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  1. Figured it out To fix, I just deleted one of the empty wallets via the console wallet says not in sync now but hopefuly that will iron itself out.
  2. Hi - I generated a key when I installed this,then deleted the mnemonic.txt, then I copied my own mnemonic.txt - now it shows I have 2 wallets (I only want one). In the wallet section, it looks like a console prompt but keys will not respond eg 1/2/q within the web page to select or quit- anyone know how to fix please? Thanks
  3. As time has shown repeatedly, if it is easy to do and becomes mainstream, say goodbye.
  4. I unfortunately had a powercut when the script was uploading to gdrive, now I keep getting this in the logs: 2019/02/16 23:22:28 NOTICE: Serving remote control on 2019/02/16 23:22:29 NOTICE: pacer: Invalid error in fs.Pacer: %!t() 2019/02/16 23:22:29 NOTICE: pacer: Invalid error in fs.Pacer: %!t() 2019/02/16 23:22:29 NOTICE: pacer: Invalid error in fs.Pacer: %!t() So I ran all the unmount/cleanup etc scripts, uninstalled the rclone beta (including the config files in the boot folder) and redid my gdrive and crypt remotes but it keeps on spamming
  5. I spent two nights trying to get this to work and I'm finally just about there, thank you for this. Just 1 thing, when I delete files it is putting them back where I deleted them from. I.e: If I delete a file directly (this is how you are meant to delete media files right?) from mount_unionfs>google_vfs/tvshows/Fawlty Towers....mkv It goes into the mount_unionfs>google_vfs>.unionfs>tvshows> folder (which I dont have access to unless I reset the permissions in Unraid to that folder) (The .mkv is also now in the rclone_upload folder.) So if I
  6. I am getting this issue also on a new install of 6.5.0
  7. I pulled out all of the sata cables in my 6 drive machine in order to use the machine to test something unrelated to Unraid, now I am going to plug in the Unraid USB stick again and I can't remember what sata cable went to which port on the m/board... All of my hard drives are the same make & model.. Is there anyway to determine which drive was the 1x parity drive previously, so that I can just get back to where I was when I boot up Unraid again? Perhaps I can look at the drive outside of Unraid to determine if the contents show a parity drive?
  8. Hi, To test a critical failure of my system, I have removed and reinstalled your docker. Now to continue my uploading files to the cloud, I will have to repoint your docker (security tab) custom encryption, to my txt file which is on my unraid server and which contains the custom security key (as you cant seem to paste in your own key - only import a file) It is at the point of importing the key/.txt file that is gives me the warnings about deletion of existing files etc... I assume that this does not mean it will delete my existing cloud files (which used the sam
  9. I've uploaded quite a number of files already via this docker. To test it I deleted my custom archive encryption .txt off the server. When importing the key again it gives me the warnings about deletion of existing files - not being able to downgrade security etc.. Q: Are my existing uploaded files going to be ok with the re-import of the existing key? Thanks
  10. fantastic, thank you so much edit - I have created the file deletion script using the CA User Scripts, is there a way to add this code permanently to the Unraid shutdown/reboot routine or that it would be invoked from the shutdown option within ControlR? I cant see a way to start the CA User Scripts from within ControlR Thanks again
  11. Hey, I'm looking to shutdown unraid from my Android Phone, this can be done in an awkward way using the web browser but I also need to delete a file beforehand. Of course I could go into a docker say Krusader but this would be even more awkard from a phone.. The steps I want to take in as close to a one click manner as possible: 1) Delete a file called deleteme.txt from the Unraid USB flash drive which I have previously placed on there 2) Shutdown the server Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Excellent guide, I am a fan of your video series. I am aware of how to implement windows 10 vm but as a catch all one stop shop with the nuances explained and extra tips here, I will no doubt refer to your video again in future. As somone is who is currently looking at the overheads when running a 4k gaming machine as a vm, I am also looking forward to chapter 2!
  13. Also try changing resolution, then revert
  14. Hate to bring up an issue as I really like this docker but for me (seemingly similar to the others on the previous pages) the download speeds in the docker during my initial testing was significantly slower than using filezilla outside of an unraid docker First ftp tested: linux iso ftp (anonymous, non TLS connection) Docker ftp transfer speed 1.7mb/s sustained maximum (however I can have concurrent download transfers of 1.7mb/s each, I tried 5 successfully at the same time Window 10 Laptop / Filezilla 3.18 : 19mb/s single file transfer 2nd private Ftp tested: (password, TLS