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  1. Confirming based on your github documentation the Zen 3 platform, i.e. 5800X is currently not supported?
  2. Sure thing, Just to confirm, I don't haveto manually start the daemon, just run the corefreq-cli?
  3. Set BIOS OC back to AUTO, only have RAM OC applied. I am unable to change my CPU Freq past 3800 Mhz on my 5800X. When I attempt to load the CPU-FREQ driver or the CPU-IDLE driver, I get this following message: Here is what my Max Freq option looks like The rest of the freq options looks similar, they all show the same freq even thought i have disabled turbo through the plugin. Uploading diagnostics... hammsandwich-diagnostics-20210606-0843.zip
  4. It is not multiple accounts. but multiple share types. For example, share "ABC" is set to Public, and share "XYZ" is set to Private, with R/W perms for user "123". If I browse via Windows to \\unraid\ABC, I am immediately allowed in as an anonymous user and can read and write to share "ABC" perfectly fine. Then I want to authenticate to share "XYZ" to work on more sensitive data. I get prompted with username/password, and when entered correctly, Windows throws an error saying it cannot access different shares with multiple accounts on the same file server. I am assu
  5. I have noticed I set shares to public they work without issue. When a share is private, I cannot copy anything larger than a few MB without a transfer fail. Retry works about 1/5 times. This is prevalent on multiple Win10 machines on my network, all various versions with various hardware types. Unfortunately having a mix of Public and Private shares also does not work because Windows does not allow for multiple connections to the same SMB servers with different accounts simultaneously.
  6. You are absolutely correct. After enabling additional firewall logging and reinstalling the plugin and rebooting, I am seeing Blocks on the firewall from Unraid to on ICMP. Added to outbound rules and that helped with speed of install and booting. I plan on disabling BIOS OC this weekend to see if that resolves my VM stability issue.
  7. Oh I apologize I didn't understand the question initially. No, I run both on other hardware with no reliance on Unraid, so rebooting Unraid would have no impact on internet access to any devices on my network.
  8. I don't see any blocks at the firewall or PiHole.. I allow all github traffic and use stock PiHole so I do not think these are causing issues but will check again.
  9. I do have a firewall between Unraid and the internet, just check the logs and I allow github traffic. I see no denies. I also have PiHole, and just mainly the default block lists with a few regex filters, but also checked those logs and there are no blocks either.
  10. I have not used the plugin yet to set OC or anything, I am still doing an all-core OC/undervolt in the BIOS, which has been stable for a month+ after very thorough testing. My installing the plugin, my daily driver Win10 VM with various passthroughs just randomly...does something odd. All my monitors turn off, but Unraid reports its still up. Restarting the VM via Unraid does not work; I have to force stop and power it on again. I have 2C/4T for Unraid, then the remaining 6C/12T isolated from Unraid for VMs. I noticed just while poking around Idle drivers and other various drive
  11. It is installed and I can see the dashboard. I did reboot my server afterward, and it took noticeably longer to reboot than normal. I uninstalled the plugin and rebooted, and it went quicker. Finally I reinstalled the plugin (took a while again) and rebooted, and the boot from GRUB takes about twice as long until I can see the dashboard.
  12. Thanks for putting hard work into making this plugin. EDIT: DISREGARD it took way longer than I expected to install. When I attempt to install it, the install never complete. I see the following: plugin: installing: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ich777/unraid-corefreq/master/corefreq.plg plugin: downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ich777/unraid-corefreq/master/corefreq.plg plugin: downloading: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ich777/unraid-corefreq/master/corefreq.plg ... done I have reattempted the install multiple times, but all a
  13. Requesting adding support for corefreq and modules. https://github.com/cyring/CoreFreq
  14. It finally connected and updated. Very odd. Might need to check my DNS infra. Thanks.