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  1. Updated Grafana recently and I guess it went to v8.0.3. I didn’t have problems with my items (although it did change some of the coloring and formatting) but I’m now having Chrome and Chromium crashes on a couple of display systems. The Aw, Snap variety that don’t auto-recover. Anyone else dealing with this?
  2. Can someone write up the MariaDB process for creating the user and DB? I've tried and I think I have it set up correctly, but I'm getting an access denied. Can't tell if I need to open something up on MariaDB or if I created or assigned the user incorrectly. This is all docker on Unraid and it's all new install.
  3. It just won’t allow you to add it?
  4. Actually, a follow up question. If I replace the failed drive with a 2TB, can I upgrade the parity at a later date and then have access to the extra space on the replacement drive at that time? Or do I have to remove that larger replacement drive and add it back in so it recognizes the extra space?
  5. Sorry if this has been asked, but I’m looking for general guidance here and I’m having trouble finding the answer. I have a secondary array filled with 1TB drives, including parity. One of the drives just failed. I’m going to try restarting the array as soon as some other things finish accessing it and hope the drive comes back from the dead. If it doesn’t, I want to figure out the right way to replace/upgrade drives. My plan will be to swap a 2TB in my primary array for a 4TB (or more). That’s easy. Once I have the 2TB drive, what’s the best plan for adding it to the secondary arr
  6. binhex, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It looks like it decided to do some metadata indexing: Apr 28, 2021 17:56:00.693 [0x152b98202b38] DEBUG - Updating metadata item (save) (IMG_2594) with ID 122370 Apr 28, 2021 17:56:01.475 [0x152b98202b38] DEBUG - Updating metadata item (save) (IMG_2595) with ID 122371 Apr 28, 2021 17:56:02.286 [0x152b98202b38] DEBUG - Updating metadata item (save) (IMG_2594) with ID 171654 Apr 28, 2021 17:56:03.060 [0x152b98202b38] DEBUG - Updating metadata item (save) (IMG_2595) with ID 171655 That's running endlessly and it appears to be ma
  7. Ok, I've had to fix this before, but now I can't find the answer. Plex is pulling a lot of CPU all of a sudden. It started a couple of days ago (I monitor CPU in Graphana and know exactly when it happened). It was a couple of days after the 6.9.2 update was installed and in the middle of the day. It shouldn't have been the mover, and I wasn't messing around with firewall settings. Pretty quiet day, actually. No GPU build, just straight Binhex-plexpass. What should I check?
  8. Just to lend my voice to the list...InfluxDB 2.0 also broke everything for me. Grafana was throwing the access error, but it also turns out I was not capturing any data from multiple sources, including Telegraf. It's possible the return to 1.8 blew out what was captured during that time, but that would be surprising to me. Changing to 1.8 brought it back, with the data gap.
  9. Dieter, I tried it out and I'm having a little bit of a stumble with it. Maybe you can help point me in the right direction. First, it's reporting the available space as what the Docker process has, not the array drive space. Maybe that's not material if it's storing the files directly to a share on the array. But that's my next issue. I think I figured out how to remap the data_dir location to a /mnt/user/share location, but it's storing the file in what appears to be an obfuscated and possibly encrypted state. Ideally, the files would just drop into this dedicated sha
  10. I have the same question. I'd like to point it to another location for the file storage. Edit: I tried changing the app dir and it still only shows the space in the container. How do I map it to an Unraid share?
  11. I'm hoping there's an easy way to do this and I just haven't found it in my searches yet. I'd like to have a public facing, encrypted and authenticated file drop location. I'm hoping I can do this within Unraid. I'm not really set up for users on Unraid at the moment, and I'd prefer to not be forced into breaking my current settings. A container with a secure front end that maps the back end to a single share in Unraid would be preferred. I'm going to look into pwndrop. Looks like it might work for my needs, but I need to understand it better. Am I missing another obvio
  12. No change since I posted this a week ago. I'm still getting the drop outs on two disks. Any thoughts on where I should look?
  13. I don't appear to have the same problem with HDDTemp, but I do have another problem. Since switching to this docker I'm getting the following graph: The two disks with the vertical lines are usually reading at 0deg but will occasionally read the correct temps. The two disks in question happen to both be Seagate 4TB disks, but they aren't my only of that type. No other disks are behaving this way. Nothing unusual in the Unraid syslog. I happen to have another docker that's pulling Netatmo stats from the API. This one also quits reporting from time to time. I
  14. I'm currently using a Norco 4220 (I think, it's old) installed in a 4 post rack. I'm thinking long term and would like to move toward removing the 4 post rack at some point, and going to either MDF wall mounting for everything or maybe just a 2 post rack. I also think I can reduce my disk count from the current 16 HDDs to 8 HDDs. So, to start, what are my options for something that can be wall mounted and carry 8 disks plus the ATX mobo? Something like a tower case with at least 8 3.5" bays that has mounting points for the back of the chassis? If I can't find a good opt