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  1. Hi I have tried to activate the app "Registration" in order for people to register by them own. It does not work and I just get the following: Internal Server Error The server was unable to complete your request. If this happens again, please send the technical details below to the server administrator. More details can be found in the server log. Technical details Remote Address: Request ID: zo79vlafywRVpJGLUHuq Any ideas?
  2. Get the following error: could not open input file: /var/www/nextcloud/occ
  3. Got stuck in maintenance mode after updating. Have tried enter command line mode from nextcloud docker menu and enter the following: sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off doesnt work. Get that user www-data is unknown Please help.
  4. Hi. I was planning to use an external usb drive for my backup. I have an external 3TB drive that should do the work and had set up some backup for testing. Today i rebooted the server and it did not start up again. After trying for several times I see it is the external drive that is the cause. After pulling the plug the server started just fine. How can I get the server to start with the external drive connected? I did try to change the boot order but it made no difference. If I choose to boot from USB there is a conflict and I can not choose not to start from USB....
  5. Hi is there anyway to see the hardware for my server? type of CPU, MB, RAM etc?
  6. I think you are on to something here! I tried playing the movie on my browser and it play without any issues. I will try to reinstall the plex on my TV. If that will not work than what? Chromecast?
  7. After running plexmediaserver for about two years it now recently started to stutter a lot when showing movies. I use my plex app on my samsung tv to watch the movies. After I turn on a movie it takes about 2 sek and it start to flicker and stutter. I have no idea what is wrong. I do not know a lot about this so I just installed the docker, mapped the movie directory and everything have been going great after that. I have made no changes before the stuttering started. I have tried direct play, direct streaming and transcode. Nothing changes. I have manually tried to set the buffer size but makes no difference. As mentioned I have not changed any settings before this happen. Have there been any updates that has caused some issues regarding the transfer that I have not seen? Please help. My plex server is useless at the moment:(
  8. Hi I have some issues with autoupload. It does not work. I have tried the following. Delete my account, clear nextcloud cache, delete nextcloud, restart Samsung S7, install nextcloud but still does not work. Any ideas and suggestions? Appreciate all help
  9. it havent. I did not thought about that. I just assumed it would store a new "version" regardless of any change.
  10. Hi I am testing this docker now and although everything seems to be working fine there is one issue. I have set it to backup a small folder every three hours and to keep the last 10 backups. After about 24 hours I see that it have backed up every three hours from the log (or at least it seems like it), but there is only the first version. Any ideas?
  11. Have a disk that shows errors. It will not let me run preclear. just comes up with error that MBR is not Unraid signed or something like that. I see it when I want to run preclear, but I do not see it in unassigned drives and I can not choose it after I have shut down the server. How do I fix this? Do I need to remove it physically and run tests on another computer?
  12. I have mounted a USB drive trying to access the files. This did off course not work and when I remove it I get an error message that the drive is missing. How can I start the server again?
  13. Hi I checked some youtube tutorial for transferring files from an USB drive to the unraid share but for some reason my usb drive is not showing up in the main view. It is a FAT32 drive Any suggestions?
  14. How can I backup my nextcloud data folder? (or any folder in unraid for that matter but specifically this folder since nexctloud has ruined my my data once already)
  15. Hi. Unable to add my email adress in the settings in nextcloud in order to receive notifications. When I try to use authentication "logIn" there is no place to actually enter the log in information. Is this a bug?
  16. Hi. When using autoupload function just now I got the following: You don't have permission to complete the operation. it comes for some files, and then som files are ok, then the error message a few times and then it is ok. All of the files are photos taken by camera. Any ideas?
  17. Can anyone tell if there is any other software for running an personal cloud service beside nextcloud? I do not need any fancy stuff. Just want a very simple and reliable cloud service that works. If none exist in unraid then maybe a windows driven? Thanks
  18. Just comes with an error that some files is missing although they show in nextcloud. Have tried to delete folder and resync but will not update
  19. How do i get nextcloud to reread the contents of its folder? As it is now it doesnt care what is in there or not. I can delete and ad files and folders but nothing change. Please help
  20. Hi Have an issue I have not experience before. A friend told me he had some issue with opening some files on the server. I went in to check on my pc using NC an sure enough. I had some issues as well. It told me the files were not there anymore. Even though we saw them!? I logged in on my serves using WINSCP and sure enough. The files where not there. How could they just have disappear? Why are they still showing in NC client? Only thing I can think of was that I had deleted the file in like WINSCP and not in NC. I can not understand how that could have happend. Please help me figure this out and if possible get my files back. It is about 10-15 folders with 25-30GB Update: I see now that a lot more files have disappeared There is no chance that I one day just thought that I wanted to delete around 40GB of data directly on the server! An the strange thing is that it seems rather random. There are missing pictures, documents and movies all over the server. I have to admit that my trust in Unraid and nextcloud are now really low and unless there is some logic to this I see no option then to move to other cloudbased software that is a lot more reliable than this. It is to bad as I really like Unraid but loosing files of this magnitude is not an option.
  21. Thanks for the tip. Have set it up as I want it and run the new config. It is now synchronizing parity and data disk. I will just check to see how it goes after this, and then run the Diagnostic if it keeps giving errors