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  1. Hope you recovered well @AnnabellaRenee87. Did you guys get anywhere with the 6.9 patch? So frustrating that this is an issue at all.
  2. As Squid's replied, it's the Docker Update process that hangs the system. I have exactly this issue as I've got my pfsense as a VM. I've gotten around it by having htop running (as ssh is up by then), finding and killing the docker update php script that tries to run. It's a pain, but I don't reboot much.
  3. I'm having some interesting issues with docker containers assigned IP addresses using pipework. I've got my Plex and SABnzbd dockers being given their own IP's, but they fall over at least once per day (and only those containers). I'm not sure if it's the amount of API calls between SAB/Plex/Radarr/Sonarr, but the only two I have to restart on a regular basis are the pipework ones. Obviously an ideal situation would be for Lime to implement the available docker implementation rather than running something like pipework, but I wondered if anyone else was having similar issues?
  4. Well, across user shares would be helpful, but not necessary. The annoyance lies more with Plex not supporting reading over symlinks, so will start a thread over there also.
  5. As I posted here So trying -d also fails.
  6. Hi. I understand that hard-linking was implemented recently, but as far as I'm aware, directory hard-linking is still disabled. Use-case: Plex doesn't recognise symlinks. Example: I've got a folder "The Simpsons" in /mnt/user/tvshows, which is attached to my "TV Shows" Library within Plex, but I also want it to appear in my "Kids TV" Library, which is located in /mnt/user/kids-tv. Could this be addressed, or is there a better way of working around this limitation of Plex only recognising hard links?
  7. Ok, so I re-organised to have /mnt/user/tvshows/TV and /mnt/user/tvshows/kids, and trying both ln /mnt/user/tvshows/TV/The\ Simpsons/ /mnt/user/tvshows/Kids/The\ Simpsons fails with "hard link not allowed for directory" and ln -d /mnt/user/tvshows/TV/The\ Simpsons/ /mnt/user/tvshows/Kids/The\ Simpsons fails with "Operation not permitted" I'm Running 6.3.0-rc9.
  8. Hi. Is there a way of getting cross-library files working? Example: I've got The Simpsons in /mnt/user/tvshows, which is attached to my "TV Shows" Library, but I also want it to appear in my "Kids TV" Library, which is located in /mnt/user/kids-tv. Seems we can't hard link in unraid, and symlinks don't work in Plex. Has anyone else got a workaround?
  9. Hi guys. I've my pfsense virtualised within unRAID, which means that while the array is coming up, there is no internet connection. The entire array hangs and refuses to come up until dockerupdate.php completes, which it obviously never will in my scenario. I have to ssh in and kill the process manually before it continues. Is there any way of disabling it, or having it try, fail, and continue with array start?
  10. 1.1.1RC3 has been released, is there any way of pushing it manually or something?
  11. Keeping an eye on this now ACD has been launched in the UK. Would love to move away from Crashplan.
  12. I'm now essentially stuck at RC3 due to the fact I've virtualised my pfsense install into an unraid VM. No VM, no internet; No internet, no array; No array, no VM. Hilarious predicament