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  1. its not only removing the screenshots. its why are you have all those ports OPEN to the WorldWideWeb...
  2. your Qnap is already using port 80 and 443. Letsencrypt(swag) need those ports... its not possible to port forward the same ports to two different devices at the same time your nextcloud have a port config on 444, if you want nextcloud behind swag you need to config the nextcloud config inside the swag folder... (after that, no need for port 444 anymore...) Search on Youtube "spaceinvaderone" he has video's for using swag (letsencrypt), nextcloud, duckdns, cloudflare etc.. and NEVER EVER expose your unraid Manager to the WWW!!! especially if you don't have any netw
  3. i have this problem too! changing the temperature setting on one disk and then change smart setting on an another disk resets the first disk to the default settings... removing the smart-one.cfg does NOT fix this! the smart attribute Notification settings are elso broken... (my telegramBOT can confirm this.) noting visible in the logbooks... edit: manual edit the smart-one.cfg did work!! but i cant edit something in the GUI or the smart-one.cfg file will be over written...
  4. ohh, i didn't know that edit the temperatures settings are also broken, i had this working fine under 6.9.0 and the 6.9RC releases. i see that the temperature setting on my NVME ssd is also reset to default... removing the smart-one.cfg does NOT solve this! edit: manual edit the smart-one.cfg did work!! but i cant edit something in the GUI or the smart-one.cfg file will be over written...
  5. i trying to disable some SMART attribute notifications on 2 cache devices but it's not disabled en my telegram bot is still spamming me with smart notifications... to reproduce: 1. under main > device (in my cage "cache") > SMART Settings > SMART attribute notifications: 2. disable one or more of the attribute 3. hit apply, and the page is refreshing. after refresh the attribute is disabled. 4. go to "cache 2" 5. disable the same thing (or something else) as "cache" 6. hit apply and after page refresh its disabled. 7. go back to "cache" (
  6. i have a AMD Radeon Vega64 with the "Reset Bug" for the Desktop VM, its impossible to have a high uptime... 🙈
  7. check if you don't have any space " " at front and back of the Nvidia Visible Devices ID, this will happen when you did copy the ID
  8. You don't have to use Google Authenticator the use 2FA. i use KeePassXC (desktop) and andOTP (android phone) they bold work on this forum.
  9. well... this was a painful update... at reboot i got surprised with "Boot error", put an backup on flash drive still give this error. so recreate a new flashdrive and put the config back on it fixed the problem. then i got problems with the network card (mellanox connectX-3 pro) its a dual NIC but unraid was showing 3 NIC's🤔 found out that its detecting the second nic double, GIU wasn't helping so i edit the network.cfg manually. rebooted, not fixed... found network-rules.cfg and edit this. rebooted and this got fixed. (network-rules.cfg is after reboot gone)
  10. my VM and unRAID itself use a mouse/keyboard of the unRAID GUI. but i search on the Plex forum on that error message and its from the Plex tuner services, i don't use DVR on this server anymore? why is this still trowing errors and instability?? i found this topic where they kill the plex tuner service, i just tried this out and will monitor the logs for any other errors/instability... edit: server still crashing, but now i got this message: Jobs: Exec of /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Plex Tuner Service failed. (13) no more "Critical: libusb_init failed".
  11. last weekend i found out that maybe the problem was the DVR, so i remove this from my main server and created an second server for this, but my problem still exist: Starting Plex Media Server. ****** PLEX MEDIA SERVER CRASHED, CRASH REPORT WRITTEN: /config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Crash Reports/ MEDIA SERVER/6507dcb9-aeb8-178e-763c213c-306a3ee2.dmp Starting Plex Media Server. Critical: libusb_init failed Mar 1 14:25:39 LMFSv3 kernel: Plex Media Serv[121438]: segfault at b8 ip 0000000000b456af sp 0000148a6a86e920 error 4 in Plex Media Server[
  12. i checked every .log file in the /logs folder, non of them are showing me anything about a crash only those .dmp files what are in the "Crash Reports" folder inside plex appdata are showing something, but its not possible to past the info here on the forum because it only past some symbols of it, not possible the post the hole .dmp file here...
  13. because i cant past it here, its only showing the first 3 symbols... yep, this is one of those .dmp files the plex media server.log is not showing anything about the crash
  14. i have a big problem with Plex, its being going on for weeks and i cant found the solution, it crashing every time... i cant play any live tv through plex anymore, its just buffering and crashing (even my vero 4K+ device isn't liking this...) Can anyone help me!!???? unRAID v6.9.0-RC2 nvidia 1050TI (only in use by Plex) Plex container logbook: ------------------------------------- _ () | | ___ _ __ | | / __| | | / \ | | \__ \ | | | () | |_| |___/ |_| \__/ Brought to you by ------------------------------------- To support LSIO