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  1. So I checked the settings and the restrictive validation is already disabled: And this is what I'm seeing right now: Should I just manually input the network attached share path that is added to my unraid server? EDIT----> nevermind I was able to get the dropdown to show my network attached drives. I think I'm all good now. Running the backup job right now UPDATED EDIT----> I got the backup runnin
  2. i just downloaded this plugin and like what I see. The only thing is that I have disks that are network drives. Is there a way to use directories that aren't using/on the array itself? I want to use other network attached disks that are connected to my unraid server.
  3. CORRECTION I was able to get it to work----> You was correct about the mapping, I was adding too much within the path. This is the working path/setting----> I really really really appreciate your time with helping me and kicking me into the right direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I do understand most part of the concept of volume mapping. I read the Dcker FAQ but not find any information (none that is helping really) If possible, can you show you current setting?? Please I'm really not knowing where I'm messing up I know its something really dumb that I'm messing up Also it is mapping correctly just like it appears within Sonarr but it keeps saying that the This path doesn't seem to be valid
  5. It's still showing this---> Here is the updated settings for bazarr----> Here is the current settings for: 1. radarr----> 2. sonarr---->
  7. Is my current setting incorrect????:
  8. Hi, I'm not sure what is wrong with this but I keep seeing this on all my shows------------> This path doesn't seem to be valid Here is my current setting: Not sure if this is wrong or what?????
  9. Makes sense. Its going to take awhile to check the backups but I know that I'll find one that is good. Thank you soooo much for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Makes sense. Going to take awhile to check the backups and make sure they good but I think I could find a good one. Thank you so much for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm assume that I'll need to reinstall mainly all the dockers???
  12. I did a fresh install of plex and used my backups to restore some settings but the server is not detecting newly added movies. I'm able to play videos but its not seeing new movies also within sonarr, I'm still seeing lots of SQLite exceptions------------>
  13. Ok I'll do that right now and let you know the results
  14. Hey, I upgraded to 6.8.0-rc9 from 6.7.2 cause I started seeing the SQLite exceptions starting today. So I made the jump but for some reason, I'm still seeing these exceptions and seeing lots of " database disk image is malformed " in Sonarr Also my plex is not letting me see anything. Just see this in my dashboard: 624ab6102bfd17843696e3fb4803ec42 Please help not sure what I'm doing wrong!!!!
  15. Oh ok. I'm able to get it now. I'm going to make the needed changes and also run that command to check further. Thanks so much for the help. Still kinda new with unraid but learning so much about it and loving it more
  16. Its weird. I'm checking the folder structure in the cache pool and I'm not sure what is using so much space within the pool Also, I removed the Mover Tuner and the Mover is still not working
  17. !!!! update !!!! Adding more space to the cache and the array. ----> The Mover ran but for a few seconds. Just want to make sure its working good. Can some please check just want to make sure I'm not crazy
  18. oh ok I get you. I'll look at getting larger drives this week to get some more space for my array. Hopefully the Mover will run after that. Thanks for your insight on this
  19. What do you think is a good size to set just for a start?
  20. How do I set minimum free space within my shares?
  21. I'm going to be shopping for some larger drives this week
  22. Yea I'm going to try that out when I get home after work. But do you think that the issue could be the space you were mentioning before? The fact that I'm running low on space is causing the Mover to not run?
  23. Nevermind I found how to enable it lol Here is a new log
  24. How do I collect Mover logs again?
  25. My mover is not moving and the cache is filling up-----> Not sure why the Mover is not working. Can someone please help