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  1. docker exec -it nextcloud_container_name occ list
  2. all 3 gpu's are selectable for bind to vfio driver, only the amd vega64 is stubbed, only the GPU that unRAID use for it's GUI has problems (the GT710) the 1050ti which is in use for plex transcode, works fine. if i switch in the bios from the gt710 to the 1050ti, then bold gpu stayed at P0 state and gui issues.
  3. the LSio version runs fine, the amd reset patch works only with the windows10 vm, which is not my daily driver, so no big problem...
  4. no, the LSio version only. non of the builds from this container works edit: the current LSio image on flashdrive: (6.9.0-beta25) bzfirmware: 8.8MB (output from this container: 9.9MB) bzfirmware.sha256: 65bytes (container: 106bytes) bzimages: 4.8MB (container: 4.8MB) bzimges.sha256: 65bytes (container: 103bytes) bzmodules: 23.9 (container: 23MB) bzmodule.sha256: 65bytes (container: 105bytes) bzroot: 232.4MB (container: 231.0MB) bzroot.sha256: 65bytes (container: 102bytes) output from this containers is version 6.9.0beta25 nvidia drivers 450.57
  5. yep, the 440.100, same as the LS.io images. I'm gonna wait for beta26, will test it again. the only difference what is see is that the LSio are bigger then de builds from this docker.
  6. i tried a 'clean' flashdrive (read as, new setup, only the license key was reused, no configs), so that a config conflict isn't the problem. yep: i think that my hardware has a glitch...
  7. GPU are not sharing the same group. with the stock and LS.io version it working fine... After some more reading on the beta version i did make a full backup of the flash drive and upgraded to the 6.9 beta25. it works without problem so i decided to build a beta version... no luck, same behavior, unRAID gpu stays at P0 state and the screen is only showing a blinking stripe in the left upper corner, only the startup and shutdown is visible, local login is not possible... kernel: resource sanity check: requesting [mem 0x000c0000-0x000fffff], which spans more than PCI Bus 0000:00 [mem 0x000c0000-0x000dffff window] kernel: caller _nv000745rm+0x1af/0x200 [nvidia] mapping multiple BARs i tried the prebuilt images from TS, no luck too. Maybe there is a glitch in my hardware, or maybe this is one of the reasons why Limetech didn't include the patch in the official images... for now i'm stick to the LS.io version (the beta) and have to accept that the reset bug will be here...
  8. i am not using the Nvidia GPU for the VM, that use the Vega64 (this if why i needed the AMD Reset Bug Patch ) its Passthrought. unRAID use the Geforce gt710 (GUI boot), Plex media server use the geforce 1050ti. with the build from this container the GT710 stays on P0 state and spamming the logbook with the notification, If i switch in the BIOS from the gt710 to the 1050ti (and use it for unraid en plex) then the gt710 is staying on P0 state and spamming the logbook) I am on Threadripper gen1. still doubt to check the beta build out...
  9. I finely made time to try this dockercontainer. Got it to work, the Win10 VM works perfectly with the reset bug included, Linux VM not really (2e boot crashed at efi vga to amdgpudrmfb notification) But i found out that the GPU that unRAID using is staying at P0 state, tried if it would work if i switch from GPU, no luck... also its spamming the logbook with: kernel: resource sanity check: requesting [mem 0x000c0000-0x000fffff], which spans more than PCI Bus 0000:00 [mem 0x000c0000-0x000dffff window] kernel: caller _nv000745rm+0x1af/0x200 [nvidia] mapping multiple BARs this is with unRAID 6.8.3 i am not sure if the 6.9 beta doesn't have this issue... (tried Nvidia v450.66, v450.57 and 440.100) did update the vega64 driver on win10 (finely it works!) and switched for now back to the LS.io version)
  10. well, my network skills are from duckduckgo/Google IPv6 is still new to me too.. if it wasn't that annoying Geolocation(and block), i would still using ipv6, but later this you i'm switching to an another isp with ipv6 support...
  11. what are those backnet and backnetipv6 networks? settings > network settings settings > docker (Advanced View enabled) note; i dont have IPv6 anymore, maybe it better to continue in you own topic '
  12. no, you have to enable 'network bridging' in the network setting of unraid itself. then after doing that, under the dockercontainer setting 'network type' Custom : br0 i didn't got Letsencrypt fully working with ipv6...
  13. Br0 is a 'custom' network. (br0 is in the same network as unraid) it will be there is you enable 'network bridging' in the network settings. but, currently i have disabled IPv6 on the network, i had to much trouble with Geo location..
  14. i have the exact same setting and its working fine, think its better to follow johhnie.black answer...
  15. your screenshot says: http://localhost:8086 this need to be: http://YOURSERVERIPADDRESS:8086