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  1. so, if i understand correctly, i can't use this container to enable access to my services on IPv6? :(
  2. is here someone who got SWAG fully working on IPv6? i trying to get it working but after view weeks of trail and error i'm out of idea's... Docker is fully working on IPv6, can confirm this. i have a tor relay running on unraid/docker and it external accessible through IPv6... SWAG does have an working IPv6 address. but Cloudflare won't get connection to SWAG on IPv6, resulting many times with error 522 i did some research on nginx with ipv6, its needs '--with-ipv6'? when checking on SWAG with the command: nginx -V it gives me the following configure arguments:
  3. i had problems with unraid when IPv6 was enabled, when its enabled the vm's and docker container wont work with ipv6, so i disabled it and using the second NIC with IPv6 enabled only for the docker containers what need ipv6, and this solution works for me. the vm's got an ipv6 address and docker will work on ipv6. but sometimes unraid itself will try to use that nic to download stuff by using the ipv6 address and this will fail of course because unraid isn't setup for ipv6... i changed the firewall rule by only blocking on port 53 (i want to prevent any device on
  4. yeah, i think i found the problem, the driver installer is trying to use IPv6, and unraid itself isn't setup for that. i'm going to temporary disable the second NIC by unplug the fiber (which is setup for IPv6) and then try again. the files are there where they belong, i uploaded it to unraid and is banned on my network (i did found some reference to in this plugin) jup, found the problem, disabled the second NIC and tried again, its finished and its report me to reboot the server
  5. yeah, i have Pi-hole, but unRAID is excluded from it. manual download did work. will trying a second time download.
  6. unRAID was trying to download the new driver but it fails, no idea to troubleshot this, can't find anything in the logbook:
  7. its not only removing the screenshots. its why are you have all those ports OPEN to the WorldWideWeb...
  8. your Qnap is already using port 80 and 443. Letsencrypt(swag) need those ports... its not possible to port forward the same ports to two different devices at the same time your nextcloud have a port config on 444, if you want nextcloud behind swag you need to config the nextcloud config inside the swag folder... (after that, no need for port 444 anymore...) Search on Youtube "spaceinvaderone" he has video's for using swag (letsencrypt), nextcloud, duckdns, cloudflare etc.. and NEVER EVER expose your unraid Manager to the WWW!!! especially if you don't have any netw
  9. i have this problem too! changing the temperature setting on one disk and then change smart setting on an another disk resets the first disk to the default settings... removing the smart-one.cfg does NOT fix this! the smart attribute Notification settings are elso broken... (my telegramBOT can confirm this.) noting visible in the logbooks... edit: manual edit the smart-one.cfg did work!! but i cant edit something in the GUI or the smart-one.cfg file will be over written...
  10. ohh, i didn't know that edit the temperatures settings are also broken, i had this working fine under 6.9.0 and the 6.9RC releases. i see that the temperature setting on my NVME ssd is also reset to default... removing the smart-one.cfg does NOT solve this! edit: manual edit the smart-one.cfg did work!! but i cant edit something in the GUI or the smart-one.cfg file will be over written...
  11. i trying to disable some SMART attribute notifications on 2 cache devices but it's not disabled en my telegram bot is still spamming me with smart notifications... to reproduce: 1. under main > device (in my cage "cache") > SMART Settings > SMART attribute notifications: 2. disable one or more of the attribute 3. hit apply, and the page is refreshing. after refresh the attribute is disabled. 4. go to "cache 2" 5. disable the same thing (or something else) as "cache" 6. hit apply and after page refresh its disabled. 7. go back to "cache" (
  12. i have a AMD Radeon Vega64 with the "Reset Bug" for the Desktop VM, its impossible to have a high uptime... 🙈
  13. check if you don't have any space " " at front and back of the Nvidia Visible Devices ID, this will happen when you did copy the ID
  14. You don't have to use Google Authenticator the use 2FA. i use KeePassXC (desktop) and andOTP (android phone) they bold work on this forum.