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  1. Ok some more information. Im about able to move 50gb at a time to the array constantly thats thru a VM on either server. This will take months to move 40TB. I took the parity offline it runs at good speed 120mb. I hooked up another PC same network that the Two servers are on. I was able to get a 600GB transfer going but it was slowwwww 20mb. I moved 1.5TB of media to a drive last night. I installed krusader this morning. I am in the process of moving the media off right now 600+GB to the new array via unassigned devices. No issue and speed is good. Question is is this a windows thing? I have done this before with two servers 20TB no issue with unraid about 5 years ago.
  2. Hmmm I turned off all vm's on both machines and all dockers. Same issue. Another question am I even doing this the most efficient way? I was using a vm on either unraid machine to move the data. Both do the same thing with the space issue.
  3. Im attempting to back up my server to a new one. I keep running into it saying im out of room. There should be 48tb. Ive attached my diagnostics zip. The big share is media. Sometimes it seems like a cache drive issue but that share doesnt use the cache so im confused. Sometimes I can move a couple 100GB sometimes not even 20. Can I disable the cache drive to take that out of the equation totally without loosing my VMs? Or am I just missing something simple like always? thanks for any help tower-diagnostics-20190813-2121.zip
  4. you sir are correct! fixed my issue just had to know what term to search for on the forum.
  5. Question I just picked up some sas 8tb drives due to price. More specific HGST Ultrastar He8 HUH728080AL4200 (0F23651) 8TB 7200 RPM 128MB Cache SAS 12Gb/s 3.5" Helium Platform Enterprise Hard Drive. Unraid recognized it no problem. Im only trying one out. Due to it being a big drive I have to use it as parity. Its hooked up to an LSI 8i. Now the issue my parity builds (used) to range in the 90-100s. Now After adding that drive its almost exactly half 48ish. I deleted all my older drives the (2TBs ones) no change. So two questions. First is this due to it being a SAS drive? I thought there 12gb shouldnt that be faster? Second could this be due to a huge range in harddrive size maybe? one 8tb sas (4) 3tb seagates? Or maybe cause it's a 4k? And all the others arent? I know sometimes it can range so Ill let it run a few hrs tomorrow when im at work.