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  1. Looks like there is a new BIOS for my board, AGESA Patch ABB that solves PCI/IOMMU issue for some people, might give that a go first and report back (there is no current firmware upgrade for the NVME drive).
  2. Hmmm, found this - possibly related? https://level1techs.com/article/patch-npt-ryzen-better-performance
  3. Hi guys - looking for a bit of advice on how to check what the problem here is. I thought i had a shutdown (the VM I left running looks to have restarted), a quick check in the logs gives me repeated incidences of this message: "Aug 14 09:00:06 FILE-SERVER kernel: nvme 0000:04:00.0: AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT domain=0x0000 address=0x00000000ffc75000 flags=0x0000]" and mixed in with these are: "Aug 14 09:00:07 FILE-SERVER kernel: amd_iommu_report_page_fault: 1617 callbacks suppressed" I am running new hardware, Ryzen 3900x on Asus x570, and the NVIDIA UNRAID version - the offending hardware is my Crucial NVME SSD running under unassigned devices, it is inside it's own IOMMU group and doesnt share this group with any other devices: "IOMMU group 21:[c0a9:2263] 04:00.0 Non-Volatile memory controller: Micron/Crucial Technology Device 2263 (rev 03)" Looking back I can see this is appearing in the logs since the new installation, but am now at a bit of a loss on what I can do, any advice or guidance would be appreciated!
  4. Have been an avid user for a few years now, tried out Freenas and Esxi in that time too and nothing comes close. The community support has answered every question I've had, and the plug in range has increased 4 fold in this time too. Thanks Unraid, don't know where I'd be without you!
  5. Gahhh - I have changed the config of MySQL and now it wont start. SO i think i have a catch22, i cannot edit the config file unless the docker is running, but it boots out and stops because of the issue (I set lowercase table names = 1 but there are uppercase tables in the DB) Any ideas on how to fix this? [edit - turns out the changes weren't upgrade safe, forced an upgrade and now back up and running..] though, any ideas on how to make cnf changes that stick?
  6. Ok - so I checked out the USB stick on another machine, turns out recycle bin drops deleted files into another folder, I copied them back and aside from some jumbled characters in the command line while booting it seems ok. Now to upgrade to the latest....
  7. ...I can't boot! I deleted the plugins-old-versions contents (from what I remember) as it was throwing a lot of errors when booting on files in there. Thinking they were old and I'd be ok i removed them, stupidly not making a copy of the drive first. I was running 6.4, have I any hope of recovering this or do I re-install, rebuild the array and start from scratch? Any suggestions appreciated before I make a start!
  8. On researching this further, it looks like the way to set this up is to continue to use your regular 1gb LAN connections for the internet etc, and supplement this with a direct peer to peer 10Gbe connection to file servers etc, giving a level of failover. Cards are pretty cheap right now so i'll give it a go!
  9. Hey, so I can see support for iSCSI is not going to be a feature anytime soon, though I cannot expand my Dell R610 beyond the 6 2.5” bays, so I have purchased a bargain SAN fully populated with drives. So now I think I face installing my UNRAID as a VM under FreeNAS, or adding a VM to UNRAID and using Openfiler. By the looks of things, FreeNAS is catching up in terms of feature set, supporting docker and VMs, though I love the fuss free interface provided by UNRAID so I’m a little torn! If if I choose to just use Openfiler, is it possible to mount the iSCSI VM volume back to UNRAID so it can be managed the usual way, or will it have to be separate and handled solely via Openfiler? Would like to keep this as simple as possible. Lastly, perhaps it is possible to add ISCSI by installing custom drivers and trying to manage via command line? Any suggestions appreciated, with how cheap this old fibre channel gear is going for (£55 for 16TB dell Xyratex SAN) perhaps we could think about the opportunity here for UNRAID, so many people point this out as a dealbreaker when comparing UNRAID to FreeNAS?
  10. I've used the same image, qcow is supported natively though i had to make sure i was using the right bios...q35 and seabios...
  11. Awesome, I guess there's just the issue that both machines internet will go down if there was an issue with the UNRAID machine, but at that stage that will be the least of my worries! Though I guess i could always fall back to the normal LAN if this was the case. Thanks for the reply guys!
  12. Hi - so I was looking into how to upgrade to 10GbE Lan, and the PCIE cards seem cheap but switches dont! Does anyone know if I can drop in a 2 port 10GbE card and serve a direct connection to each of my 2 client machines, while using the current 1GbE lan interface to serve up the rest of the network? Unraid would have to passthrough wan access by bridging the ports 3 ways - I am probably asking too much but I only need a decent connection to 2 machines on my network.
  13. Does anyone know how easy it is to convert a docker image for use with UNRAID? I found this which should be ideal, but so far no converted version? https://github.com/bitnami/bitnami-docker-suitecrm It's for SUITECRM which I'm currently working on an integration for...
  14. Just started using the Dashing Docker app - is there an easy way to add MySQL access that is upgrade proof?
  15. To be honest I think the video passes through the Thunderbolt on its own (blindly), I only passed through the USB Controller. I am still having issues with stuttering using Vive though, slowly working my way through a number of things to try to fix, MSI_util helped a little but not enough. Card is tested on bare metal machine with no issues so I know it is the way I have it configured. Moving a bunch of stuff off an SSD so I can try to passthrough a drive to see if it helps.