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  1. Thanks for the help I’ll give it a few more downloads and see if it fully caches the files
  2. Thanks for the help I’ll give it a few more downloads and see if it fully caches the files
  3. There are files in the cache folder but no saved game data. but it is saying hit now on downloads And for now I’m just working on steam
  4. Maybe someone can help me on this steamcache. i have it setup running smoothly set the dns on the pc to the ip for the docker run the command to read the access logs download a game it shows miss download is finished uninstall redownload go back to the logs and it says nothing but the previous miss and downloads again from steam itself so any help would be awesome! also I have a pfsense router if that makes any difference just in case I need to change something on that level for this to work correctly
  5. i want to back up all my unraid shares into one. anyone have the command for that?
  6. how do you make filebot delete files out of the input folder once its been moved into the output? i got it working now had to use move not copy in action
  7. any guide on how to update the docker to the newest version?
  8. true true what other options do we have that dont cost an arm and a leg?
  9. will support for the new crashplan pro come into this docker? its 5$ more a month for unlimited storage so it isnt horrible.
  10. I will do that when I get home!! I didn't think about attaching that
  11. Smart report gave 2000 reallocated sectors plus it was at the 3 year mark of on time Then it read errors. Then it wouldnt spin up
  12. Okay I had a disk go bad so I replaced it and did a preclear on the drive everything came out fine Started the rebuild and now I'm getting errors from disk1 and disk2 now disk2 is the new drive Should I replace disk1 also since it now giving errors ? It also not letting disk2 to be enabled https://i.imgur.com/g0g8SUq.png
  13. Like the title says it won't boot without one plugged in It's a asus z97 extreme 6 I'm lost on why it won't Had an hard drive in the boot slot in bios Took it out starts right up Not sure why it would stop it but hey it works now
  14. the attach shows what im looking at. any ideas of what wrong?