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  1. Sorry I'm not familiar with "drop the key", do you mean delete "migrations_lock_lock_key_unique" from the database?
  2. No worries, I appreciate you for providing the docker already, I'm sure this is some code change with Ghost, it seems to have gotten a significant update to v4. @cheesemarathon is there a way to roll back to a previous version?
  3. @cheesemarathon I just updated the Ghost docker and it won't start, getting a "wrong name for index" error. I'm pasting this from the log: [2021-03-19 16:08:49] [36mINFO[39m Ghost is running in production... [2021-03-19 16:08:49] [36mINFO[39m Your site is now available on https://my.domain/ghost/ [2021-03-19 16:08:49] [36mINFO[39m Ctrl+C to shut down [2021-03-19 16:08:49] [36mINFO[39m Ghost server started in 0.981s [2021-03-19 16:08:49] [31mERROR[39m alter table `migrations_lock` add primary key `migrations_lock_pkey`(`lock_key`) - ER_WRONG_NAME_FOR_INDEX: Incorrect inde
  4. Ah interesting, that makes sense but the error it gave doesn't seem related to the cause. This will be the first time I haven't done anything wrong—I always default to user (me) error 😅 Thank you and sorry for the extremely late response! The forum doesn't email notifications and I don't come here much.
  5. I managed to get the Ghost docker running with MariaDB. After an initial hiccup with logging into Ghost admin (a Firefox restart fixed it), everything seems fine from and But if I tried to access it internally at my.ip/blog or my.ip/blog/ghost, I get this Firefox error: Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG Safari says it can't establish a secure connection to my IP. Has anyone encountered this? I'm guessing it's related to Nginx but my other dockers are accessible.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I'm equally surprised the feature is disabled by default.
  7. That fixed it!! Thank you. I still don't understand why it worked previously though. By "custom docker bridge", do you mean the custom network? I just looked this up: After running the command $ docker network create my-net Do I then use the unRAID GUI to edit all my dockers' config to point Network Type to "my–net" instead of "bridge"? Would that be it or are there other stuff I need to do? My Emby is currently set to "Host", will that stay that way?
  8. Do you mean the /calibre? I renamed it because I want to access it via instead of This hadn't been a problem previously. I literally have not touched anything besides updating calibre-web and switched letsencrypt to swag.
  9. I've only installed dockers from the unRAID gui. Is there a way to get this information for you? Should I check the logs? I'm probably using this command wrongly ... root@Tower:~# docker run calibre-web Unable to find image 'calibre-web:latest' locally docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for calibre-web, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied. See 'docker run --help'. root@Tower:~# docker run letsencrypt Unable to find image 'letsencrypt:latest' locally docker: Error response from dae
  10. Yes I can access it via Sorry I thought this is a reverse proxy issue. If we're confirming this is a calibre-web issue I'll post over there. But re. "SWAG shouldn't be on bridge" — do I need to fix that anyway?
  11. Oh, I installed SWAG/letsencrypt using the unRAID interface and this was all default. Odd that this used to work until now? Can you advise what I should do? I'd hate to mess up my setup, everything has been working fine till Calibre-Web after I updated it. I did switch the letsencrypt repo to SWAG too. Should I follow the instructions here?
  12. They ought to be? This was running fine before and I haven't touched anything. Network type is Bridge, same as the others. I googled some commands to check network: root@Tower:~# docker inspect calibre-web -f "{{json .NetworkSettings.Networks }}" {"bridge":{"IPAMConfig":null,"Links":null,"Aliases":null,"NetworkID":"0659dbe7af4ace39b1e7c124edc8ff3d771db27688183525f1869ccf873aa2a4","EndpointID":"fc13b1021f58a201e0b0dc47c694c467d72dd435fdbf612e31abf3f9604e9786","Gateway":"","IPAddress":"","IPPrefixLen":16,"IPv6Gateway":"","GlobalIPv6Address":
  13. Thanks for suggesting that, I never knew there's a sample in there. But I'm still getting the same 502 Bad Gateway error. I'm beginning to suspect it might be Calibre-Web. Someone on Reddit is also getting the same error when his/her reverse proxy worked fine before. This is what I just tried based on the conf included in swag: location /calibre { return 301 $scheme://$host/calibre/; } location ^~ /calibre/ { # enable the next two lines for http auth auth_basic "Restricted"; auth_basic_user_file /config/nginx/.htpasswd; # enable the next
  14. Been a while, the new Linuxserver logo looks great!! Can someone have a look at this reverse proxy for calibre-web (I think I got it from Calibre-Web's github)? It used to work and now I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway. #Config for Calibre Web location ^~ /calibre/ { auth_basic "Restricted"; auth_basic_user_file /config/nginx/.htpasswd; include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; proxy_pass; proxy_set_header Host $http_host; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_
  15. Hi all, sorry I have a really dumb question: Am I suppose to be able to read an ebook with the Calibre-Web interface? I've read about the function but I'm not seeing it in the UI after clicking on a book. I see: Mark as read, Edit metadata, Download, and Send to Kindle. I also tried clicking and double-clicking on the book cover. And I've tried this with Firefox and Safari.