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  1. So it turns out that the CLI after setting up pfSense doesn't detect the other 2 NICs, but once I got into the GUI, I was able to enable each port and see that they worked, so if you run into this problem, just keep pushing forward into the next stages and check if things work after configuring things from the GUI.
  2. Hi all, I have a new one on the way and am looking at self-hosted baby tracking. I've been trying to figure out how to setup for quite some time now. Does anyone have any tutorials that may closely resemble the install method outlined under the Docker section of this github? I've tried going through community apps to install it by searching the Docker Hub, but it looks like that interface isn't able to access any of the parameters that need to be edited to make this work. I also watched SpaceInvaderOne's Jitsi installation video t
  3. Well I'm running into the same problem, except 2 of the 4 interfaces are working. When I plug a cable into port 0 & port 1 (ports farther from PCIe pins on the card), I see blinking lights and can see the status change from down to up in the pfsense interface, but when I plug into ports 2 & 3, the link lights on the card go solid (green & orange) and pfsense does not change from down. Anyone else figure anything more out on this?
  4. What mouse do you use with your gaming VM? Do you have the ability to change your polling rate? I have been having TERRIBLE problems with my Logitech G500 (old, but trusty). I had the polling rate set at 500 through the Logitech Gaming Software. After reducing it down to 200, my issues have pretty much disappeared.
  5. Sorry, no. I purchased this from him in June.
  6. Hi, I recently setup a reserve proxy for some applications (Emby, nextcloud, etc) and have all of these working fine, but I am having trouble figuring out if I can reverse proxy into OpenVPN. I have DuckDNS setup and can access my OpenVPN connection using the duckdns address (let's call it, but my corporate network blocks access to My domain is setup as and I have CNAMEs setup like which does work from my corporate network. So with that, I'm trying to figure out if I can setup something lik
  7. Hey Jcloud, do you still have any codes hanging around? Thanks in advance.
  8. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but was contemplating gambling a little and buying two kits of this:
  9. What's your setup? Do you have 4x16GB sticks running at 3200MHz? What processor are you rocking? Thanks in advance. I'm currently struggling with which RAM to pickup for my new build... The b-die stuff is pretty pricy relative to the CL16 stuff. I may be stressing too much about all this.
  10. Basically $200 off + a free 250GB SSD. Hope someone finds this useful If you're close to a Microcenter, you can pickup just the chip for $699 + tax as well.
  11. Thanks Jordanmw for the response. I appreciate the extra data point. I definitely I plan to do baremetal installs of Windows based on videos SpaceInvader's put up and then move them under unRAID. Have you experienced any issues with audio stutter/cutout? I've seen there have been some problems with others, but apparently most of those are resolved. Do you passthrough any of your NICs into your Windows VMs? I've seen that the board has all 3 NICs in the same IOMMU grouping and wasn't sure if that was an issue. Do you have any numbers on the amount of load you put on your
  12. I'm looking for some advice/sanity check on equipment for a new build. I'm looking to upgrade my existing unRAID Dell T20 E3-1225v3 32GB GTX1060 server AND my old custom Watercooled i7-2600k 32GB GTX1080 gaming system with a single unRAID system. My use case for this new system will be as follows: Dual GPU passthrough Win10 VMs for gaming and workstation for the wife Maybe a 3rd GPU for NVENC transcoding on an Emby Media Center docker My existing PERC H310 8 Port SAS controller to support up to 16 drives (existing 4TB, 8TB, and Cache SSDs) Other Misc dockers consi
  13. Thanks for this post. I've been going crazy with 100s of orphaned images in my docker. May be worth putting a note about orphaned images in the Docker section since it seems to relate to the Docker Utilization FAQ part.
  14. Hi all, I received the following messages in the syslog last night (2:30AM Oct 30th) and I'm not really sure what the next step is from here. I ran a short SMART diagnostics on the drive and it didn't find anything wrong with the drive (Drive sdg in attached diagnostic log). So I'm curious if this is something that may have been a fluke or if there is some way to restore the Parity drive to functional and then try writing to these registers to test if it is truly bad.