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  1. Didn't seem appropriate to open a bug report for this, but I noticed in the shares page, the help ? section on the column headers makes mention of AFP still being a thing, despite it having been removed everywhere else.
  2. Yeah, that's what I'm doing currently now as well. Only difference is before, I didn't have the custom header color, so the header was default white, while my text was also white. Maybe you could add a check for other users that have the same deal I did (dark custom header image, but default color), and make it so that if the custom text color, and the header color are too close together, provided they're not both user-set (I didn't have a custom header color before, just the theme default), have it change the unset one to contrast? That is, if I had white text, but an unset header
  3. Also chiming in, seeing the same thing with the Supermicro 846 icon in the list. No icon for me in the my servers page.
  4. I actually do not have adapters for mini DisplayPort, so that's not happening currently 😛 Yeah tried that already. Boots to GUI fine without the plugin installed. So something changed either in 6.9.1 or in the plugin. Not a huge deal having it be headless for a bit since I can get to the web interface just fine, but it would be nice to have that fixed 😛. Keep up the great work, man!
  5. Good to know! Connected to integrated graphics. The Quadro is solely for Plex transcoding. Yup, needed to to get onboard graphics working in 6.9 with the new IPMI firmware that uses the newer Aspeed drivers. For the record, I was not getting a black screen before. This was the first time I rebooted since installing on 6.9.1 (was having issues with it not seeing the card after the upgrade, so uninstalled and reinstall fixed that, but I never rebooted after reinstalling since it's not required) so it was the first time I noticed this issue. Any ideas why
  6. Just wanted to chime in on a coloring issue. I'm using the "black" color theme, and have a white header. I have a custom header image that's gray, so the tab bar is black text on white, but the header image is gray with some stuff in it. To see text here, I have the custom text color set to white in display settings. The menus for me are unreadable in this plugin in the header. Seems that after testing, the background of the flyout menu takes the custom text color, and text takes the custom background color. Presumably the correct approach is for the text in the header
  7. @ich177 Just wanted to chime in. I'm in 2021.03.12 of the Nvidia plugin, and even with the Intel GPU Top plugin installed, no bueno. Still get a blank screen with a non-blinking white cursor. I've tried removing and reinstalling the Nvidia plugin to no avail, since I thought that might be part of the issue. Motherboard is a Supermicro X10DRi, which is Aspeed, I think 2400-based. For the record, this is the same problem I had with 6.8.3 on the latest IPMI firmware. Since 3.80, they updated the graphics drivers on the board, so I had to downgrade to 3.77 firmware to get G
  8. Just an update, that was indeed the problem. Uninstall and reinstall of the Nvidia Driver plugin worked like a charm!
  9. I have not yet, but that will be my next project once it's not 4AM. I will definitely post back with results when I do though!
  10. Updated from rc2, and after rebooting, I get the following on boot at the console, right before the login prompt main: line 96: ( / 1000 ): syntax error: operand expected (error token is "/ 1000 )") modprobe: FATAL: Module nvidia not found in directory /lib/modules/5.10.19-Unraid My initial thought was that this pertained to the Nvidia Driver plugin, but that was on the latest version before the upgrade. Only thing that changed is from rc2 to 6.9 stable. Googling for that error returns no relevant results, so I'm at a loss here. As a result, Plex Docker won't s
  11. I'm not seeing perhaps the same level of increased activity. I do see increased activity on the CPU every 10-15 seconds or so, on dual E5620 v3. I've seen this happen on 6.8.3 as well, both in the form of one core spiking to 100% usage for a second, and then going back down. End result is that overall usage might go from 10 to 15% for a second. I've never seen this system not do this, so presumably this is normal behavior, but posting diagnostics in case it's not, and it could lead to someone finding something. If whether this is normal behavior or not could be clarified, that woul
  12. Okay, so gracefully stopping the VM did not work. Only thing that would actually kill it was a force stop. Usually a clean stop seems to send an ACPI shutdown command, and will force kill if it's still running after a minute or so. Anyway, force stopping this time also led to the same stuck frame on the monitor, even after the VM was powered off (jnstead of the expected "no signal"). What I did notice is that unplugging the VGA cable from the card, and plugging back in does not reset this, so the detection of a monitor here makes no difference, and it seems to be the GPU that's frozen. This i
  13. Yeah, I know it's a hard power off to the VM. But displays require an active signal, correct? That is, the monitor won't continue to display when there's no signal, and has to be constantly told what to output. So how on earth, after killing and even nuking the VM, should the card still be telling it to display the same last frame of video the VM was working with? Actually, I wasn't able to get USB passthrough of keyboard and mouse working. I force stopped the VM once I realized I needed keyboard and mouse, and then edited the VM, and it wasn't responding to input. I'm not sure if
  14. I've never done GPU passthrough before, so I don't know if this happens all the time, or if it's an issue with my setup, or if it's an rc2 bug (leaning towards the latter, but I have no idea). I have an old GeForce 210 I threw in to pass through to a VM, and I noticed that when I stopped the VM, I still had video. To my knowledge, monitors only display what they're actively told to, so if there's nothing utilizing the GPU, there should be no signal to the monitor, as it shouldn't be telling the monitor to do anything. Anyway, after stopping, and even completely nuking the VM and di
  15. Yeah, at least the ability to say "don't assign an IP" would be nice. Cause if you set untagged as no static IP, your option is "automatic" which then assigns a 169 address, and then it seems that even though I have a static assigned to a VLAN, and a default gateway set on said VLAN, it tries to use the 169 untagged interface, and "can't reach the internet"