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  1. Is this thing on? Everything ok in here?
  2. I have a "transcode" folder in my cache that's gotten rather large. This is for plexpass. Most of the dates are from over a year ago. Is this some stranded content? Is it safe to delete it?
  3. I did, which is part of the reason I'm asking if anyone has gotten it working with the ESP32. Seems like a "should be able to" answer at this point. ***Edit - that came off kind of snarky, sorry about that, wasn't my intent. I'm interested in building some analog gauges that are "remote" via an ESP32 over the network. This plugin is obviously pulling the real time stats from Unraid, so I'm hoping someone has taken that next step to get it working over IP. I'm hoping I can figure out how to take the data meant for an LCD display and convert that into PWM for analog gauges.
  4. I'd like to use something like this to drive PWM pins on an ESP32 (or Arduino) for analog gauges. Has anyone done something similar, or gotten an ESP32 to work?
  5. Unifi-poller quit working for me after updates this weekend. Looking above, there may be a significant delay for the version in the repository. I am using it in Docker and doing the Prometheus exporter. The logs suggest it's touching the Unifi controller, just that the Prometheus export is empty.
  6. Reboot appears to have done the trick. Thanks! Any indication what's causing the crashes? Is it the macvlan? I changed it to ipvlan and I'll see if I run into issues.
  7. Upgraded to 6.12.1 about a week ago. Hard crash after about a day. Did an automatic parity check and everything was fine. Saw the 6.12.2 release and upgraded to that. Again, a hard crash after a day or so. I don't know if it'll show up in the diagnostics, but I was getting the maclan warning. After rebooting this morning (and the parity check starting again), Docker failed to start. I tried modifying Docker to iplan but it's still failing to start. Parity check will run for another 24 hours, so I'm not sure I can interrupt that, but any help in getting me in the right direction would be appreciated.
  8. I never figured out how to edit the defaults, but it appears this particular app does not allow for modifying the defaults anyway. You have to set the changes with URL switches. In my case, it's an image rendering size: &kiosk&height=1080&width=1920 As long as you specify this it allows you to override the defaults in the config file.
  9. Figured it out. The config.json may not be editable. You have to specify the size with URL switches: &kiosk&height=1080&width=1920 I'm using the &kiosk to remove extraneous dashboard content for displaying on a TV. The height and width parameters can be set to whatever you need for the display.
  10. If I put the file in the appdata location before mapping it using this: I don't see any change in the docker console when doing a cat on the file. It doesn't pick up the changed file in appdata. Just overrides it with the container version.
  11. When I do this it creates the config.json as a folder in appdata, instead of a file.
  12. Just found that there was an update to the container. Still can't figure out how to edit the config.json.
  13. This one boots but doesn't link up the config file: This one also boots but doesn't link up the config file: Same for this one: I'm not sure what I was doing earlier that was causing it to not boot but it seems to be starting every time now. However, I haven't found the magic combo that allows me to edit the file. Placeholder file in appdata or not, the container file never changes.
  14. Ok, I think I understand now that I have to create the entire folder structure in the appdata folder or else it thinks it's missing. I can't find a way to make the single json editable, without recreating that entire structure, and I'm not sure what the best way is to recreate that in appdata.
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