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  1. i have 3 GPU and no problems at all. 1 for GUI boot (gt710), 1 for Plex (1050ti) and a Vega64 for the VM's (reset bug is still there). are you sure you didn't assigned the wrong one?
  2. you can use a Linux live boot usb to gain access to the drives, i'm not sure how to do it when you have disk encryption... (or remove it from the server and mount it to an another linux system) best tip i can give: ALWAYS make a backup before upgrading and safe the backup somewhere else... (you can create a full backup through the GUI.)
  3. is it an idea to put the patch back in unRAID? and to use it, you need to type in commando in the "syslinux.cfg" file? i would love to test it... my win10 vm can't update to any driver higher then 17.3.x (latest driver that asus profited at there website for the vega64 strix) every driver after 17.x result in a black screen. but on the other side, with v17 a can reboot the vm without any problems. my linux VM still suffers from this "bug"
  4. i know. but disabled cache use on the share, that also works (i disabled netbios, so no v1 here) i prefer to lose some write speed instead of security...
  5. you can change which device is eth0, scroll down on your network settings to "interface rule", change the mac address for interface eth0 to the pcie card.
  6. yeah, and at this time of writing this message, the server is 23hours "stable" without suspicious notifications in the logs, however almost 18hours are Parity sync (its slower on 6.8) Dockers and VM are on.
  7. its the first time this "half freeze" problem happens. (beside the freezes i had with Ryzen) i running 6.8 now +/- 2 weeks, i don't have a high uptime because the annoying AMD reset bug (vega64).
  8. i not sure if this is to right spot to place this, but there did something goes wrong on my server running 6.8. (there are NO diagnostics!!) this morning i had a "half" freezed system. i tried to login on my VM (its always on) after put password in and pressed 'enter' its stops working, only the mouse was working, no keyboard command was accepted. i tried to gain access thought the GUI boot, but firefox freezed while loading the webgui. then i tried to open terminal but i cant type anything there. so, booted my notebook to gains access through ssh, did successful login to it en tried to force a reboot, got the message that says system is going to do a reboot. waited.... well reboot not started, it did nothing. opened en new ssh terminal to get "diagnostic", waited about 30mins and no diagnostics... so there was nothing else then a dirty reboot (i really don't like that) it rebooted and its now doing a paritysync, no strains thing going on... but, now i didn't got any diagnostics, so i setup a remote syslog server, but when i config the syslog service on unraid and saved it i had to restart rsyslog by my self, Unraid didn't restart it after i changed something in the GUI. why doesn't unraid restart it after some gui change?? "sudo /etc/rc.d/rc.rsyslogd restart" did the trick. now i'm going to monitor the system logs remotely, hopefully this was a onetime thing.... edit: Thnx to Domoticz (its running on unRAID) i found out that around 0:15h AM there where no activity recorded from my energy meter (youless LS120), around 9:55h AM it started working again (the moment i did a dirty reboot) no i know why Plex didn't do it scheduling programs... so Docker was "dead", and VM manager was almost dead...
  9. just make a full backup of your unraid usb drive before upgrade. i see in the screenshot that you are using Unraid server basic, so there is a key? you can check this here: tools -> registration
  10. there are a lot of Unraid servers exposed to the www, shodan shows a lot of them, they are mostly secured with password (the default login page) i totally don't understand why people are expose the gui config to the www go use a VPN... if i found an unprotected server i turn them off. is it legal? not sure, i'm not hacking them, there is no login required, so....
  11. VRAM is used for the transcode but the finished transcode data will be temporary stored in RAM. (one 2.5hour 4k stream can eat 12G of RAM, it looks like Plex doesn't remove old transcode data unless the stream ended...)
  12. here it still transcode to RAM, no problems or whatsoever... if it not eating all its RAM its fine... You can limit the amount of ram use with a script. (so Plex won't use all the ram that result in a server crash) #!/bin/bash mkdir /tmp/PlexRam mount -t tmpfs -o size=18g tmpfs /tmp/PlexRam set it with the User scripts, scheduler "at first array start only" and you fine ('size=Xg' is max allowed ram use)
  13. "vers=v1.0" in the mount command (on Linux, i don't know how it handled in windows)