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  1. Anyone having issues remote streaming? The following using the Android Plex app. Away from home and on WI-FI, comes back with an error and to try again. Away from home and on LTE and streaming just fine.
  2. Isn't /tmp actually RAM? Are your transcoding to RAM? I think PLEX deletes those. Worst case reboot and should disappear but will come back until you figure it out.
  3. Just randomly went to server page and on 6.8.3 the drives are spun down like they should be, I am waiting for final release and maybe wait for 6.9.1 to fix the bugs not caught.
  4. It doesn't list 1660 Super? What is the "session limit" vs "transcode streams"?
  5. As an author how do I set the template to update? I have updated on docker-templates on github. So far I have had to uninstall with image and then delete the user template so it takes the updated template.
  6. Add an option to only use the template from the App. I.e. the Dev has updated the Template, right now when you update an App it keeps using the existing template.
  7. What settings in BIOS to keep watts down when system idle? 77W Idle: Disks spun down I112W Idle: Disks spun up 138W to 155W transcode 4k to 1080p
  8. I wonder if I should try 6.9 RC2 again? My hardware is not brand new.
  9. Was having issues that later turned out to be a failing SSD cache drive in a cache pool. The SSDs had 4yr 8months on them(Crucial MX200 x 2 500G). Replaced with 2 x 1TB WD RED SSDs. This failing SSD even when put back in as an Unassigned Device SSD, Unraid would report errors and sometimes Unassigned Device would lose the device, making all Unassigned Devices SSDs disappear(on same MB controller, spinning drives on 9211-8i). Which temporarily caused the new Cache pool SSDs to get lost too. So fully removed the almost 5yr old 2 x SSDs fully. And haven't had an issu
  10. The prebuilt images at the bottom just work fine, I've updated them recently. Thanks will try the pre-built 6.8.3 tonight. For Plex Transcoding.
  11. A week ago started over with 6.8.3 after trying 6.9 RC2. The pre-built builds listed at the beginning of post still work for 6.8.3? Would there be a difference if I followed the build instructions? Edit: Cannot find the Docker on CA "EDIT: Please always delete the container and the template when you finished building the kernel and redownload it from the CA app so that the template is always on the newest version." Edit2: I took the Docker template from your Github. On the to select beta or rc or stable it said to leave blank but when it was do
  12. I just setup the CA Backup/Restore for 1st time. Left all my Docker apps unchecked but binhex-krusader & DiskSpeed didn't get backed up, they are in a Folder done by Docker Folder plugin. How they look in my Docker tab. 2nd question, does CA Backup/Restore back everything in the appdata share if I don't exclude any? Even if that Docker is not currently unstalled? i.e. binhex-delugevpn isn't installed but I have a folder for if I installed again.
  13. delugevpn flexget dev The Dev version is fully up to date and working as of Jan 12, 2021 Flexget 3.1.98 deluge 2.0.4.dev38 libtorrent: Python: 3.9.1 OpenVPN 2.5.0 OS: Linux Arch Linux