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  1. Hi all, sorry I have a really dumb question: Am I suppose to be able to read an ebook with the Calibre-Web interface? I've read about the function but I'm not seeing it in the UI after clicking on a book. I see: Mark as read, Edit metadata, Download, and Send to Kindle. I also tried clicking and double-clicking on the book cover. And I've tried this with Firefox and Safari.
  2. I might've ascertained the culprit in ident.cfg as I compared the clean /config with my old /config to copy settings over: # Generated settings: NAME="Tower" timeZone="America/Los_Angeles" COMMENT="Media server" SECURITY="user" WORKGROUP="WORKGROUP" DOMAIN="" DOMAIN_SHORT="" hideDotFiles="no" localMaster="yes" enableFruit="no" USE_NTP="yes" NTP_SERVER1="pool.ntp.org" NTP_SERVER2="" NTP_SERVER3="" NTP_SERVER4="" DOMAIN_LOGIN="Administrator" DOMAIN_PASSWD="" SYS_MODEL="Custom" SYS_ARRAY_SLOTS="6" SYS_CACHE_SLOTS="1" USE_SSL="no" PORT="8099" PORTSSL="443" LOCAL_TLD="localj" BIND_MGT="no" USE_TELNET="no" PORTTELNET="23" USE_SSH="no" PORTSSH="22" START_PAGE="Main" Default ident.cfg has PORT="80" and USE_TELNET and USE_SSH values of "yes" while my old ident.cfg above had port 8099 and "no" which is weird since I never touched those.
  3. @trurl I did a fresh install, copied my old config over, and still couldn't access the web ui. However, I tried a fresh CLEAN install and can get into the web ui.
  4. I checked the flash drive using Disk Utility and it gave me a exit code of 0 which suggests no errors were found. Backed up the flash drive and will proceed with a flash install. I had a look at the super.dat file in /config and I think it's corrupted. Noticed a super.old file dated Dec 10 which I think is when all this started. Does that file look normal? super.dat super.old
  5. Err no. I was anxious to get this up and running again.
  6. Ah I see your point now, sorry for being so slow. You think there's a chance the flash drive is failing? Maybe I need to get a new one while I'm t it.
  7. Not yet. I jumped the gun and started the array hoping this weird network issue would resolve itself but it didn't. It's now 18% into the parity sync/data rebuild. I've looked through the Shares and have tried watching videos via Kodi, everything else seems to be running normally. When the parity sync is finished I'll do a nice shutdown and do the flash backup etc as you suggest. Even so, that's just kinda starting from scratch and restoring the config though. I still don't know nor understand why I suddenly can't access the web gui and SSH.
  8. Ok ... but that's the least of my concerns right now 😕
  9. Ok, something new: I've not been able to access nor tower.local in the web browser. Can ping, can't SSH. But I have SABnzbd running on unRAID and I can access it via and tower.local:8080/sabnzbd/ in my web browser. Trying directs me to Nginx that I have running as a docker. If I tried explicitly, I get the same unable to connect problem as I thought maybe this is something wrong with the ISP-provided router ARRIS BGW210 (AT&T Fiber). But I had also plugged the unRAID box into my old router, hard-wired my laptop to the router, and also can't access the web gui. So I don't think it's a router issue. Looks like unRAID isn't responding to port 80 and the port 22 that SSH uses. Could something have happened within unRAID to disable those access? How can I check that? Doesn't explain how it was working fine previously and the missing array configuration.
  10. Nope, started the array, got an email notification for "parity sync / data rebuild started" but I STILL CAN'T ACCESS the IP and tower.local. With the array started, I can access all the Shares. I just received an email notification that Template URLs are missing: **** Template URL for docker application EmbyServer is missing. **** **** Template URL for docker application Rclone is missing. **** **** Template URL for docker application speedtest is missing. **** So what's going on??
  11. Great, so that solves that. I'm gonna start up the array and hope everything goes back to normal ...
  12. That's cos I booted into unraid-gui at bootup as @TQ suggested. What started all this is because I can't access the gui at nor tower.local. I'm using a Mac so I will use Disk Utility's Verify function to do the checkdisk equivalent. Since I know which disks are assigned to what, is it then safe to start up the array after reassigning them with the gui? Thanks so much for everything, this is the furthest I've gotten with this.
  13. Even though the disks aren't assigned, this doesn't explain why I can't access the web gui? I've been searching the forums about missing array assignment and it looks like people are still able to access the web gui.
  14. Ok, I found a screencap of my array assignments when I first set up unRAID. Can I reassign the same disks and hope it'll start up normally??