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  1. Haha. Well, even off the top you have more advice to give than me.
  2. Worked perfect. Many thanks, @frank1940 .
  3. Ah, so I need to turn "privileged" off? [EDIT: I just turned privileged off and tried again. No luck. So, I re enabled privileged again, still no luck. I'm certain I'm making an error somewhere here...]
  4. I have been running this docker for quite some time, after following SI's tutorial, with no issue. However, today, I updgraded my Unraid license to "Pro" and started receiving the too many registry keys error. So, I went into Krusader to delete the old key and I suddenly cannot access my boot drive (mapped as /FLASH per SI's video). I am uncertain as to what I've done incorrectly. Below is my docker run command and a screenshot inside Krusader when I try to access the /FLASH folder. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for this. So, it's fixed, but I'm not sure what the fix was because like an idiot I did two things at once instead of one at a time. It was either 1) a simple reboot on my main machine (hadn't rebooted since router swap) or 2) Using others' advice and turning on SMB1.0 in the Windows Features. I would turn SMB1.0 back off to test, but since it's working I'll let it ride. Thanks for the quick response jonathan.
  6. Ran into a bit of a hiccup (first in 3 years with Unraid). I had to swap my router yesterday and for some reason I am no longer able to view my shares in the windows network. I had all my shares mapped as drives with a letter for ease but now I can't see them even in the network list. More curious is that I can no longer access my server by name (\SERVERNAME) in Explorer, though it IS still accessible by IP address in an internet window (though I can no longer access it there by server name either). I have seen the many posts floating around about SMB settings and maki
  7. Gotcha. I changed my thresholds using this plugin and they don't seem to be taking affect. Maybe that's my issue.
  8. I've experienced the same issue with my X10. And, unfortunately, I'm still at the stage where "normal operation" means the fans ramp up and spin down every 5 seconds. I'm tempted to just buy a manual fan controller and call it a day.
  9. Hmm, unfortunately that hasn't seemed to work. I changed the low thresholds in the Config Editor to "200" and put both fans at 34.3 minimum %. When I hit "apply" the fans spin down to around 600rpm. But, within 5 seconds, they speed back up to full blast. Anything you can think of that i'm doing wrong, or that i can try?
  10. Great, doing that now. Thanks again. I'm setting the fan min % to 28.1 and I've set the thresholds to 200. Again, thanks for the help.
  11. Thanks for responding so quickly. My fans can go down to 200rpm so that's why i was thinking I should set it lower. Do you think I need to restart the BMC after making the changes?
  12. I was able to change the fan thresholds (went down to 100rpm because my Arctic fans can spin pretty low). But, it doesn't seem to have an affect. They're going full blast right now. Do I need to restart the BMC or something?
  13. Interestingly, I've just tried this plugin because I'm having trouble with my X10 board fans surging. When I change FAN1234 to "CPU Temp", the fans spool down when I hit Apply. However, within a few seconds they spool back up. I've got the IPMI board settings at "Full Speed" hoping for this plugin to throttle them down. Should I choose a different setting?