my OpenVPN connection using the duckdns address (let's call it, but my corporate network blocks access to My domain is setup as and I have CNAMEs setup like which does work from my corporate network. So with that, I'm trying to figure out if I can setup something like and have it point to OpenVPN correctly. I noticed there isn't a template .conf for letsencrypt to setup OpenVPN.
  9. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but was contemplating gambling a little and buying two kits of this:
  10. What's your setup? Do you have 4x16GB sticks running at 3200MHz? What processor are you rocking? Thanks in advance. I'm currently struggling with which RAM to pickup for my new build... The b-die stuff is pretty pricy relative to the CL16 stuff. I may be stressing too much about all this.
  11. Basically $200 off + a free 250GB SSD. Hope someone finds this useful If you're close to a Microcenter, you can pickup just the chip for $699 + tax as well.
  12. Thanks Jordanmw for the response. I appreciate the extra data point. I definitely I plan to do baremetal installs of Windows based on videos SpaceInvader's put up and then move them under unRAID. Have you experienced any issues with audio stutter/cutout? I've seen there have been some problems with others, but apparently most of those are resolved. Do you passthrough any of your NICs into your Windows VMs? I've seen that the board has all 3 NICs in the same IOMMU grouping and wasn't sure if that was an issue. Do you have any numbers on the amount of load you put on your PSU? I have a 1000VA/600W UPS right now and am thinking it's not going to cut it 0_o if this thing is working hard. Also, how's the heat coming off a beast like that? Have a dedicated AC unit just for it? I saw your post about the 2950x+Taichi last week and almost pulled the trigger on the 2920x version of it for $670, but held off Trying to decided if that was smart or not... there's always going to be another sale, right? At the moment I'm holding off on buying anything second-hand since if I'm going to be dropping the coin, I'd rather have less to deal with when warrantying things, thanks for the additional link though.
  13. I'm looking for some advice/sanity check on equipment for a new build. I'm looking to upgrade my existing unRAID Dell T20 E3-1225v3 32GB GTX1060 server AND my old custom Watercooled i7-2600k 32GB GTX1080 gaming system with a single unRAID system. My use case for this new system will be as follows: Dual GPU passthrough Win10 VMs for gaming and workstation for the wife Maybe a 3rd GPU for NVENC transcoding on an Emby Media Center docker My existing PERC H310 8 Port SAS controller to support up to 16 drives (existing 4TB, 8TB, and Cache SSDs) Other Misc dockers consisting of NZBGet, Sonarr, CouchPotato, HomeAssistant, Handbrake, etc. Remote terminal workstations for around the house (I'd like a system I can access from the garage so to browse the web, pull up media, and maybe play a game from there (not sure if that's really something I'd be doing much of) I've been eyeballing the Threadripper line with the hopes of grabbing a processor cheap with the new Ryzen 3000 line coming up(there have already been some deals for a 1900x for $200 + $250 for a ASRock Taichi, or a 2920x + Taichi for $670 recently). My initial thought was more cores/RAM so I can dedicate some to VMs as well as some to the Emby media server for transcoding, but I am not sure if this is going to be overkill for use case. I'm also concerned about the 180W TDP associated with the chip and generating excess heat in my media closet (I put in an exhaust vent to vent out the heat when things heat up already, but it doesn't run when just the server is on) I'll need to pick up a new waterblock and RAM, maybe 2x16GB (non-ECC probably) to start with which would still keep me around ~$1000 - $1200. I can pick up more RAM later to complete the quad channel DDR4 and a couple NVMe M.2 drives to migrate from my 2.5"SSDs. Otherwise maybe I wait til Ryzen 3000 comes out and pick up a 3800x (albeit with 4 less cores) that has a 105W TDP. Suspected build w/ sTR4 AMD Threadripper 2920x -$600 (hopefully on sale soon) ASRock Taichi (or similar depending on sales) $300ish (hopefully both for less) 32GB 2x16GB G.Skill Ripper V 3200Mhz C14 - $250 Custom Watercooling - EK Monoblock or similar. Already have a pump/reservoir/240 rad Existing equipment on hand EVGA GTX 1080 8GB FTW2 EVGA GTX 1060 6GB 1x Inland Premium 1TB NVMe PERC H310 in IT mode 6x 4TB WD Red 1x 8TB shucked WD Easystore White (Parity) 1x 4TB WD Red Pro (old parity drive) 4x misc 2.5" SSDs (180GB - 525GB) EVGA - PQ 750W 80+ Plat PSU 27" Dell S2716DGR 144Hz 2k G-Sync Tagan Black Pearl Full ATX case w/ 2 4x3.5in hot-swap bays
  14. Thanks for this post. I've been going crazy with 100s of orphaned images in my docker. May be worth putting a note about orphaned images in the Docker section since it seems to relate to the Docker Utilization FAQ part.
  15. Hi all, I received the following messages in the syslog last night (2:30AM Oct 30th) and I'm not really sure what the next step is from here. I ran a short SMART diagnostics on the drive and it didn't find anything wrong with the drive (Drive sdg in attached diagnostic log). So I'm curious if this is something that may have been a fluke or if there is some way to restore the Parity drive to functional and then try writing to these registers to test if it is truly bad.
  16. Thank you guys for your feedback, it appears it was a GUI glitch. I upgraded to rc3 and restarted and now parity is valid again
  17. Hey everyone, I'm running on 6.2.0-rc2 and last week I noticed my dashboard said that my Parity is invalid. I looked through my log, but unfortunately I have 2 security cameras hitting my server via FTP, so it has blown out the logs of whenever this happened or whatever caused it. Since then though, my monthly parity check went through and came back with 0 errors. I'm not quite sure what to do next. I haven't rebooted my server yet just in case I should do something else before that. I don't see any drives with SMART errors, everything has a green thumbs up. Additionally, I never received any emails saying that parity failed, but I do get other email notifications, so I know that is still functioning. I've attached my diagnostics zip if anyone wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction. Secondary question: Is there a way to disable log entries for my cameras hitting the FTP and also, anyone have any idea what these message are about? Aug 6 04:41:01 Galaxy root: sh: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/dockerconfig.php: No such file or directory Aug 6 04:41:01 Galaxy root: sh: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.vm.manager/scripts/libvirtconfig.php: No such file or directory Full Diagnostics Log:!Ai6lkoezA2pIgcZF4LC6RdYe4NwbNA (I couldn't attach the log to the post as it's 1MB) Setup: unRAID 6.2.0 rc2 4x 4TB WD40EFRX storage drives 1x 4TB WD40EFRX Parity drive 1x INTEL 180GB SSD Cache drive 1x 8GB ADATA USB flash drive 1x 1TB WD1001FALS unassigned drive
  18. Thanks for the continued effort on 6.2. That was a quick turnaround from rc1 to rc2 . I just finished installing rc2 from rc1 and have been having an issue with updating my Emby Docker. I'm not 100% if it's an issue with the rc or an issue with the source. I have received the following error everytime I've tried to update the docker since rc1. I haven't been able to update the docker since a previous beta (can't remember which release had issues with updating dockers, but I went from that beta to rc1 and then subsequently rc2. IMAGE ID [latest]: Pulling from emby/embyserver. IMAGE ID [a3ed95caeb02]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [be8b775b9629]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [a49b5b2e3144]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [4f32d0a55e66]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [8c59af194ad0]: Pulling fs layer. Downloading 100% of 18 MB. Verifying Checksum. Download complete. Extracting. Pull complete. IMAGE ID [530de038d5ef]: Pulling fs layer. Downloading 100% of 3 KB. Verifying Checksum. Download complete. Extracting. Pull complete. TOTAL DATA PULLED: 18 MB Error: layers from manifest don't match image configuration
  19. Sorry for the slow reply. I wound up ordering one of the Dell Perc H310s on Ebay and flashed it to IT mode. Worked out great. Still have the other SFF-8087 cable left to populate
  20. I've been playing around with unRAID beta 21 for the last week or so and have had some issues with the following: Whenever I go to edit a VM, the "Primary vDisk Location" always resets to none. If I make another adjustment and hit save, my original vDisk location is cleared from the configuration and I have to go back and set the vDisk location again. Other than that, things have been working pretty smoothly with the exception of not being able to get my GTX 760 working in a VM (code 43 in windows issue). I thought that I read that that issue was supposed to have been put in place with 6.2 (not sure if it's in the beta at this time though). A note: I moved to the beta from unRAID 6.1.8 as an FYI.
  21. I think you must misunderstand the purpose of Dolphin since it is nothing like Tonido. A good analogy for Dolphin is Windows File Explorer. This particular docker implementation of it is just giving you a Linux desktop in a browser with the Dolphin file manager already launched. Yeah, sorry my end goal was always just something to manage my files without managing them from my other systems, not necessarily to have access to the files remotely like with Tonido. I still like being able to manage files while I'm away, but would rather not have it open to the world. With that in mind, is there a way to lock it down?
  22. Hey everyone. I just installed Dolphin after a failed experiment with Torindo. I'm trying to set up Dolphin s.t. I can access it remotely, but I don't see anywhere where I can configure a user/password to prevent open access to the world. Is there some configuration somewhere to allow this or do I need to basically shut it off from the internet and remote in to use it? Thanks in advanced.
  23. Hi all. Sorry for adding another post to the pile, but I have been sifting through so many posts that I've just made my head spin. I recently bought a Dell T20 Edgeserver and loaded it up with unRAID 6.1.6 and expanded my array with a Marvell based SATA card that doesn't work with IOMMU enabled. I'm looking to replace my SATA card with one that will not be affected by vt-d. Price range is sub $75 and I don't mind buying things off eBay. I also don't care if the card has SFF-8087 or SATA Connectors. My end goal is to get the SATA card installed, enable vt-d on my board and pass through a graphics card so I can run a HTPC with WMC (with an HDhomerun Prime dishing out Live TV to the WMC instance).
  24. I just installed 6.1.6 last week and experienced this issue with my SYBA si-pex40064 (Marvell 9215). I'd be interested in an eta as well.