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  1. Let's face it, the whole point of unRAID is to throw as many drives into the array as you can. The developers take pride in the fact we can now mix drives of different sizes, speeds, brands, and protocols. The problem is: Which drive did I put where? I keep a separate excel spreadsheet documenting each drive by serial number, I have a column for "location" which describes where that drive is physically located in the server, and a small notes section for comments like "used drive from Dave's old desktop". Please consider adding a "Description" or "Notes" field for each drive where I could keep that data right in unRAID. Thank you, Brian PS: I LOVE the software. Keep up the great work!
  2. My unRAID box is running 6.5.0 When I navigate to Plugins > Check for Updates, it shows that everything is up to date. Shouldn't I see 6.5.2 available now? Brian
  3. Is there an FAQ or some support documentation on this app? I'm confused about several settings. Like "Install VirtualBox during array mount:" Does it really have to reinstall VirtualBox every time? I'm confused why the installation is not persistent like other apps.
  4. No worries. I didn't install a web server. unRAID has a web-based management console out of the box, I just use that. Is Apache or other such service a dependency for this plugin? If so, I didn't realise that. Is there any documentation on this?
  5. I understand what you mean about the page not updating - but no, it's actually unresponsive. I try refreshing / opening the UI in a new tab / other laptop, etc. It will not load. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like after clicking "start vboxwebsrv"
  6. I have installed the plugin but every time I click on "start vboxwebsrv" the unRAID web interface stops responding and I have to reboot the server via CLI to get it working again. After reboot, vbox is no longer installed... Any thoughts? Also - is there any documentation or FAQ's other than this thread? While I appreciate the work going into all the responses here, it's difficult to search. Thanks!
  7. What about that broken link for BitTorrnet Sync? Will we be able to install that soon?
  8. I'm having the same issue installing. Good to know a fix should be coming. Thanks for all the hard work, PhAzE!
  9. I am just starting out with unRAID and while it's been a fairly painless experience, I can NOT seem to get BTSync installed. Transmission, SubSonic and Pex Media Server, all installed without incident and I configured them as needed and have them running now. I installed BTSync from the Plugins menu fine. But when I navigate to Settings > BItTorrent Sync, configure it and click apply - I see an error at the bottom, the install file is missing. Running 6.1.9 - Any advice is greatly appreciated! -Brian in Canada
  10. I am very new to unRAID. (I just got started yesterday) When attempting to install BitTorrent Sync I get an error indicating that the install file is missing. I installed it from PlugIns > Install Plugin, using the link: https://github.com/PhAzE-Variance/unRAID/raw/master/Plugins/Btsync.plg which I found from this post http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=33341.0 from PhAzE. His other links worked fine for Transmission, SubSonic and Pex Media Server, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with BTSync. Any pointers of where to look for log files, etc. would be appreciated.
  11. Kindly disregard this post. After additional reboots - it suddenly works!
  12. When I initially spun up my new unRAID box I didn't realize virtualization technology was disabled. I have since turned it on in BIOS, but I'm still getting this error: "Your hardware does not have Intel VT-x or AMD-V capability. This is required to create VMs in KVM. " Is there something I can do to have unRAID 'recheck' if that option is supported?
  13. Just starting out with unRAID. My box has 8GB RAM. Hoping to spin up a VM or two, so may be looking for more memory in the coming months.