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  1. Works great, thanks for quick update
  2. @GuildDarts I finally upgraded my system to 6.9.2 and with that I updated your plugin to latest version too. But with that I got this: Empty column taking 1/5 or 1/6 of my browser window width. Is it possible to turn this column off somehow? I mostly use Docker dialogs instead of Folder dropdown/expand list so it's complete waste of valuable space for me.
  3. Was bit out but finally got to test you last changes and everything works fine
  4. Yeah, this works perfectly. Tried "madly" clicking around and table stays nice and static
  5. No problem, it's your fun project so it's understandable Style change works fine but looks like you reintroduced order persistence problem with your last optimizations. When order is changed inside of the folder it isn't persisted at all and return to previous state when page is reloaded. I downgraded to previous version and there it works fine. For me it happens for all folders. But it looks like it depends on content of all three (Network, Port, Volume) columns. For bridge network it jumps to the left, for container ref network it jumps to the right. And when there is long volume path then network column is narrower (easily visible on container ref network because it overflow to another line when it's on one line in another folder). You will probably be able to simulate it if you change width of your browser window. I'm using Tree style tab on right side in Firefox so my view area is more like old 4:3 monitor And when I think about it maybe docker tab table is designed this way, to rearrange itself based on content. Only it isn't visible because it always show all containers so it remains stable. But for your plugin it doesn't work well.
  6. Thanks for your work. Looks good. Only small nitpicking , hover imho looks better on outer <li> element than on <a> vs. It isn't that elegant like all folders having same height but it isn't that bad either. From my point of view it's kind of compromise when you want to have all containers organized together. But as I said in my previous post I checked it only out of curiosity and don't really need it at the moment. So it's up to you if you see it as potential improvement. And if not (or you are lazy ) it's fine too Looks much better now but columns in table header still jump little bit. But it's more like cosmetic issue with low priority when you have time.
  7. Thanks Not really sure about this one. At the moment I don't have any such folder, I only tried what will happen . But may happen in future. I'm trying to visualize it in my head and it looks ok, but there is still possibility I'll simply create another folder . So I would say add it as option if it isn't something complicated, otherwise skip it. Thanks
  8. Looks great. Thanks for your work. As I started using this plugin regularly I found some other places worth of potential improvements Buttons in Advanced context menu should behave same as in normal context menu. I mean use different color (highlight) on hover and close whole menu when pressed. At the moment it stays open and for example Remove docker or Update docker windows are drawn below it which makes it quite cumbersome. Mapping tab in Advanced context menu shows only 2 (guessing) mapped ports and paths. With enough space here I would prefer to have complete overview. Maybe use 2 tabs? One for network + ports and one for volumes? And maybe use scrollbar if it's still not enough. Log icon is imho too glued on status text. I tried to add 3px padding and from my point of view it looks much better .dockerPreview-icon-container .log > img { display: inline-block; padding-left: 3px; } Docker preview list doesn't overflow to new "line" when there are more containers than can fit in one line. They simply disappear behind right border. When docker folder is open and closed whole table "jumps around". See pictures below Closed Open Columns Application, Version and Autostart stays in place but Network jumps to the right and Ports a Volumes to the left. Additionally Docker preview list jumps to right too. I would prefer if all columns stays static. Maybe it would be better to indent only Application column (to give it subcategory feeling) and leave all other aligned. I guess this originate from time when there was only simple folders but now (at least for Docker preview list) it looks weird (not aligned with column header).
  9. @GuildDarts looks good now. Only one small glitch remaining 🙃 When folder name is changed folder is always placed on top of the list. Changes to other folder properties doesn't cause this behavior so it's only minor issue. Thanks for answering my questions. Somehow I thought that "Docker icon style" only affects design of folder itself. I switched to "Docker" because it better suits my tastes Potential problems: From observation it looks like Advance context menu is able to gather cpu/mem data only when Advanced view is selected. If it isn't possible to gather data in Basic mode then it'll be probably better to grey out cpu/mem indicators and graphs or leave them completely. Graphs stays on last known value and so it looks weird. Looks like gathering data for graphs is quite CPU hog. My current desktop is really crappy so probably for newer computers it isn't problem but it could be problems for phones/tablets. From CPU workload it looks like it gathers data even in Basic mode when it gets static values, so there is potential for optimization. Potential improvements: Make folder name clickable and linked to edit mode (same behavior as regular container names) Somehow show which container in the folder has update available without necessity to open whole list. Maybe use different color (same like for "update ready") for container name. I don't have any better proposal Make container icon in Advanced context menu not clickable. At the moment it opens standard container context menu which isn't really necessary (as all links are already available) and additionally it opens below your popup.
  10. @GuildDarts Checked new version and after quick test it looks like shuffle problem was solved. But another one appeared When I create and arrange folders it looks like But when I refresh page or go somewhere else and back folders itself reorders like It looks like presentation problem because when I check Dockerman userprefs.cfg order of folders and containers is correct Problem happen if folder is touched (modified) in this state because order is then persisted as it is (in wrong state). Additional questions/notes: Is font size for folder names intentional? I plan to combine folders with regular containers so bold font with double size looks really weird. Is it really necessary to have folder name different than existing container? From userprefs.cfg it looks like folder is using "-folder" postfix so I'm curious. In pictures above I'd like to name iot folder home-assistant because it's basically it + some supporting plugins. You should add check for dot in folder name. It completely destroy plugin and isn't recoverable without manual editing (probably) or reinstall
  11. Tried that but it doesn't help. It simply sorts dockers alphabetically by name. When I try arrange my groups then same happen again. Order after I arrange DB folder DB is ok, but IOT is shuffled. Order after I arrange IOT folder IOT is ok, but DB is shuffled. What I noticed is that it isn't random shuffle but it always ends in same, but anyway wrong, order. I tried to find what order is used but without success.
  12. Hello, just tried to install your addon but found out that I'm not able to correctly order my containers. When I order containers in one group it'll shuffle other group and vice-versa. Is there some way how to do it? I have quite a few containers depending on startup order so it's showstopper for me.
  13. Hello, I'm quite new into VPN topic and so I'm doing bit research. I have question about privoxy usage (I read FAQ) from other dockers or computers. What about DNS requests? If I set privoxy as proxy it'll forward all http/https traffic from application/browser to VPN but as far as I understand it DNS requests aren't affected by proxy settings. Am I missing something?